How To Become A Travel Agent

How To Become A Travel Agent

If you enjoy scanning flights, hotel deals, travel destinations, and traveling in general, then you have probably considered pursuing a career as a travel agent. While it’s true that travel agents sound like a relic now, people still prefer an agent to consult for a big trip.

A travel agent makes traveling easier, especially when it comes to honeymoons or bucket-list trips where you have a lot to take care of, by coordinating nice stays, translators, transportations, and so on. And we think everyone can agree that it’s comforting when someone handles the logistics for us while we can stay worry-free and take full advantage of our vacation.

A travel agent’s salary may vary widely according to region, type, niche, job title, etc. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average travel agent’s salary is $42,720, ranging from $22,370 to $66,080.

How To Become A Travel Agent

If you are looking for a fresh career start, a travel agency just might be perfect for you, as it doesn’t require a specific career background. If you are wondering about how to get started, we are here with a complete guide to direct you to a successful travel agent career. Here’s all that you need to do

1. Decide What Type of Travel Agent You Want To Be

Decide What Type of Travel Agent You Want To Be

There are several types and niches in the travel agency industry. To be a successful travel agent, the first thing that you need to do is decide which type will suit you best and specialize in it.

You might want to be a Leisure Travel Agent or a Corporate Travel Agent. Leisure travel agents offer consultations and sell vacation packages to individuals, groups, and families. On the other hand, Corporate Travel Agents offer travel arrangements to businesses and employees who are attending work conferences.

You can also specialize in a specific region of the world. That is to say, you will need familiarity with the culture, language, and destinations. In fact, this niche will help you address the fierce competition in the industry and give you a jump-start.

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2. Get Formal Training

Get Formal Training

Starting as a travel agent does not require a degree in a specific discipline or any degree at all. However, you surely will have an advantage if you have one. If not a college degree, you might consider community colleges, vocational or technical schools that offer travel planning education.

Moreover, there are certificate programs offered by various travel institutes for those who want to gain experience in the field.

3. Set a Clear Vision and Gain Experience

Set a Clear Vision and Gain Experience

To establish yourself as a travel agent, you need to set a clear vision first, maybe a five-year career plan. Think hard about your game plan, whether you want to work with a travel agency or independently.

Business degree holders might be interested to start their own business while beginners may want to begin under a support system to develop necessary skills. It largely depends on your background and the way you want to approach the market.

Without experience, certificates and degrees can only go so far. While certificates can get you an interview, it is the experience that will give you hands-on knowledge. So, once you have prepared a plan for yourself, proceed accordingly and gain as much experience as possible.

4. Grow Your Client Base

Grow Your Client Base

Provide top-notch service to the clients you already have in order to grow your client base. If your customers are satisfied, they will return to do business with you and will refer you to more potential clients. So you have to prioritize client satisfaction if you want to grow your client base and thus grow your business.

5. Everyday Schedule of A Travel Agent

Everyday Schedule of A Travel Agent

Travel agents lead a very busy life, sometimes even working 24/7. You will be viewed as part concierge, part financial adviser, and in case of an emergency, you might have to be on call for long hours.

This is what your days will look like once you have started your journey as a travel agent.

Setting Up Travel Plans:

While clients will do most of the planning for their vacation, you will be relied upon with managing reservations, financial reports, and the customer.

Working with Clients:

You will have to attend meetings with clients either over the phone or in-person in order to understand client needs, set plans, or simply lend your expertise.


You will need to attend training sessions on a regular basis. If you are a franchise owner, you will get a chance to join ongoing training sessions at conferences and summits all over the country.


You will need to spend a significant amount of time analyzing and planning your marketing strategies to grow your business. You might use a mix of digital and traditional marketing, which might require you to attend trade shows, local events, or create digital ads online.

Business Management:

Every last day of a travel agent involves business management tasks, small to-do lists that help you operate your business smoothly, like answering emails, responding to clients, communicating with your Business Manager, etc.

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To sum up, if you are looking to learn how to become a travel agent (a good one indeed) then we have you covered. All this information may overwhelm you at first, but you should keep in mind: the travel industry is always changing and evolving, and you will need to adapt to it constantly. You will eventually realize how versatile and exciting it is to be a travel agent!

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