Top 10 Best Floating Shelf Brackets In 2021

Floating Shelf Brackets

A floating shelf bracket is a type of bracket that you could use to DIY your own bookshelf or build your own table or chair. We have picked up ten different types of floating shelf brackets to take a look at.

Best Floating Shelf Brackets Review

10. Ktdzone Stainless Steel Floating Shelf Brackets 

10. Ktdzone Stainless Steel Floating Shelf Brackets 

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The L-shape bracket holds the shelf strongly as well as decorating the view of your room to the next level. To install a shelf, you need two of these brackets. This bracket as well is made from stainless steel. It is guaranteed to stay true to its color despite oxidation.

  • Size:125 x 75 mm/5″ x 3″ (L*W*T)
  • Mount Hole Dia.: 5mm/ 0.2″
  • Thickness: 3mm/0.12”.
  • Has two color options: silver and black
  • Can be used to install bookshelf, garden shelf, table, and chair corner
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to install

9. Vosarea Floating Shelf Bracket 

9. Vosarea Floating Shelf Bracket

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This is the invisible bracket that can be used to install the shelf or any materials that are made from wood. It is silver and has a T-shape design. It has a strong feature which can hold heavyweight.

  • Material: Lengzha Steel.
  • Size: Approx. 10x9x1cm.
  • Easy to install

8. ULIFESTAR Corner Bracket Shelf Bracket

8. ULIFESTAR Corner Bracket Shelf Bracket - Floating Shelf Brackets

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The small size feature of the bracket allows you to install the long size type of shelf without taking attention from the things that you exhibit on the shelf. It has a black color which is easy to blend in with the material that you are trying to install.

  • Small but has a strong feature
  • can be used to build a frame, serve as a corner connected, like fastening chair, wooden table, wooden bed, windows
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Size: 40 x 40 / 1.2 x 1.2(L x W); Hole Diameter: 4.5 mm/ 0.14 inch.
  • A package of 8 including screws

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7. uxcell Floating Shelf Bracket 

7. uxcell Floating Shelf Bracket

[amazon box=”B07YYW2NQ8″]

Your bookshelf will look like it is flying on the air by using this bracket. With help from only two of this bracket, your new installed shelf can hold any type of decorative material that you wanna exhibit such as a flower vase, a thick old book, or even a lamp.

  • A total Length of  175mm/6.89″
  • Easy instruction to install

6. Alise 6-Inch Floating Shelf Brackets 

6. Alise 6-Inch Floating Shelf Brackets

[amazon box=”B07P6QPD2H”]

Wanting to decorate your house to enjoy the elegant outlook is achievable with the use of this bracket. It has a gold color which matches perfectly to your wooden shelf. Besides its elegant feature, it has the capability to handle heavyweight of any display stuff.

  • Made from aluminum
  • Has thick support
  • Can be installed through screw fixing
  • Size:170x120x8mm/6.8”x4.8”x0.32”(H*W*T);
  • Hole Dia.:6mm/0.24”

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5. Alise Stainless Steel Shelf Bracket 

5. Alise Stainless Steel Shelf Bracket - Floating Shelf Brackets

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The sophisticated design of the visible bracket level up your house’s decoration to the next level. Besides, this is also a good consideration for designing the antique coffee shop. The size of the bracket guarantees its strong holding and good looking feature.

  • Made from high quality stainless steer
  • The matte black color comes from 3 layers
  • Size:150 x 150 x 25mm/6″ x 6″ x 1″(L*W*H);Hole Dia.: 6mm / 0.24″
  • A Package of 2: Bracket, 8 Screws, and H-Q anchors.

4. GloryMM Floating Shelf Brackets

4. GloryMM Floating Shelf Brackets

[amazon box=”B07RVHRB4B”]

The floating bracket has a simple design that compliments every possible item that you want to build. It is originally in black but you can paint color on it.

  • Provide modern design decoration
  • Easy to install
  • Made from iron
  • Has the size of 20 cm

3. KINMADE DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Industrial Retro Wall Mount 

KINMADE DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Industrial Retro Wall Mount 

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Step up your room decoration or your shop with this 6-tier bracket. It comes with wooden boards that have enough space for you to put any items on. The bracket design and the board go together really well.

  • Plank Material: Pine
  • Pipe Material: Iron
  • Overall size: L 20-5/8in x D 7-7/8in x H 70-in (L 60cm x D 20cm x H 150cm)
  • Perfect on the empty wall

2. Wecnday-Home Industrial Shelf Bracket 

Wecnday-Home Industrial Shelf Bracket - Floating Shelf Brackets

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You do not want to leave your room at all with this bracket. This gold fan-like bracket will guarantee your room to look majestically.

  • Heavy duty shelf bracket: S: 20 x 20cm, L: 30 x 30cm;
  • Easy to install
  • Made of iron

1. Limaomao-Home Industrial Retro Wall Mount 

Limaomao-Home Industrial Retro Wall Mount - Floating Shelf Brackets

[amazon box=”B084TF8GCR”]

If you just move into your new big house and are willing to invest in the interior design, this purchase would be your great investment. Your interior will look cool and luxurious as your exterior design.

  • Inside of the package are the iron pipe and wooden board and one easy instruction to guide you to DIY your own bookshelf or bathroom shelf

The ten selected floating shelf brackets have different types of features that you can select according to your preferences. We have arranged it according to the prize as well. We hope you can find our article helpful. Thank you for spending time on our article.

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