Helinox Chair Two Review: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Helinox Chair Two Review: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Helinox Chair Two Review: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

If you’re looking for lightweight camping chairs that are also breathable and made of great material, then you should consider the Helinox Chair Two. An appropriate successor of Chair One, Chair Two, improves upon many factors that left the users wanting more with Chair One. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the improved factors and the features of Chair One so new buyers can ascertain whether this chair might be for them. 

Design And Build

Let’s get started with the design of the chair. It’s more or less like a hammock, but it distinguishes itself with the legs made of alloy. The frame and the chair can be separated and installed back on when necessary.

The poles are strong, but they’re very light. These are made of the company’s proprietary aluminum alloy, offering maximum strength while keeping the weight to a minimum. 

Then there are the fabrics. The Helinox chairs are made of quality fabrics. They are further reinforced with panels and layers of stitches. So, this chair is perfect for camping and outdoor environments as it can stand the test of time and nature. 

Also, due to the lightweight build, the chair caps weigh slightly more than 2 pounds when packed. So, you’ll be able to carry it easily. Thanks to the great packaging, it’s also very easy to hold it in your hands. 

Despite being a lightweight chair, the chair can take some heavy load. This chair can hold up to 320 pounds, so you can use it without the fear of breaking it. 

The design is much better than the chair one as well. The chair one looked like a square and didn’t offer much space for resting your shoulders. This one’s a bit more elongated on the top. So, you’ll get to relax your entire body on it. Making the deal even sweeter is the built-in headrest which spans quite a large area. 

However, the frame is more or less the same as the older one. The only difference is the longer frame due to the more extended backrest. 

There’s another difference between them, and it’s the color variation. The Chair One comes in nine colors, so you have a great range to choose from. However, Chair Two comes in only three colors, Black, Blue, and Purple. So, you’re limited in terms of aesthetics. 

Despite the apparent limitations, the Helinox chairs stand out due to their unique design philosophy. So, if you want a chair that looks and feels exceptional, then the Helinox chair Two is an excellent choice. 

Another difference between Chair One and Two in terms of design is the packed length. When packed, Chair One spans 13.5 inches. However, Chair Two is much longer than that, as it has a length of 18 inches. While the comparison may give you the feeling that the chair is very long, it isn’t. It’s only as long as one and a half standard scale. 

When setting Chair Two up, you must slot the poles into the chair. For making the slot, they used quality Nylon 66 fiber. The lower arms of the frame slot into the chair without any problem, but you have to guide the upper joints with your hands to slot them down properly. 

Comfort And Performance

Then we have the comfort and performance. Chair Two requires a bit more time to install than Chair One, but the difference is so slight that it’s negligible. You have to unroll the upper part, open the frame and set it up, and finally set the fabric on top. It doesn’t take much time. 

While the process isn’t challenging, you may need time to get used to it. As discussed previously, the weight and size of the product make it super portable. It’s so portable that you’ll likely carry it wherever you go. 

As for sitting comfort, Chair Two nails it. One of the common issues people talked about in Chair One was the headrest. Helinox did the right thing to add one this time around. The headrest makes it more comfortable. Also, the chair is so well-built that you won’t even feel that you’re sitting on an ultralight chair. 

Also, the maximum capacity of this chair is 145 kg. So, no matter how much you weigh, you can use it without the fear of collapsing it. 


There aren’t many compact and light camping chairs on the market. Sure, you can get non-branded ones, but they aren’t very durable. It is where Helinox chairs come in. Chair Two is a significant upgrade from Chair One, offering much better comfort. 

Also, as we’ve mentioned already, the chair is very small when packed. So, you can carry these easily in your vehicle or even with your hands!

What is the difference between the Helinox chairs?


The Helinox Chair Two is longer than the Chair One, which allows it to facilitate a headrest. The headrest makes a massive difference in comfort and even the style of the chair. 


You can expect similar breathability from the two chairs. The Helinox chair Two is an extension of Chair one. So, on the lower parts, the breathability is more or less the same. However, the fabric around the headrest isn’t mesh, so that that part won’t be very breathable. 

Durability & Capacity

Helinox doesn’t compromise quality, so Chairs One and Two are durable. Also, they offer the same capacity of 320 pounds. 


The Helinox Chair Two is a fantastic choice for campers and those who enjoy nature. If you want an outdoor chair, you should certainly get this comfortable chair. 

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