All You Need to Know About Upright Walkers

Top 10 Best Upright Walker In 2022

All You Need to Know About Upright Walkers

For us to maintain our independence, we have the help of mobility aids. While a lot of us might be familiar with things such as rollators, walkers, and canes, upright walkers, on the other hand, are a new revolution in the world of mobility aids. It can address your instability problems, such as poor posture or back pain. If you want to learn more about upright walkers and what they are, we suggest you keep reading!

What is an Upright Walker?

Okay, let us start with the obvious question first. Many people are not yet familiar with the upright walker, so we are taking up the responsibility of providing you with the right information. 

Upright Walkers are similar to rollators in that they both are walkers with wheels. Moreover, upright walkers also come with 4 wheels to maintain better stability just like rollators. 

The main thing that separates these two walkers is the difference in their handle positionings. Compared to the handles of a rollator, which tend to fall just under your elbows, the handles of an upright walker are positioned to be placed a bit higher. This allows them to provide support not only to your hands but also to your arms since you will have to rest your forearms on the armrests while holding the handles while walking. 

Just by having this little bit of a change in the feature, upright walkers can take away a lot of pressure from your ankles, back legs, and wrists. Upright walkers also come with a seat for you so that you are able to sit and rest if the distance you are walking is too much to walk in one go.

If you have to carry some of your belongings with you, then you do not need to worry about that. There is a nicely positioned pouch that allows you to carry some of your important things along with you. Another thing that you would love to know is that you have nothing to fear taking the upright walker into a smaller restroom and worrying about it being too large because it comes with a crane holder. This means you can take it just about anywhere, and it will go along with you. 

A great addition to all these features is a water bottle holder. It is always important to make sure that you are well hydrated throughout your day, and the best way to do that is to either keep a bottle of water close by to you or carry it along with you wherever you go. This makes the cup holder a great functional addition to the upright walker. 

Upright Walker vs Rollator: What is the Difference and Which is Better?

Both rollators and upright walkers come with easy-to-grip handles that have a handbrake, mobility pouch, and a seat as well. While rollators are good mobility aids, the one thing that upright walkers do better prevent you from having a bad posture by not letting you slouch. With an upright walker, you can improve your posture when you are walking due to the added height that it has.

When you are walking with an upright walker, your back stays elongated since your upper body is being supported while your balance is also established due to your forearms. This means that you have to go through a lot less discomfort and pain since you are just walking upright. You are able to walk with stability because you are walking while your vision is straight ahead. 

Compared to the wheels that you will find on a rollator which typically have a diameter of around 6 to 8 inches, upright walkers come with wheels that go from 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Having a bigger set of wheels means you cannot only just go for a stroll outside but also go out and walk on rougher terrains without much problem.

According to most people who have experienced using both of these walkers, they prefer upright walkers more because it eases the fear of falling that they have, and it makes it easier for them to be more confident in doing their outdoor activities. Since you are kept upright, you can look straight ahead and walk with a better posture. 

From all these differences, we can see that going with upright walkers is the better choice since it provides you with comfortable and stable mobility whenever and wherever necessary.

Where to Get High-Quality Upright Walkers?

Upright walkers might be a somewhat new idea, but we can already see some key differences that set it apart from most other mobility aids you may come across. When you are going over thresholds, you have nothing to fear either since upright walkers also have a wider wheelbase that prevents the whole thing from tipping over. 

If you can get yourself an upright walker with angled armrests, you will surely not get a more comfortable rest than any other type of walker. Getting a high-quality upright walker becomes easier if you are familiar with someone who works with these types of equipment. 

However, you can easily look up online and go through the countless options you can choose from. Get one that is good enough for you; soon enough, you will be walking with a great posture and your head high!

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For people who have problems with mobility and instability, upright walkers are a great option for them to consider. It is a great way for people to be more confident in walking outdoors and getting involved in more outdoor activities in general. We hope this article helped you to understand upright walkers better!

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