Best Big Stapler Review In 2022

Best Big Stapler Review In 2022

There is a wide variety of big staplers available in the market. A stapler is a device that fastens together sheets of paper using staples. They are different types of staplers in the market, such as the standard stapler, electric stapler, heavy-duty or big stapler, and a mini stapler. A heavy-duty stapler can staple 100 sheets of paper upward. They are assets in the office, especially when trying to organize project paperwork or a thesis draft in a higher learning institution. The size of this stapler is large compared to other types of staplers; thus, it enables it to pin many sheets of paper. Here are some of the best big staplers available in the market.

Best Big Stapler​ Review

10. WoneNice Heavy Duty Stapler

WoneNice Heavy Duty Stapler

[amazon box=”B07LF6QRW1″]

This is a well made and light device. It is a high capacity desktop stapler with a capacity of 100 sheets of paper per pin. When you purchase this stapler, it comes with 1000 staples.

The product has a practical design that consists of lightweight metal, non-slip base as well as hard construction plastic. It has an adjustable paper locking system. By releasing the catch, one can guide the paper along its length base. The staples range is from 8-13mm.

  • The stapler takes staples from a range of 8-13mm and 6mm.
  • It has an adjustable paper locking system.
  • This product has a lightweight metal with a non-slip base and a hard construction plastic.

9. ONDY Heavy Duty Stapler

ONDY Heavy Duty Stapler

[amazon box=”B07K1X868B”]

The ONDY heavy-duty uses a high-quality metal design. It can pin from 10 up to 100 sheets of paper. The warranty is for a lifetime.

This product has a push-pull loader that is safer, convenient as well as durable. Its high strength spring enables you to staple a 100 sheet document with ease. The stapler comes included with a 1000 staples box of 0.5inch staples. Using a thinner staple will cause a jam in the stapler. Its staples range is form 6–13mm.

  • It has a push-pull staple loader.
  • The spring is of high strength.
  • This stapler uses staples from a range of 6-13mm.

8. Blue Summit Supplies Heavy-Duty

Blue Summit Supplies Heavy-Duty Stapler

[amazon box=”B075665G2K”]

This heavy-duty is high-quality. It has a high capacity of 240 sheets per staple bunch. It comes with 2-boxes of stables, one with 23/13 inch staples and the other 23/24inch staples.

The design of this big stapler is all-metal. It is strong and durable. Its handle is large, thus allowing for extra leverage. The stapling capacity is 100 sheets for a 23/13inch staple and 240 sheets for a 23/24inch staple. For stapling small amounts of paper, the stapler works smoothly and efficiently. It holds from 8-24mm staples depending on the number of paper sheets you staple.

  • The all-metal design makes it strong as well as durable.
  • It has a large handle.
  • The heavy-duty stapler can hold a rang of 8-24mm staples.

7. Bostitch EZ Squeeze Heavy Duty Stapler

Bostitch EZ Squeeze Heavy Duty Stapler

[amazon box=”B004I2MG1W”]

This Bostitch squeeze heavy-duty stapler has a material black finish that looks elegant. It is a durable and high-quality stapler that can staple 130 sheets.

The heavy-duty stapler makes use of EZ squeeze technology that reduces the force by 55%. Its design can staple 2-130 sheets using a 1-flat clinch style staple size. This stapler is equipped with an easy, fast reloading push button.

  • It has EZ squeeze technology.
  • The stapler comes with an easy, fast reloading push button.
  • It is durable and efficient.

6. Bostitch Antimicrobial Heavy Duty Stapler

Bostitch Antimicrobial Heavy Duty Stapler

[amazon box=”B00006JNU4″]

The Bostitch Antimicrobial is easy to use and a no-jam technological stapler. It has a staple capacity of 130 sheets per bunch.

The all-metal construction design makes it durable and long-lasting. It also does the job of stapling 130 sheets of paper easily and efficiently. Non-jam technology in the prevents staples from jamming. An antimicrobial technology ensures that bacteria don’t grow on the surface; thus, it is always sanitary.

  • The stapler has non-jam technology.
  • It has antimicrobial technology.
  • Its all-metal design makes it durable and long-lasting.

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5. Mr. Pen Heavy Duty Stapler

Mr. Pen Heavy Duty Stapler 

[amazon box=”B07F1X5L6M”]

This product is high-quality and only supports high capacity stapling. It uses ½ inch staples to staple 50 to 100 sheets of paper. A 1000 stable box is included.

The heavy-duty has a metal design. It has a large handle that makes it easy to staple from 10 to 100 sheets. For use, only heavy-duty staples should be used. The company offers a lifetime warranty.

  • It comes with a large handle.
  • Compatible with only heavy-duty staples.
  • A lifetime warranty is offered by the company.

4. Bostitch Heavy Duty 45 Sheet Plier

Bostitch Heavy Duty 45 Sheet Plier Stapler

[amazon box=”B003VNBUYS”]

This heavy-duty has stellar performance and is quite durable. It has a high staple capacity of 45 sheets. For $7.01 more, it comes with a box staples.

The product has an all-metal construction that offers superior performance. It eliminates staple jams with no-jam technology. The top-load design is fast, thus easy to reload staple. Its staple compatibility is only Bostitch B8 PowerCrown staples of size 3/8 inches (B000GATV1I) as well as ¼ inch (B00006IFMR).

  • It has no-jam technology.
  • Compatible with only 3/8inch and 1/4inch Bostitch B8 PoweCrown staples.
  • The staples capacity is 210.

3. Ontio Heavy Duty Desk 

Ontio Heavy Duty Desk Stapler

[amazon box=”B00WDPD96M”]

This heavy is the boss of all staplers. It has a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer with a stapling capacity of 100 sheets per pin.

The Ontio Heavy has a metallic design. It comes with a stapler kit, staple remover, and staples. In case of a staple jam, which happens rarely, a simple jam clearing mechanism is available.

  • It has a simple jam clearing mechanism at the front-end.
  • The purchase package has a stapler kit, staple remover as well as staples.
  • Its metallic design makes it durable.

2. Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler

Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler

[amazon box=”B0006HUPU2″]

The Swingline heavy-duty is strong and designed to offer long-lasting service. Its long-lasting service is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty. The stapling capacity is 160 sheets per pin.

This has a metal construction design. For the best pining results, it uses Swingline heavy-duty staples of the following lengths: 1/4inch, 3/8inch, 3/4inch, 1/2inch, and 5/8inch staples. Each of these staple sizes performs well with a certain number of sheets being pinned. It has an in-built jam-clearing mechanism at the front end of it. An in-built precision alignment staple guide ensures accurate staple placement.

  • An in-built jam clearing mechanism is available at the front-end.
  • The precision alignment staple guide enables accurate staple placement.
  • Strong and durable due to the metallic design.

1. Swingline Stapler

Swingline Stapler

[amazon box=”B001PLII3E”]

This Swingline is high-quality with a premium black and silver look. Its design is suitable for the desktop. For stapling capacity, it can handle 70sheets per pin.

The design materials are durable plastic housing with metallic internal stapling housing that is reliable and long-lasting. It holds 105 staples that are half a staple strip. The plastic handle offers less force as well as a strong grip that ensures comfortable stapling. Its staple loading feature is convenient, thus allowing quick loading of staples. Swingline Optima High Capacity staples are recommended with 1/4inch length legs.

  • It uses high-capacity Swingline Optima staples with 1/4inch length legs.
  • A convenient staple loader is available.
  • The stapler is durable and long-lasting with an easier stapling mechanism compared to traditional staplers.

Since we will never fully get rid of paperwork even in this technological age having a reliable big stapler is an asset in the office. It will enable you to organize your work in an orderly fashion for filling purposes or even viewing. This article has explained what to expect in a good heavy-duty stapler. Ensure you choose wisely and consider the specifications you need for your office or cyber café

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