Best Desktop Shelf Review In 2022

Best Desktop Shelf Review In 2022

Having a huge clutter on your desktop can sometimes depress you. In such a situation, a desktop shelf becomes a must. Starting from housing all the necessary stuff to organizing them, it can do everything.

If you want one of the best desktop shelves for yourself, then take Onyx Mesh by Safco Products into consideration. This particular product has features beyond what you basically look for on a desktop shelf.

Since it has received lots of positive reviews from the users, you may want to know more about it, right? If that’s the case, then let’s talk about the desktop shelf from Safco Products Onyx Mesh.

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Best Desktop Shelf Review

Safco Products Onyx Mesh | Desktop Shelf

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  • Dimensions: 13.25-inch wide by 11.5-inch deep by 13-inch high
  • Two document trays
  • Six sorter slots
  • Sorter slots width: two inches
  • Tray height: two inches
  • Sorter shelf
  • Steel panel base
  • Steel mesh construction
  • Chip-resistant powder coat finish
  • Optional adhesive base
  • Arrives assembled
  • Color: black, white, blue, and wine
  • Weight: seven pounds

1. What’s in the Box?

What's in the Box? | Desktop Shelf

The Onyx Mesh by Safco Products is likely to come double-boxed which means there should be two boxes. The desktop shelf will be inside its own box but there should be another shipping box too.

Both the boxes not only help with insulation but damage prevention too, thanks to the heavy-duty cardboard packaging.

After opening the boxes, you will find the desktop shelf wrapped in a plastic bag. This further adds more protection. Since it arrives assembled, there is no hassle of putting joints together.

2. Design

Design | Desktop Shelf

Coming in a mesh-styled look, the desktop shelf by Safco Products shelf can add elegance to your workspace. Moreover, the mesh will also help promote airflow so it can lessen dust buildup. As a result, you can enjoy less maintenance. It measures 13.25-inch wide by 11.5-inch deep by 13-inch high. So, it’s a very spacious shelf to hold all your essentials.

This can be a pro and a con at the same time. The latter is because many users felt that the unit takes up quite a lot of space. But that shouldn’t be a big concern.

That said, the brand has designed the unit smartly. It has two horizontal trays with two inches in height in between. You can keep your documents and letters right over there.

Besides, you will have six vertical sections with two inches in width in between. This section will be perfect for keeping textbooks, notebooks, binders, and file folders.

Generally speaking, all the slots are very convenient and easy to reach if you keep the shelf somewhere nearby.

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3. Material and Color

Material and Color | Desktop Shelf

The brand has constructed the desktop shelf with thick steel material. Neither it will bend, nor will get dented.

On top of that, the unit has been coated with a chip-resistant powder finish to add more durability. So, it can surely help resist scratching or chipping.

Not only the Onyx Mesh is of high quality but is solid enough to withstand years of heavy use.

One great thing about the product is that it’s available in four colors. You can get it in black, wine, blue or white.

The Onyx Mesh will weigh around seven pounds. So, you may find it a bit heavy to carry and move it around from one spot to another. Some users griped about its bulkiness too. Thus, it can be a minor con if you get it.

There are solid panels on the base as well as a sorter layer. They will help in adding both stability and support to the mesh and steel wire which creates vertical dividers and a center shelf.

One great thing about the desktop shelf is that the brand has included an optional adhesive base. This will help in cushioning and protecting the surfaces from scratches. Speaking more about it, the unit also comes with clean and smooth edges that deal with preventing scrapes and snags.

So, overall, this desktop shelf will not only organize your stuff but also benefit you with other advantages.

4.Where to Use?

Where to Use? | Desktop Shelf

This is such a product that you can use it anywhere. It can be on tables or desks, it can be in offices, homes, mailrooms, dorms, warehouses, and so on.

The Onyx Mesh by Safco Products promises to last longer than your expectation, thanks to the sturdy and solid steel. Besides the durability, it has lots of spacious storage to offer too. There are many users who feel that the unit is more on the expensive side. However, they also mentioned that it was worth buying.

So, if you want a high-quality desktop shelf, we would recommend Onyx Mesh.

5. About the Brand

About the Brand | Desktop Shelf

Safco Products is a brand founded in 1966. The main headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States.

They have a parent company under the name Liberty Diversified International. Since their launch, they have been delivering their products and services. They have inherited a values-driven and customer-focused mindset so they can put into practice their principles. With their motto: Excellence, Trust, Innovation, and Caring, they have run the company for more than 50 years.

The company does not limit itself to desktop shelves. They offer seating, desks, and tables too. Besides, they have earned popularity for designing several stylish, creative, and active furniture accessories and items so you can have an easier workday.

They say you may spend around four hours each week looking for papers on average. That is quite a lot of time you waste on the job. That is the reason why you need a proper tool. And Onyx Mesh by Safco Product can be the best bet.

This desktop shelf will not only organize your papers, files, and other documents but will work to protect the surfaces too. Moreover, its high-quality steel material also defines its durability.

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