Top 10 Best Accounting Books in 2021

Accounting Books

Accounting books are books required to help one better understand the accounting and financial world. Accounting and finance is a department in an organization that deals with all the funds, expenses, recording income, profits and all that stuff. You need to know that in order to grasp how things in that department works you need accounting books.

But, hold on, you might think to yourself. I’m the boss, all I need to do is hire a professional accountant to handle that task for me. That’s right, you as the boss won’t have enough time to deal with such work. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that, if you have zero knowledge about something, it is easier for the other party (who does know) to manipulate and lie to you. Hence, with accounting books, you’d be able to gain wisdom to prevent any fraudulences from happening.

Best Accounting Books in 2021 Review

10. Accounting Ledger Book: Simple Accounting Ledger for Bookkeeping

Accounting Ledger Book: Simple Accounting Ledger for Bookkeeping

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Starting us off strong with this number one best seller on Amazon as one of the best accounting books out there. The understandings of how bookkeeping works is tremendously important. With this as a guide, you will properly be able to keep financial records for your very own, ever so neatly.

  • Author – Elegant Simple Trackers
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 21st June, 2019
  • 112 pages

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9. Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less

Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less

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Sometimes accounting is extremely complicated. I know, I had to get help from some accounting books, such as this, as well. Tools like this aid me and simplified a lot of the difficulties in accounting. Therefore, if you need a helping hand in the knowledge of record keeping then this is the book for you.

  • Author – Mike Piper
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 2013
  • 114 pages

8. Financial Accounting FD. 1st Edition,

Financial Accounting FD

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In order to learn new things one need to be open to accepting wisdom and knowledge from the outside. Either from books or people, just keep observing and reading. Accounting books such as this would be a great option to expand one’s knowing the accounting world. Good ahead and better yourselves.

  • Author – Maire Loughran
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 12th April, 2011
  • 360 pages

7. The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand

The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand

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Fun needs to be mix in with learning to spice things up a bit. This method would also make you understand the subject more. You also would never forget it, ever. That’s why fun needs to be added. Due to that, accounting books, like this, has adopted this method to help those with difficulty in comprehending.

  • Author – Darrell Mullis & Judith Orloff
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 1st March, 2008
  • 179 pages

6. Accounting QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Financial

Accounting QuickStart Guide

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A quick tool towards the full grasping of the accounting realm and the way the system works, lays inside most accounting books. But, this book in particular is the best one you would be able to find out there. Check it out, folks.

  • Author – Josh Bauerle CPA
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 10th October, 2018
  • 213 pages

5. Financial Shenanigans, Fourth Edition

Financial Shenanigans, Fourth Edition

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Fraud, errors and many mistakes can easily pass by you without the slightest idea what went wrong. It’s extremely hard to detect those fraudulences, therefore you might need accounting books such as this. Because, basically if you’re the owner you might be losing money if you didn’t fully comprehend what’s going on in the financial statements.

  • Author – Howard Schilit, Jeremy Perler & Yoni Engelhart
  • Hardcover format
  • Released – 28th March, 2018
  • 336 pages

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4. Warren Buffett Accounting Book

Warren Buffett Accounting Book

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Everyone knows who this guy is. If you don’t know Warren Buffet then you must be living under a rock. He’s knowledge of the business world is beyond extraordinary. Accounting books are also in his realm of knowing, such as this.

  • Author – Stig Brodersen & Preston Pysh
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 28th April, 2014
  • 256 pages

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3. Accounting All-in-One For Dummies, with Online Practice Paperback

Accounting All-in-One For Dummies, with Online Practice

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“Dummies” is in the title of this book, bashing other accounting books in general. Apparently, this is a set of 9 books, all explaining the function and understanding of bookkeeping and financial managing. With this you won’t need any other accounting books.

  • Author – Kenneth W. Boyd
  • Paperback format
  • 9 books inside
  • Released – 17th April, 2018
  • 768 pages

2. Financial Statements: A Step-by-Step Guide

Financial Statements: A Step-by-Step Guide

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As we all have known, accounting is a complicated subject for one to figure out without help. There are times when you feel like accounting books is the way to go. Beside you don’t have time to attend courses or what not. You’re right, try out this specific book to build your grasping of accounting and financial reporting even more.

  • Author – Thomas Ittelson
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 15th August, 2009
  • 288 pages

1. Accounting Information Systems, Global Edition 14th edition Edition

Accounting Information Systems, Global Edition 14th edition Edition

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Moving on, accounting books listed above only points out the intellectual understanding of how accounting works. But, it doesn’t show you the how to interpret it into a software program. Since the world is transforming drastically, everything is rapidly becoming digitalized. Therefore, with this book one would know how to perform accounting software, perfectly.

  • Author – Paul J. Steinbart & Marshall B. Romney
  • Paperback format
  • Released – 3rd August, 2017

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To summarize, accounting books are necessary, period. The way finance and money works, you only need to apply common sense to it. But when it comes to proper accounting standards for entities or organization big or small, then you’ll know why accounting books are crucial. Trust me, accounting isn’t that easy but worth it.

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