Best Fabric Bulletin Boards Review In 2022

Best Fabric Bulletin Boards Review In 2022

Technology is around us everywhere now. We are in a continuous process of gradually replacing all our tools and accessories with gadgets and apps. But some things should be old school forever. Take, for instance, the feel of a fabric bulletin board in your hand. Nothing can beat it, at least not a note app on your phone. There’s a sense of urgency in pinning a task on a bulletin board. Also, the visualization of a piece of paper holding your ideas is just timeless. That’s why you need quality fabric bulletin boards for your workplace and home. To pick the right one suitable for your needs, we will guide you through this comprehensive list. So, let’s dive into the world of fabric bulletin boards!

Best Fabric Bulletin Boards Review

10. Board Line 36×24 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 

Board Line 36x24 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 

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 This classic bulletin board from Board Line has a stable surface that ensures you the maximum pin-holding capability. You can stick everything ranging from notes and memos to photos and calendars.This fabric bulletin board has a lightweight yet solid aluminum frame with ABS corners for safety. The self-healing material of the surface guarantees durability and longer service life.

  • Includes ten push pins
  • The flexibility of installing it however you wish – vertically or horizontally.
  • Made from eco-friendly materials

9. Quartet Prestige Plus 36×24 inches Magnetic Fabric Bulletin Board

9. Quartet Prestige Plus 36x24 inches Magnetic Fabric Bulletin Board

[amazon box=”B001B0EJ7S”]

Quartet is a household name when it comes to bulletin boards. Along with its dimensions, the magnetic fabric of the prestige plus board makes it ideal for the corporate environment. It’s usually seen in conference rooms and executive offices. The self-healing fabric of this board is high in density which protects the pins in the right way. The mahogany-colored elegant frame and top-of-the-line fabric add to the beauty of the product even more.

  • Includes magnets and Quartet quick clips
  • Works with magnets, clips and traditional pins simultaneously
  • Patented easy-mount hanging system for ensuring a quick setup

8. 4 Thought 36×24 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 

8. 4 Thought 36x24 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 

[amazon box=”B07J4MV5WR”]

This gray-colored exquisite piece of bulletin board has a self-healing solid fabric surface you can rely on upon without hesitation. The build quality of this fabric bulletin board is unquestionable. Long-lasting silver aluminum frame, reinforced bagasse backing panel, and ABS corners make this board invincible against corrosion or damage.

  • Includes ten colorful push pins
  • The flexibility of setting it up vertically or horizontally with easy-to-install fixing kits
  • 2-year warranty against defects and product lifetime support

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7. Quartet 3-Panel 6×3 feet Fabric Bulletin Board 

7. Quartet 3-Panel 6x3 feet Fabric Bulletin Board 

[amazon box=”B000J09EWQ”]

When a single bulletin board is just not sufficient for your busy workplace, you might go for several ones. Or, if you make a smart move here and buy this three-paneled board from Quartet. You can even combine it with another three-panel one for heavy usage in offices, lobbies, and schools. The self-healing cork underneath the fabric and aluminum frame provides value for the bucks you spend. You can even buy an additional header from Quartet to attach to the top.

  • Double-sided panels with blue and grey fabric to match perfectly with the environment.
  • Includes carrying bag for convenient travel and storage
  • You can use either tape or push pins to attach documents.

6. Quartet 2×3 feet Enclosed Bulletin Board 

6. Quartet 2x3 feet Enclosed Bulletin Board 

[amazon box=”B00006I9VL”]

This is another popular product from the reliable manufacturer of bulletin boards – Quartet. This board is enclosed with a shatterproof acrylic door for extra protection. The high-density fiberboard underneath the grey fabric is self-healing too, which ensures long-term usage. The aluminum build with a graphite-finish frame is sure to catch your eyes.

  • Easily mountable with security lock system
  • Guarantees protection of your documents while displaying them

5. Dexboard 36×24 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 

Dexboard 36x24 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 


[amazon box=”B0119S8SC8″]

This exclusive product from Dexboard is excellent for posting notes, messages, reminders, memos, and pictures. Covered with grey fabric, this board is usually seen in homes, offices, kids’ rooms, and dorms. This bulletin board has a premium quality aluminum frame with all-around nylon corners. The surface is self-healing for durable use over the years.

  • Includes ten colorful push pins
  • Supports velcro for posting colorful pages and pictures
  • Install according to your choice – horizontal or vertical

4. SwanSea 4xA5 Enclosed Bulletin Board

4. SwanSea 4xA5 Enclosed Bulletin Board

[amazon box=”B07GZKL2QN”]

SwanSea has included a shatterproof acrylic door for its enclosed bulletin board. This board is ideal in schools and offices as notice boards. You can use it to display photos as well. This fabric bulletin board packs a felt surface that accommodates both pins and velcros with ease. The aluminum frame with silver satin finish is simply a cherry on top.

  • Sturdy showcase lock with three keys included
  • The flexibility of setting it up vertically or horizontally with easy-to-install fixing kits.
  • Includes eight push pins

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3. Breeze Point 23.75×15.75 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 

3. Breeze Point 23.75x15.75 inches Fabric Bulletin Board 

[amazon box=”B075THVLBV”]

This innovative bulletin board from Breeze Point lets post notes without the hassle of storing and maintaining push pins. This board has ribbons attached to it conveniently. So, you can just tuck the notes, pictures, or whatever you like without damaging them with sharp pins. The wood frame wrapped in off-white padded fabric with a metallic bronze-colored ribbon takes the bulletin board to the next level.

  • Sawtooth hangers on the back allow for mounting it horizontally or vertically
  • Keeps your documents and pictures intact without any spots.

2. Quartet 3×2 feet Oval Office Fabric Bulletin Board

2. Quartet 3x2 feet Oval Office Fabric Bulletin Board

[amazon box=”B00006I9W7″]

Yet another product from Quartet tells you a lot about this board and its manufacturer as well. This oval office bulletin board fits in any home or corporate scenario easily. Its unique frameless design is one-of-a-kind and blends perfectly with any modern environment. The high-density durable fabric aims to last longer than any average bulletin board available in the market.

  • Provides edge-to-edge posting with larger than the usual surface area
  • Flexible mounting both horizontally and vertically
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty

1. MasterVision 18×24 inches Combo Board 

1. MasterVision 18x24 inches Combo Board 

[amazon box=”B007UH77PW”]

This dark combo board from MasterVision is popular in the market for quite a while now. It’s divided into two sections – a fabric bulletin board and a dry-erase whiteboard. So, you can post documents and write stuff all together on a single board. The bulletin board part has a thick surface that shows no pinholes and lasts longer than traditional boards. The dry erase whiteboard section has a metallic surface to use magnets, keeping your ease in mind. The MDF wood frame with a black finish is sleek in look.

  • Includes dry erase marker, magnetic marker holder, two magnets, and hanging hardware
  • You can use the metallic part for sticking your notes, documents, and pictures using magnets.
  • Incorporates two utilities in a compact space

This is all the necessary information about the leading fabric bulletin boards in the market. Now, go through this list to choose the one that serves all your needs!

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