Top 10 Best BIC Mechanical Pencils In 2021

BIC mechanical pencil is well-known among students, professional, as well as artist because you do not have to worry about sharpening it and it is normally designed conveniently for us to write in long term. We have picked up ten best featured BIC mechanical pencil for you to pick according to your preferences. During the process of writing, we tried our best to pick different types of BIC mechanical pencils considering its smoothness, its shape, its features, and the prize range because we find it more useful for you.

BIC Mechanical Pencils Review

10 . BIC Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencil, Clear Barrel

[amazon box=”B00006IEEF”]

 this pencil product is sold as a package of five pencils. It has a transparent sleeve showing the sleek design of the black shaft. It has an eraser at the end and it does not have a lead sleeve which means you do not have to worry about it being easily broken inside your pencil case.

  • Smooth writing guaranteed
  • Perfect to use on standardized test
  • Originally contain two leads in each pencil
  • The point size is 0.7mm

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9. BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil

[amazon box=”B00FZ92CBG”]

 the product comes with a set of five different colors of pencil. Each pencil has the full feature of what a good pencil must have. It has a lead sleeve, cushion grip, and an eraser with a cover at the end. Plus the package also includes a box of leads that is in 0.5mm.

  • The lead of the pencil can create darkest line and is smooth to write
  • Colorful barrel
  • Recommend to use on standardized test

8 . Star Wars BIC Mechanical Pencil

[amazon box=”B075919XLP”]

 this is a set of pencils for Star War lovers. It has two different Star War patterns with two different colors. A package contains four pencils. Its quality is in the number 2 lead which guaranteed no smudging effect on the letter.

  • Has eraser at the end
  • Has 0.7 mm point
  • Could be a perfect gift

7. BIC MPFGP61 Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Rubber Grip Nonrefill 

[amazon box=”B00HCNE66W”]

 the sleek and colorful design of the pencil makes the learning experience more enjoyable. This is a package of 6 different colored pencils. Each has a grey grip and clip, and white small eraser at the end.

  • The grey cushion as a grip ensure the long term written comfortability
  • It has 0.5mm pointer

6. BIC MPEP241-Blk Ecolutions Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencil

[amazon box=”B00347A970″]

 the simple but sleek design that is made of 65 percent recycled plastic is an ideal mechanical pencil for environment lovers. It is a package of 24 pencils.

  • It does not have the lead sleeve which will easily scratch your pencil bag
  • The no lead sleeve  feature guarantee the longer usage
  • It has the 0.7 mm and the number 2 lead

5 .Bic MPGP61-BLACK .7mm Matic Grip Mechanical Pencil

[amazon box=”B00QFXXX8W”]

 this is a package of 6 different colorful pencils. It has black grip and clip which compliment the colorful sleeve.

  • Convenient for writing because of the quality eraser at the end
  • Has the ball point of 0.7 mm
  • The lead sleeve is in different colors

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4 .BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencil, Colorful Barrel

[amazon box=”B071ZGZ5NJ”]

 this is the two color pattern pencil without lead sleeve that is perfect for everyday use. The color creativity will inspire you to continue writing when you are stuck on ideas. Displaying this pencil on your office table will create a happy working environment.

  • Has 0.9 mm lead
  • Long term usage
  • Precise letter guaranteed

3 . BIC 0.7mm ‘For Her’ Mechanical Pencil, 4-Pack 

[amazon box=”B00GY1IVW8″]

 this product comes with a package of 4 stylish pencils. It has flower patterns and different colors of grip. The plunger is at the grip which makes it more quick to use. Plus, each pencil has the good quality white eraser at the end and it does not have the lead sleeve.

  • Has the number 2 lead which guarantee smudge free
  • A perfect gift for your female classmate or coworker
  • Smooth writing

2. Mechanical Pencil,Refillable,Rubbergrip.7mm,Blue Barrel

[amazon box=”B004E2OILC”]

 this is a blue barrel pencil that combines with white for the rest. The lead sleeve is for those of you who find it more convenient to write with the pencil that has this feature.

  • It has the 0.7 mm lead sleeve and number two lead
  • The white grip is made of soft rubber
  • It has the size that is perfect for holding
  • The perfect choice for blue lover

1. BiC Mechanical Pencils | Pack of 20 Extra Comfort Pencils

[amazon box=”B07Z786P6X”]

 this is the north america well known for its best use feature mechanical pencil. A package consists of 20 assorted color pencils with extra premium pencils. The colors of the barrel of the pencil are not the usual color. They are uniquely produced which make them uniquely beautiful.

  • Come with extra 12 loads and five eraser
  • Has no lead sleeve
  • The grip is in grey which makes it look sleek

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BIC is a well-known company in producing and distributing mechanical pencil all over the world. We have select different feature of the mechanical pencil for you to consider according to your preference and prize range. We hope you can pick one as your favorite and use it to the fullest. Thank you for reading our article.

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