Top 10 Best Automatic Tape Dispensers In 2021

Automatic tape dispensers are used to help you to increase your productivity, save time, and reduce material costs by dispensing tape at a consistent length of a wide variety of tapes. However, it is sure that you have a hard time picking which of these automatic tape dispensers would fit with your needs, due to the differences in quality, types, and brands. Hence, we have done some research to give you some insights about the top 10 best automatic tape dispensers that wait for you to make a purchase.

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Best Automatic Tape Dispensers Review

10. Tach-It 6100-SS Semi-Automatic Definite Length Tape Dispenser

[amazon box=”B00G9QTMQW”]

This automatic tape dispenser can work with 1 roll of tape up to 2” wide or 2 rolls of tape up to 1” wide each. Moreover, it has a unique safety shield which protects the operator and a clean guillotine cut. Plus, this reliable benchtop design is easy to use dispenser can cut most types of tape from 1/2” to 39” in length, and adjustable tape pressure to ensure positive tape feeding are all advantages of this machine.

  • Comes with random and pre-determined modes
  • Can feed 1 roll of tape up to 2″ wide or 2 rolls up to 1″ wide each
  • Feeds up to 999mm of tape per cycle
  • Small bench top design.

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9. NSA Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser ZCUT-870/ZCUT-10

[amazon box=”B01M8FL2TV”]

 The automatic tape dispenser here will provide a consistent length from 15 to 70-millimeters with easily adjustable tape length and spacing. In addition, the bobbin-free design accommodates any size core 5.91-inches maximum outside diameter tape roll with a carousel plate for tapes cutting for high work efficiency.

  • Adjusting cutting length or width by the turntable
  • Blade renew easily and with safely board on the edge
  • The dispenser adjusts to fit different width and length rolls.

8. NSA Zcut-9 Tape Dispenser Definite Length Up

[amazon box=”B00S0H5AH8″]

 This automatic tape dispenser can cut up to 0.232”- 2.36” wide tape, since the unique cradle device utilized on the tape dispenser allows for any core size of tape and large roll capacity of up to 14” diameter. Thus, it is able to work with both pressure-sensitive and non-pressure sensitive items, since it has both manual and semi-automatic modes for pre-determined lengths.

  • Can adjust to fit different width and length rolls
  • Compact body answers to cell-system
  • Fits up to 2 rolls at the same time
  • Support many kinds of tape cutting.

7. ETE ETMATE Electronic Tape Dispenser

[amazon box=”B08337GQ8C”]

 The automatic tape dispenser here will accept a tape that has widths of 7 to 50mm, and lengths of 20 to 999 mm. Hence, length indications can be easily seen by LED displays, and operations are simple, only press the cm key or mm key to set the length.

  • Three-digit LED display
  • Auto and manual cutting.

6. Scotch HR83 Hand-Held Packing Tape Dispenser with Retractable Blade

[amazon box=”B007ZTANN8″]

 Scotch HR83 automatic tape dispenser with a retractable blade is a lightweight, portable tape gun for use from office, to commercial, and to retail settings, since it made of high-impact plastic. Moreover, the one-hand pistol-grip design offers fast and easy application, with a foam handle that provides a conformable and comfortable grip. Plus, the retractable blade prevents accidental nicks and cuts, while an adjustable tape brake lets you control tape tension and delivery.

  • Retractable blade
  • For use with tape widths of 3 inches (72 mm).

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5. Bewinner 5.0 2.7 2.9 Inch Automatic Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser

[amazon box=”B07NLBGL8H”]

This is an automatic tape dispenser with a sharp edge that you can cut the tape smoothly and quickly, as well as adjust the tape length to meet your need. Thus, the machine can spit tape continuously and automatically, and can be used with a battery or USB cable, so it is convenient to use.

  • Adjustable tape length
  • Sharp edge
  • Dual power supply choices.

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4. MMMH103R – Scotch Automatic Tape Dispenser

[amazon box=”B000MIQGHG”]

 The automatic tape dispenser is the best one for you if you are looking for the one that is a refillable tape dispenser that comes with 3/4 magic tape in it already. Hence, you will absolutely love it if you love wrapping gifts and so on, since this one is perfect for your thumb, which you can slides back the blue bar on top and cuts the tape, and you also have a trigger to pull out what you need.

  • Refillable tape dispenser
  • A trigger to pull out what you need.

3. Officemate Heavy Duty Weighted 2-in-1 Tape Dispenser, Recycled, Black

[amazon box=”B07CT3WGX6″]

 Officemate automatic tape dispenser was designed with rubber feet at the base that keeps the dispenser from moving. In addition, it holds two different size tapes 3-inch packaging and 3/4 inch standard tape and was equipped with sharp blades from the mailroom to the shipping department, and to crafts projects at home.

  • Weighted base
  • Holds a roll of 2-inch packaging tape and 3/4-Inch tape
  • Compartment slot that holds pens
  • Made of 30% recycled materials.

2. Eagle Automatic Tape Dispenser, Tape Gun, Single Handheld Design

[amazon box=”B017SJH6SO”]

The automatic tape dispenser here is portable, convenient and no battery required, so you can just simply press down the lever and the dispenser will automatically dispense 1″ of tape. Moreover, it comes with a concealed cutting blade that is safe for a child to use, and a free roll of 1/2″ and 3/4″ tapes.

  • Portable, convenient and no battery required
  • Concealed cutting blade.

1. Eagle Automatic Tape Dispenser, Washi Tape Dispenser

[amazon box=”B07S29MVNH”]

 Eagle mini automatic tape dispenser is a new generation of tape dispensers that you can get a tape of about 0.5-Inches. Plus, it was designed with dual protection, safety cover plus concealed blades that are safe to use with no battery required.

  • Multi-function
  • Dual protection.

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After you have gone through all the list of our top 10 favorite picks, we really hope that you can purchase the best automatic tape dispenser that will be your forever helpful assistant. So, don’t hesitate anymore, go and grab one of these awesome and life-changing products now.

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