Top 10 Best Audio Mixers In 2021

The recording console you can use in different environments. You can use it in the recording studio or at live concerts. Furthermore, you can use it for broadcasting audio through films and TV. So if you require one pick, one of the best audio mixers reviewed here.

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Best Audio Mixers Review

10. Mackie Channel Compact Mixer

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Here we have a multi-functional audio mixer from Mackie. The eight-channel mixer has many features found in larger consoles to control sound. Built-into the mixer is preamps to boost guitar, microphone and keyboard sound. The device is ideal to use on live shows when you have the best piano keyboard.

  • Each channel has a 100Hz low cut filter
  • Comes with a three-band EQ
  • Designed with seven-band graphic EQ
  • Made with interesting effects
  • For the condenser microphone, it has 48-volt Phantom power
  • Can attach it to a laptop and use it with external USB devices
  • Easy to transport
  • Only has eight channels

9. Allen & Heath Channel Mixer

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For the best digital audio mixer, this one from Allen Heath hits the right sport for value and performance. You can use it for studio work and performances. The 12 channel mixer has six microphone line inputs with four AX ports. Six of these channels have a preamp to connect line inputs.

  • You get a three-band EQ with six main channels
  • There are three stereo channels with a volume control
  • It has two-band EQ
  • Equipped with USB
  • Gives sound effects with excellent features
  • It takes time to get used to the functions

8. Yamaha Powered Mixer

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Here we have another digital recording console with outstanding features. The mixing desk has 14 channels with ten mono and four stereo compressions with six inputs. To get rid of unwanted noise, it has high pass filters with pre-fader listener switches.

  • Designed with LED format indicators to monitor and correct problems
  • Made with return monitor switches
  • Comes with eight mic preamps
  • Equipped with three-band EQ
  • Comes with 500-watt power amplifier
  • Durable steel structure and rack-mountable
  • Great SPX effects
  • Expensive

7. Yamaha AG03 Channel Mixer

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For a new and innovative audio mixer, you will love the AG03 from Yamaha. The mixer has a small structure with a USB connection. You can use it for music production, webcasting, and gaming. You get a two-track recording with three-channels and an audio interface.

  • Has a loopback function for live streaming
  • Plugs into your iPad, guitar, keyboard, condenser microphone
  • Has an onboard preamp
  • The USB works with PC and Mac
  • Multiple uses
  • Expensive

6. STUDIO LIVE Digital Mixer

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The audio mixer works in a wide selection of environments with its classic setup as a mixing desk. You get 24-channels with XMAX preamps to use with microphones. Furthermore, you can use it for studio recording or live performances.

  • Designed with loads of signal processors
  • Comes with expanders, compressors, and limiters
  • Has a high pass filter with four-band EQ
  • LED monitor
  • You can store and recall settings
  • Made with studio-quality preamps and 24-channels
  • Expensive

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5. Peavey PVI Powered Mixer

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The PVI audio mixer has a durable design with good noise. The recording console has five channels and made for live entertainment. You can mix multiple tracks using this mixer.

  • Five channels with a 400-watt power
  • Suitable for mixing different tracks
  • Designed with six combination XLR
  • Comes with a feedback detecting system
  • Equipped with LED
  • Works with keyboards and guitars as well
  • Best to use with live work

4. Zoom Mixer

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Do you want an audio mixer with loads of other options? The LIVETRAK performs above the rest with a heavyweight. So if you’re going to mix and record, it is the best audio mixer on the market. You can transport it with ease and has twelve channels.

  • Has 12 channels with each one having a three-band EQ
  • Designed with 16 effects and inputs
  • Loads of onboard functions and effects
  • Everything you need for recording and mixing
  • None Noted

3. Mackie 4-Bus Mixer

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Here we have another big audio mixer from Mackie with 16-channels. The recording console has a compact design with improved functions. So if you want the best live sound mixer, this is the one to have.

  • Made with a wrap-around casing of steel
  • 16-Channels with three-band EQ
  • Low noise performance with clear sound
  • Works well in a studio environment
  • Mounting sold separate and expensive

2. Behringer X Air

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Here we have the best digital audio mixers to give you a futuristic and up-to-date look. Another extraordinary thing is that you can use it with your Android and iPhone as well. The other fantastic thing is the affordable price.

  • You can plug-in instruments, microphones, and smart devices
  • Has 18-channels and 12-subs
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Allows musicians to adjust their mixes
  • Versatile and portable
  • Not made for people looking for a fixed environment

1. Mackie Profx12v2

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Last on the list of the best audio mixers to use is another one from Mackie. The recorder console you use for smaller live shows and have loads of features. You get a three-band EQ with each channel equipped with a low cut filter and seven-band graphic EQ.

  • Designed with a Vita preamp
  • Has six channels for microphones
  • Made with 16 effects
  • USB input to use with your laptop
  • Compact and portable
  • Excellent performance and price
  • Too small if you need a bigger desk

Whether you need the best audio mixer for home use, live concerts, studio, or a combination of all, you can find one here with us. However, if you are uncertain which one to buy, we recommend one with at least 12 channels and a good preamp. Check the Zoom LIVETRAK out today, as it is a great option to buy if you are unsure.

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