How To Come Up With A Business Name

How To Come Up With A Business Name

It takes a whole lot of passion and energy to take the decision of starting a business. Once you have decided that, you need to make a business plan, talk to a few people who may potentially be your clients, and consult with other small business owners. Once you’re done with all of that, you’re almost ready to hit the road; all you’re missing is a name.

A decent business name can help your clients to recall you rather easily, it could mean free exposure or it could reaffirm and motivate you and your future workers about exactly you’re doing in the business. There are particular naming organizations that charge a huge number of dollars for finding a name that is new, stylish, industry-wise, critical and isn’t trademarked. In the event that you are beginning a private venture, you might not want to spend money on this.

How To Come Up With A Business Name

In that case, this article is going to help you decide a name for your business. After you have gone through this, you will be able to come up with a name and finally get things rolling. Business name ideas can be generated in multiple ways! You can use acronyms or mash-ups. Using foreign words may be another way. The list goes on and on. So take your pick and make a unique name for your little venture.

Using Acronyms

Acronyms - How To Come Up With A Business Name

Using acronyms to name your business is an easy option. It is simple and does not require much brainstorming. By using the initials of words, or even parts of words, you can come up with a great name for your business. With a little creativity, an acronym-based name will surely catch the eyes you want.

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Using Foreign Words

Using Foreign Words - How To Come Up With A Business Name

Even if your targeted market is rather native, a catchy foreign name is sure to turn heads. The use of foreign words to name your business, no matter what you come up with, will definitely make people interested in your company.

Using Mash-Ups

Mashing up multiple words can help you come up with a wonderful name. If you are able to use the right words, your business name will sound amazing. If you can design a good-looking logo along with it, this is sure to be a hit.

Open the Maps App

Open the Maps App

Sometimes inspiration can be found hidden in places you thought you’d never look. Many companies have found their names from random street names. Adobe is one that was named after Adobe Creek. Naming your company with the help of the maps app on your phone is definitely another easy option.

Try Using Your Own Name

If you are still confused about what to name your new and upcoming business, just go ahead and name it after yourself. Many well-known and famous brands in the world were named after their founders. If you are really struggling to come up with a name, just go with your own name. You might also try and name your business after the nicknames of your kids or even your beloved dog.

If you have multiple partners while starting your business, you can also merge the names of each of the partners taking fragments from each name. This has been one of the ways of naming a business and people have been using this method for a long time.

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Draw Inspiration from Mythology

Roman and Greek legends are often used to name many businesses. Using the names of the Greek Gods or Roman emperors is quite common. You can even name the business after characters from the holy books. If you are really into literature, just pick the name of a character you like from one of your favorite books.

Merge With Another Company

Merge With Another Company - How To Come Up With A Business Name

If you aren’t going out on your venture on your own, that is, if you are planning to pair up with some other organization, mix the words up and use fragments from both names. This is another easy and seamless way of naming your business.

Pick A Name That Describes You

What is a word or phrase that best depicts what your business does? Think about it and compose every one of your choices on a paper. Picture your new logo or a flag with any of the words on it. Does it make sense, or look right? Many brand utilize this strategy for coming up with names. For example, the grocery store chain 7-Eleven though of its name because the name expresses straight away what’s extraordinary about this business: it’s open from seven, the beginning of the day, to eleven, at night, consistently.

Make an Intentional Grammatical Mistake

Make an Intentional Grammatical Mistake

This one may sound foolish at first but it actually catches more eyes than you would think. Of course, you will have to be a little creative as you would not want people to keep on correcting you. But this is also a great marketing trick to get people to search for you on the web.

Spell It in a Different Way

Pick a word that complements your company or is associated with it. Play around with it a little bit. Changing up the spelling of a word is a great way to come up with an interesting name for your company. You can also try an add or remove a couple of vowels. Flickr and Tumblr are two companies that seemed to abide by this method.

Be A Storyteller

Use the perfect word that describes your company and tells everyone the story behind the whole company. Using a word that describes your company will definitely attract customers for sure. For example, Virgin’s founders named it so to tell everyone how they were new to the business.

Go Into The Dictionary

Go Into The Dictionary- How To Come Up With A Business Name

If none of the above options seems to work for you, take a peek into a dictionary. You will find one of those lying around your house. Using random words from the dictionary has always been a common way to come up with business names. So don’t be hesitant at all. Pick out something unique and hit the road.

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In conclusion, inspiration comes from lots of places; you just have to look in the right place. Use these tips and you will definitely get your business name in no time!

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