Top 10 Best Studio Microphones In 2021

Studio Microphones

If you are a producer or you are just starting, you understand that searching for the best studio microphones can be daunting. Many cheap ones won’t give you the best results, even if you would love it. Brands have been counterfeited. This can take a toll on your studio business. Also, you understand that the substandard ones will eventually not last for long. This will mean that your return on investment will be hampered. There is no reason to go for the substandard ones while you can get better and save costs in the long run. That is why we have taken our time to review the best ones that you need to buy right away. Feel free to use any on our list, and you will not regret it. Here are some of the best that you can purchase today.

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Best Studio Microphones Review

10. AKG C12 VR

AKG C12 VR | Studio Microphones

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Buying an excellent studio microphone has never been an easy task; however, it can be if your first pick was the AKG C12VR. This is the legendary C12 made better, meaning that its quality far surpasses the latter.

The high-end condenser mic produces high sound quality. This company itself has supplied up to 10 polar patterns over the years to choose from. Therefore this means that you can bank on this company for its experience in the industry and for high-quality products than you can find elsewhere.

  • Has omnidirectional as well as the figure 8 settings which can be remotely controlled
  • It is designed for brass as well as orchestra
  • Has a sizable frequency response
  • It has 30 Hz to 20Khz frequency range

9. Shure SM57

Shure SM57 | Studio Microphones

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This also comes second in our list for many reasons. From the design to robust construction and many other features is what it prides itself in. While it is bot often used as a vocal microphone, it can also serve the purpose.

This microphone was designed to cope with certain studio instruments like the guitar, snare drums, and the likes. Depending on the personal taste, you can use it for vocals, as stated above. It differs from the SM 58 in shape and design.

  • Has a smaller grille to allow for proximity during a performance
  • The microphone is less sympathetic to vocal plosives
  • It can cover up to 40Hz to 15kHz frequency range

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8. Neumann U 87 Ai

Neumann U 87 Ai | Studio Microphones

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Not many producers or studio owners know just how much the Neumann U 87 Ai can do in enhancing sound quality. You must be smart and professional to understand this. This is why this mic will mostly be found at the top of the range studios.

The mic has been used in a myriad of sound productions, and famous artists such as Frank Zappa have used it. Today, modern artists are finding it to be better than any other pick. It is versatile and thus demands more cash in the market.

  • Has a frequency range of from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Can handle up to 127dB sound pressure without traces of distortion
  • Comes with a sleek looking wood carry case to protect it against studio elements

7. Sennheiser e 835-S

Sennheiser e 835-S | Studio Microphones

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When buying a microphones for your studio, you want to go with the big brands. Sennheiser is a big brand; no wonder one of its products appears here. While the microphone is highly-priced, it still comes with an on and off switch.

It takes the shape of a cross between the Audix OM3 and the Shure SM 58. The microphone is lightweight but solid enough for your every dime. With a stand cardioid polar pattern, it makes one of the best mics for vocals in your studio.

  • The microphone uses a standard XLR connecting cable when using it on a recording desk set up
  • Capable of capturing 40Hz to 16kHz
  • It is not as responsive as the AKG C12 VR or the Neumann U87 Ai

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6. Behringer B-1

Behringer B-1 | Studio Microphones

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This is the kind of microphone that any professional studio should invest in. It is one of the pocket-friendly mics in the form of a condenser microphone today. It is considered a beginner microphone, and thus if you are starting a professional studio, you should strive to get it.

You also can use it in your home studio and still acquire high-quality audio. It is suitable for vocal tracking as well as podcasting. The mic can record louder instruments thanks to its -10 dB rating. If you are just starting on condenser microphones, then you have a place to start; the B-1.

  • The studio microphone runs on +48V phantom power
  • It is sturdy and looks thick thus lasts for long even when it is accidentally dropped
  • Comes with heavy-duty suspension mount and case

5. Marantz Studio 

Marantz Studio | Studio Microphones

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At times going for a somewhat different studio microphone can change the quality of audio that everyone is used to. Unlike most mics that require the XRL cable, this one works with USB. It is one of the best there is today for recording digital audio. You can bank on it for quality audio with a split-second response.

This studio microphone has a 16-Bit/48kHz A-D converter. On the other hand, it comes with a USB cable, a transporting case, and a shock mount. It is the best for recording audio straight to your computer using the USB cable without any delay.

  • It is a high-quality USB condenser microphone
  • Is a fast response condenser mic for studio
  • It is a 1648 kHz-bit condenser

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4. TONOR Professional Studio

TONOR Professional Studio | Studio Microphones

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When ordering a microphone online, you expect it to come with all its accessories. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers think the same as you do as most will always get you the microphone and ask you to purchase requisite accessories separately. Luckily, this is not the case when purchasing this mic. This one comes with all the accessories needed for a perfect recording session.

Both the product and the accessories are made to withstand the studio element. This means that it will serve you for long without breaking down. On the other hand, it captures high-quality sound to ensure that your podcasts and other recordings are of high quality.

  • Backed by a 12 months replacement or repair warranty
  • Best for any type of recording session
  • Package includes a 3.5mm XLR cable, pop filter, a table mounting tripod, and also manual

3. Electro-Voice RE20 

Electro-Voice RE20 | Studio Microphones

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When you talk about this studio microphone, producers start perceiving high-quality audio. Yes, you expect to get it from this studio standard-large diaphragm dynamic studio microphone. It has an impressive frequency response from 45Hz to 18 kHz. Apart from this, it comes with a bass roll-off switch in case you require any customizing.

This is one of the best studio microphones for spoken word and vocals. In fact, many radio personalities and podcasters have made it be their microphone of choice.

  • It is one of the best dynamic cardioid microphones
  • Retains clarity of frequency from a distance or in close proximity
  • Best to use with dynamic singers

2. Audix OM3 Studio Microphones

Audix OM3 | Studio Microphones

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There are rare microphones that you can find in both studio situations or live. One of them is this one. This is a high-quality microphone that is designed to last longer than any other. It’s designed with a cardioid pattern polar pattern and has a frequency range of 50Hz to 18kHz.

The microphone is a wider frequency response when compared to the SM57 or the Shure SM58. Also, it is a brighter sounding studio microphone.

  • It has somewhat more bass in the SM58 of about 150Hz as well as at 1 kHz.
  • Has a higher response in the OM3 at approximately 5 kHz to around 10 kHz
  • The microphone has slight feedback when compared to the MS58

1. ZINGYOU Condenser BM-800

ZINGYOU Condenser BM-800 | Studio Microphones

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The ZINGYOU BM-800 is one of the best studio Studio Microphones to have at your studio. When you purchase it, it comes with vital accessories. On the other hand, this mic has an ultra-low self-noise. This means that it only captures clear and smooth audios.

The microphone can handle over 2dB SPL; thus you rest assured as a studio owner that even though you happen to be in front of a noisy guitar cabinet, the recording won’t be distorted due to overload.

  • Comes with an XRL cable for connection, dust cover, shock mount, etc
  • Has a sensitive capture
  • Low noise

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You need the right equipment for your studio. Nonetheless, picking just single low-quality equipment like a microphone can affect your entire business. Now that you know what is suitable for your studio, we hope that you can make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right studio microphone. Always have this guide with you whenever you are out there choosing a microphone for your studio. These will never fail you, and they will serve you better until another version comes out. You can never go wrong with these. Always consider our list if they are serious about being professional.

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