How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

An active presence of your brand on the world’s largest social network is not something you should miss as a business owner. Setting up a Facebook business page allows you personalized interactions with your customers. Collaboration with influencers and other brands, sharing content to inform, entertain and engage your customers.

And so much more. Besides sharing and directly communicating with your audiences, a business page also offers a sophisticated range of paid promotional formats and targeting, data analytics to monitor and optimize your regular posts & advertisements, as well as convenient content creation tools. Users simply need to click the like button once and you have unlimited possibilities to engage them effectively.

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

What You Need To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

What You Need To Set Up A Facebook Business Page | How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

The very first thing you need to create your business page is a personal profile on Facebook for linking your page to an owner. You can either create the page from the Facebook account you use for yourself. Or you can simply sign up for a new personal profile by the name of your business entity. Using your personal account will allow you to directly enter into the page fast even while casually browsing through your own profile.

On the other hand, creating a separate profile for opening your business page will keep your business activity, alerts, and notifications completely free of distractions from the notifications you receive from personal networks. Your business name and description must be decided. So it helps people to discover or search your business and to understand what it does.

A profile photo and a cover photo are optional. But highly recommend uploading to showcase your logo (if you have one) or represent your business. Facebook recommends you “choose an image of your shop, products or from a current marketing campaign” for your cover photo.

Finally, you need a call-to-action that shows up at the top of your page directing visitors to take specific actions such as visiting your website, calling your shop, or directly sending a text message to your page through messenger.

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Steps To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Business

Steps To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Business | How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

You can open a business page for free just like your personal profile or a group. Log in to your personal profile for the page and go to This will take you to the main area where you can create the business page.

On the page creation window, you will see options to choose your business category: business/brand or community/public figure.

Assuming you want to select the category of “Business or Brand”, you will need to click the Get Started button on the option. You will then see a form where you need to fill your page name, i.e. The name of your business, and then choose a more specific category to describe your business.

Once you start typing a word or two for the category that describes your business. Facebook will automatically suggest options from where you should choose the one your customers are most likely to search you with. You can add multiple categories for a single page, but we’ll get into that a bit later.

When you have chosen your relevant category, you may see some additional fields appear where you get to add your address and phone number. You can choose a checkmark box to hide your address and only show the city and state region.

Adding the phone number is optional, so you can skip that field if you want. If the fields appear, fill in the appropriate details and click “Continue”, or just continue directly to the next stage if the fields don’t show up. Note that the continuation will imply that you accept Facebook’s Pages, Groups and Events Policies. So it’s a good idea to check out those policies before you proceed.

Now you will be asked to upload a profile picture and a cover photo respectively. Although you may skip these parts, it is not advisable to do so for the sake of your page’s credibility. The profile picture will display at 170 x 170 pixels on a desktop and 128 x 128 pixels on mobile. It will be cropped to a circle, so avoid pictures with any important elements in the corners.

Then as you move on to choose your cover image, it must be at least 400 X 150 pixels. But width slightly above 700 pixels and a height little above 300 pixels is ideal for user experience.

Once you are done uploading the photos, your page is ready! Well, almost. You will see various feature recommendations by Facebook to add to your page. Click on “+ Add a Button” on the right panel to incorporate your call-to-action on the page.

You can also turn on instant replies to redirect customers to a channel for faster access to most important information. Or to request their patience until you get back to them, or by any other message that will gear up your customer service.

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Don’t Forget These Additional Tips

Don’t Forget These Additional Tips | How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

It’s important to complete the About section of your page with all available details of your business before you proceed to build your audience. Start by clicking see more on the left panel, then click “About”.

Then click on the missing details to edit and share all the important information. Especially a well-written description and choice of more categories to describe your business type. This will help your customers to find you quickly when they are looking for products or services relevant to your business.

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Finally, now that your page is finally set. Let the creative juices flow and come up with content to attract, retain and convert your customers. Invite your friends to like and share your page. Use insights to see how the responses are, use analytics to optimize. And keep improving to make your Facebook business page the go-to place for your customers with their queries, concerns, feedback and love.

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