Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads Review In 2022

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads Review In 2022

ne of the biggest issues with the millennials is that they spend a bit too much time on their computer. To add more misery to this, most of the time they use the mouse in such an unhealthy position that the risk of muscle strains or more serious injuries increases highly. This is where ergonomic mousepads come in. They are steady, they are smart, they will make sure your arm and wrist get good rest and comfort.

But before you go shopping, you need to know the types available in the market. While there are tons of brands and designs, there are two main categories of ergonomics mouse pads. One is the memory foam one, another is the gel kind. If you are a gamer and use the mouse way too frequently, then you take the memory foam one, and if you don’t use it too frequently, the gel may satisfy you. We have made a list for you with both gel and memory foam products here.

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Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads Review

10. VIPAMZ Mouse Pad (Ergonomic) 

10. VIPAMZ Mouse Pad (Ergonomic) - Ergonomic Mouse Pads 

[amazon box=”B01AZ83C3S”]

 A good choice if you are working on a lower deck, this is a relatively compact device, so it would be easy for you to carry it along. This is a gel type of ergonomic mouse pad with clothes as support material.

  • The wrist support is very firm and effective
  • Not good for releasing wrist strain and pain
  • Doesn’t have a wide range when it comes to movement

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9. 3M Mouse Pad 

9. 3M Mouse Pad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads 

[amazon box=”B000ZHB2HS”]

 A flashy, unique texture that doesn’t just look good, it is also said to extend the battery life of your mouse by a whopping 70%! The surface material here is micro-grooved while the supporting material is the gel.

  • A precise and cool control
  • The surface can cause warping or difficulties in tracking

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8. VicTsing Mouse Pad 

8. VicTsing Mouse Pad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B072C93TQL”]

A super-cheap gel pad that may look small but works just as well as the relatively bigger ones. This one is quite affordable and the wrist support is pretty decent.​It has gel as a support material and Lycra as the surface material

  • Wrist support placed on the narrower side
  • Users often complain about an odor that fades away with time

7. J&G Mouse Pad (Ergonomic) 

7. J&G Mouse Pad (Ergonomic) - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B01LTGX776″]

If you’re a common gel-based mouse pad user and want to switch to memory foam ones, then this is your pick. Not very cushiony but you can work comfortably with fewer movements. The surface material here is cloth with hard material on both sides.

  • Covered in relatively grippy clothes for smooth movements
  • A quite reasonable price
  • It doesn’t have a lot of cushiony support.

6. Gimars Mouse Pad

6. Gimars Mouse Pad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B01MYZMODY”]

 Squishy, thick and soft memory foam pad- and if that isn’t enough, they provide a lifetime warranty with it. The keyboard support is decent as an addition.Made from Lycra as a surface material, it has a very smooth surface.

  • A rubberized bottom to make sure secure footing is done
  • The 1-inch thickness makes it soft and comfortable
  • Lifetime warranty and additional keyboard support

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5. MOJO Beanbag Mousepad 

5. MOJO Beanbag Mousepad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B011MIP6TI”]

 Not everyone prefers using their mouse from tables. There are people like me who like to operate the laptop from bed or a couch. And we have just the best thing for such requirements, the unique design is attractive too! This is a versatile mouse pad with a black body and an unusual shape.

  • Very useful on places like bed, sofa, cushions or divans
  • A bit expensive considering other mouse pads
  • Very effective to maintain balance in uneven and soft surfaces

4. Vornnex Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad 

4. Vornnex Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B074FXDQV6″]

 Are you into gaming? Do you spend a lot of time on computers playing games or doing work? If the answers are yes, this is your pick. The durability and wide movement space make it a very good pick among gamers. This memory foam device has cloth as a surface material

  • Very ideal for those who need a lot of movement space
  • It comes with a quite responsive one-year money-back guarantee.
  • The size is quite decent considering the affordable price

3. Lizimandu Non-Slip Mouse Pad

3. Lizimandu Non-Slip Mouse Pad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B075K9LWK7″]

 Who would not want a bit of color in their lives? All of the mousepads we have seen so far are of similar color and patterns, however, this one breaks the stereotypes. Coming with twenty different designs, this is surely a delight to watch! A memory foam type ergonomic mouse pad, it has a hard right side and cloth as surface material.

  • Very suitable for the ones who want to switch from gel to memory foam
  • Comes with fancy designs
  • Relatively expensive considering products with similar specifications

2. Gimars Large Ergonomic Mouse Pad 

2. Gimars Large Ergonomic Mouse Pad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B07KD7SCQG”]

 The first thing that will come to your mind when you see this is- it’s so BIG! I mean, this is the biggest pad in this list, and specially made for the gamers out there. It might not be as soft as others, but it’s very effective. The surface is made from Lycra, thereby making it smooth and easy to use.

  • Extra-long bounces back really slow to help control the mouse
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee ensured
  • Quite inexpensive considering the size

1. CushionCare Foam Mouse Pad and Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad 

1. CushionCare Foam Mouse Pad and Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad - Ergonomic Mouse Pads

[amazon box=”B01A92ETXM”]

This is what a premium quality ergonomic mouse pads looks like. A pad specially made to ensure your wrist pains are alleviated. It doesn’t slip, it doesn’t falter. This is just perfect. The textured neoprene back is something unique in this memory foam device.

  • Highly durable, has a three-year warranty attached
  • Unique neoprene back to prevent slips
  • Soft and supportive memory foam
  • A bit expensive, but the price is justified

This was our list of the most high-quality ergonomic mouse pads. We hope they were of help to you!

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