Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Review In 2022

Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Review In 2022

It is extremely important to have our information protected especially if we are working or owning a big company. A thief can easily steal your identity to conduct illegal acts when we are careless with our private information. Therefore, the heavy-duty paper shredder has the best role to destroy the information to protect the information. Below are the most popular heavy-duty paper shredders we have ranked according to its variable features and price. We have gathered many types of paper shredder to help you make your decisions.

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Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Review

10. Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper 

Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B00HFJWKWK”]

Amazon Basics Paper Shredders provide more security than a strip-cut shredder. It slices through documents diagonally in both directions. The best feature of the product is that it saves you time. You don’t have to remove staples to shred through multi-page documents.

  • Destroying pay stubs, bills, receipts, bank statements, medical records, and other private documents or personal data.
  • Helps reduce the chance of falling victim to theft of identity
  • Stops automatically when shredding is complete

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9. Amazon Basics Cross-Cut Paper

Amazon Basics Cross-Cut Paper - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B00YFTHJ9C”]

Another version of Amazon Basics Paper Shredders. This version can destroy even credit cards and CDs/DVDs. It starts to destroy automatically as you put the items in.

  • Reverse function makes it possible to retrieve un-shredded documents.
  • Automatically shut off
  • 3-mode control switch (auto, off, reverse)

8. Aurora High-Security 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper 

Aurora High-Security 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper 

[amazon box=”B07BNL3141″]

Aurora Paper Shredder can shred up to 6-sheet of paper. What is so amazing about this paper shredder is high security micro-cut function which cross-cut particles 6 times smaller than a typical shredder.

  • Auto power-off
  • Auto-stop
  • A wastebasket is easy to empty with its single-hand lifting handle.
  • Destroys credit cards, clips, and staples

7. Aurora Anti-Jam 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper 

Aurora Anti-Jam 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper 

[amazon box=”B07CCN34JB”]

Another Aurora paper shredder is highly recognized by its 4-mode control switch with power and overheats LED status indicator. It is necessary to be protected from identity theft with this easy-to-use shredder.

  • Accepts up to 12 sheets of paper at a time
  • 5 minutes continuous shredding
  • 5.2-Gallon wastebasket
  • Auto-reverse feature comes in handy when you make mistake

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6. Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B07G2W1JZW”]

Bonsaii Crosscut paper shredder can shred with a capacity of 10 sheets. It can shred the paper or other materials such as a credit card or staple to the tiny size measuring 13/64 x 137/64 inches.

  • 5.5 gallons large wastebasket capacity
  • Hold up to 320 sheets of paper
  • 1-Year limited warranty

5. Fellowes Powershred 11-Sheet Cross-cut Paper 

Fellowes Powershred 11-Sheet Cross-cut Paper - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B0026I2HLO”]

Fellowes Cross-Cut Shredder features Safety Lock, which disables the shredder to ensure extra protection. It can shreds 11 sheets per pass into 5/32-inch x 1-3/8 -inch cross-cut particles.

  • Shreds for up to 5 minutes with a 20 minute cool down
  • 4.75 gallon bin with easy lift-off head

4. Aurora AU1415XA 14-Sheet Crosscut Paper/CD 

Aurora AU1415XA 14-Sheet Crosscut Paper/CD - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B07VQW7JCF”]

This model of Shredder from Aurora can cut 14 sheets per pass. Besides, it can shred CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Staples, and Paper Clips in a high security crosscut manner. Most importantly, it operates quietly with 10 minutes continuous run time.

  • 5.0-gallon pullout basket with bin-full sensor
  • Security Level P-4
  • Signaling Overload and overheat

3. Fellowes 62MC 10-Sheet Micro-Cut 

Fellowes 62MC 10-Sheet Micro-Cut - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B010E9M3KG”]

This model of Fellowes shredder is specifically made with powerful confetti shredder that shreds up to 6x smaller than standard cross-cut shreds.

  • Safety lock feature
  • Quiet operation
  • 5 gallon pull-out waste bin

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2. Bonsaii EverShred 18-Sheet Heavy Duty Cross-Cut 

Bonsaii EverShred 18-Sheet Heavy Duty Cross-Cut - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B00IOFD08C”]

Bonsaii shredder has an 18 sheets cross-cut powerhouse. It can operate continuously up to 60 minutes. Plus, its 8.7 inches entry slot can accept the letter and legal-size documents.

  • Auto Start/Stop and Reverse Function
  • The advanced and significant cooling system
  • Quiet motor

1. WOLVERINE 15-Sheet Super Micro Cut High Security 

WOLVERINE 15-Sheet Super Micro Cut High Security - Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

[amazon box=”B07SYNWD2B”]

WOLVERINE offers the highest advanced technology of shredder. It has the capacity to shred up to 15 sheets of paper per pass and especially it can shred up to 200 paper per minute.

  • Manganese Blade Cutter that can shred credit cards, CDs, DVDs (one at a time), paper clips, and staples.
  • Security level P-5 that shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 3/32″ X 13/32″
  • Low noise with Jam Reverse System
  • Waste Bin Capacity: 8 Gallons
  • Continuous Working Time: 15 min

It is important to have one high quality paper shredder if you are working or owning a big company because information must be strictly protected to ensure the safety of the company. We hope you find our article helpful so that you can have more reliable information and general knowledge about how to pick the best heavy duty paper shredder that fit your needs, desire, and preferences.

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