L-Shaped Desks: Are They Good?

L-Shaped Desks Are They Good

L-Shaped Desks: Are They Good?

There has been a rise of remote jobs in the past 2  to 3 years, meaning more people are working from home than in a traditional 9 to 5 office. Remote jobs pay well, allow you to spend time with your family, not travel far, and save transportation costs. The biggest advantage of working from home is, perhaps, working whenever you want to and not having any fixed timetable.

With the rise in the number of remote jobs, people have been more interested in what is dubbed as a “home office”, a small corner or perhaps a room of your house from where you attend meetings, join video calls with clients, store your documents and most essentially, work on the job you were hired for.

Now, whenever we think of an office, we first think of a desk and table, don’t we? Similarly, the primary furniture in any home office is a desk and a chair. If you go shopping for a desk now, you’ll find several options. So how to choose the best one for you?

We recommend choosing an L-shaped desk. Why? Keep reading to find out.

This looks interesting: L-Shaped Executive Desk

What is an L-Shaped Desk?

An L-shaped desk has two parts: the main desk shell and the return, which are mounted on either side of the desk. The return offers additional desktop space and frequently has storage drawers.

Any office, whether in the home or elsewhere, benefits greatly from having an L-shaped desk as its centerpiece. An L-shaped desk, roomy and ergonomic by design, offers enough surface area, storage options, and comfort to turn your workday at home into a successful day filled with productivity.

What is the purpose of an L-Shaped Desk?

An L-shaped desk provides extra work space while taking up less office space. It can occasionally be challenging to reach the full desk surface with conventional desks, but not with an L-shaped desk. All of the surfaces are reachable thanks to the “L” form. The benefit of this is especially great for those with shorter arms.

With an L-shaped desk, you can gain additional workspace and storage options while also taking up less floor space as the desk fits into the corners of your home.

6 Reasons an L Shaped Desk Will Help You Work at Your Best:

L-shaped desks are better than traditional desks:

  1. A Large Desktop

An L-shaped desk has a generous work surface and two large desktop pieces. You’ll have more space than you need, whether you work on a desktop or laptop and manage paperwork and files. L-shaped desks provide a lot of area for multitasking. Keep documents, bills, books, ledgers, or even a second computer display on your desktop.

You can share your workspace with your spouse or partner, as two sides equate to two workspaces. This saves cost and space to set up two tables. An L-shaped desk can accommodate almost any need for meetings and cooperation.

You can also work on your computer on one arm of the “L” while keeping your stacks and piles of files and necessities on the other. The L form provides flexibility and space to complete your day’s duties without feeling overburdened by clutter. This way, you can multitask comfortably and successfully.

  1. A Desk with Plenty of Storage

L-shaped desks will not only keep you organized but also help you stay neat and tidy. Keep your work area free and consider seeing into the range of L-shaped desks available in the market, including drawers, cable management, and cabinets with doors for security and privacy.

You can also place useful rolling storage containers beneath the desk without sacrificing leg and foot space. If you need additional storage, think about using cubbies to keep your CPU tower off the floor and keyboard trays, some of which are big enough to accommodate a graphics tablet.

  1. A Space-Saving and Efficient Option

The majority of us have little room for offices at home. But did you know that a desk in the L form doesn’t require much more room than a regular desk? An L-shaped desk provides you with much more space for your laptop, paperwork, and other necessities, making the extra floor space it requires worth it.

L-shaped desks may be positioned to sit to the left or right depending on your requirements or preferences, which is a terrific way to use an underused corner. They’re also a fantastic technique for building a cubicle without any walls.

If you pair a hutch with an L-shaped desk, you’ll have easy access to storage for everything from decor to workplace supplies.

  1. An L Shaped Desk for Ergonomics

Do you have difficulty reaching for things from one corner of the desk to another? With an L-shaped desk, you can readily reach everything you need to handle the demands of your workplace at an ergonomically constructed workstation.

Accessing office necessities is easier when they are in that neutral reach zone. Consequently, shoulder and back pain brought on by straining and reaching awkwardly over your desk for long periods is significantly reduced, if not eliminated. The neutral or ideal reach zone is a concept that ergonomic workstation design experts frequently use to describe a zone of reach. An expansive neutral reach zone is possible with an L-shaped workstation. You can comfortably and conveniently access anything with the simple roll of your ergonomic chair without extending your forearm. Your upper arm naturally rests at your side at the same moment.

Consider a height-adjustable L-shaped desk to get the best experience working at home and getting rid of back pains. You may benefit from a more physically active workplace by simply switching between sitting and standing as needed.

  1. A Cost-Effective Alternative

With all their advantages, you may think L-shaped desks are very expensive. However, the price of an L-shaped desk may surprise you. The effectiveness, comfort, and space they offer over other traditional rectangular desk alternatives make them well worth the small additional cost you might incur.

An L-shaped desk offers outstanding long-term adaptability and durability and maximizes your home office and corner area – both vertically and horizontally. An L-shaped desk is a purchase that will last for many years!

As you build a more permanent and effective home office, it offers the best value.

  1. A Professional Presentation

Are you holding remote video meetings with Zoom or another app? Your surroundings and presentation will reflect how professional you appear and feel. To be effective, productive, and confident at work, you must maintain professionalism at home.

You may meet with clients or coworkers in person, even if you work from home. An L-shaped desk gives a professional appearance and ample room for some physical distance while tidier and ordered than smaller desk choices. You may attend your meeting from the more organized side of your desk while the other is a mess. That way, you cheat out on cleaning your papers and stationery every time you have a meeting. 

With its roomy workspace, adaptability, and organization, an L-shaped desk will assist you to make you more productive than usual desks.

Is an electric standing desk worth it?

A desk job is a “desk” job, meaning you cannot work unless you are on your desk. Nevertheless, it is not healthy to continuously sit and work. It may even have adverse health effects, and back pains are just the beginning. Solution? An electric standing desk.

A bit more on the expensive side, there’s a debate if electric desks are worth buying. This choice is quite subjective. But remember, you don’t have to spend several hundred dollars on a standing desk. There are several inexpensive standing desk adapters available that fit on top of the desk you currently own.

So what are the benefits of buying an electric standing desk? First, a standing desk may help reduce lower back and neck pain. Standing instead of sitting has the advantage of making it much simpler to maintain good spinal alignment, which reduces the strain on your muscles. For instance, standing up straighter naturally stimulates your abdominal muscles, allowing your spine to be properly aligned and your back and neck muscles to be used to their full potential.

However, there’s this myth that standing desks help lose weight. This is, sadly, not true at all. There’s not enough scientific evidence behind this claim. Although standing burns fewer calories, excessive sitting can negatively influence your health over time, even if you exercise often.

The good news is that using an electric standing desk, where you can alternate between standing and sitting, may help reduce blood sugar levels after a meal. The data isn’t strong, to be sure, but one research revealed that switching between sitting and standing over an eight-hour workday had tiny but positive benefits on how blood sugar is controlled after a meal. This implies that purchasing a standing desk and using it while standing might potentially lower your chance of acquiring diabetes.

Is an L-shaped desk worth it?

L-shaped desks are worth your money if you are looking for a desktop space that offers you a lot of storage. They are space-saving since most of them can be placed in a corner, and they also make ideal conference desks because you can easily share space. They especially come in handy if you have a lot of books and files, which would normally be piled up on your rectangular desk and hamper your productivity.

We think that the main benefit has two workplaces. You can use one side as a computer desk and the other as a space for writing and painting.

Is an electric or manual standing desk better?

There are many arguments between manual and electric standing desks in the modern world since some individuals aren’t convinced which is better. While part of it is a question of taste, it also depends on your needs. Although these desks have some stark differences, they also share some similarities.

Electric Standing Desk

It’s important to understand what an electric standing desk is and how it varies from a manual one. Like everything automated, this type of workstation is simpler to operate.

Because it is electrical, it might malfunction mechanically if you get it from a low-quality manufacturer. Additionally, the desk can raise more weight because of its electrical power than a traditional manual standing desk.

One of the main drawbacks of electric desks is their high cost. The expenses associated with technology advance along with it. It is sad, but if you have the extra cash to spend, it is well worth it if you want greater features. In addition, because most people lack the necessary technical knowledge, it is more challenging to fix.

Manual Standing Desk

There is no chance of an electrical or technological issue because it is a manual workstation. The crane could break down, but any half-decent carpenter can fix it because it doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

Since new hand crank replacement components are less expensive than motor drive replacement parts, this is simpler to fix and less expensive.

So which one is better?

While both have some interesting attributes on their side, it’s no doubt to make your life easier; an electrical standing desk is the best choice. There are far too many benefits to an electric standing desk to be ignored. Although the hand crank desk is less costly, most people should have no trouble affording the electric model, as many affordable options are available these days.

Are L-shaped standing desks more stable?

For lower sitting heights, the stability of an L-shaped corner desk is very stable and comparable to traditional office desks. However, when raised to standing heights, the stability difference is noticeable. They tend to look and feel unstable; however, be sure they will not fall over unless pushed. Leaning against or accidentally bumping into a raised L-shaped standing desk might result in unwelcome sway. This is because they only have two points of contact with the floor, which causes noticeable front and back wobbling due to the lack of additional support when standing. 

So, the answer is no; they are not more stable than regular L-shaped or rectangular desks. You have to be very careful around them! 


Consider investing in an L-shaped desk if you are a person who tends to get their station overcrowded easily. Two workstations joined together, multiple storage compartments with an ergonomic design — L-shaped desks will surely answer your needs.

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