Best Letter Openers Review In 2022

Best Letter Openers Review In 2022

Even though you might think everything happens over the internet now and emails are the way to go, people still to this date write and receive letters. Letters signify tradition and professionalism. Whether it is some office work or wedding invitations, a lot of it done through letters and for that a very efficient tool is letter openers. These are used to cut open envelopes and make that process a lot more efficient.

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Best Letter Openers Review

10. MY DESK Letter Opener

MY DESK Letter Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B016QTXIG6″]

This is a very affordable product that comes with 4 pieces for 6 dollars. It has a recessed blade which makes opening letters very fast and saves you time. The product has a plastic blade on the inside that is thin and very sharp, so it grips the surface of letters very well and cuts smoothly and seamlessly, and swiftly.

  • The product features a strong, sharp, and durable blade. The openers are easy to use and economy friendly. And lastly, it is very compact and easy to keep wherever.

9. Ram-Pro 3pc Letter Opener

Ram-Pro 3pc Letter Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B017O3F46K”]

These are also an affordable number, you get 3 for 6 dollars and they are of 3 different colors too! Yellow, White, and Red. The blade is strong and sturdy and can cut through thick paper.

  • It is offered in different colors, has a stainless strong blade which is durable, also cuts different types of paper, and also is affordable

8. Westcott Rosewood Handle Letter Opener

Westcott Rosewood Handle Letter Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B0017OT74I”]

 This is quite the aesthetic piece and would be a great complement if you had a wooden work-bench or desk. It is a high-quality item for 5 dollars only. this item features a slim and straight blunt blade and a slim wooden handle. The length of the item is roughly 9 inches with a stainless steel blade and a high-quality wooden handle.

  • The product has a stainless steel blade, good looks and it is easy to use with its lightweight and long comfortable-grip handle.

7. Presto Letter Opener

Presto Letter Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B002BG4Y44″]

This flawless tool is the most loved of its kind. The pack contains 5 items for 10 dollars, which is pricier but the products are of way better quality. It is made out of stainless steel recessed blade and the blade is positioned in a narrow gap of opener making it very hard to ever cut your fingers.

  • This product is very safe, durable, and kid-friendly. It has an amazing design and to top it all off, it is made in the USA.

6. Martin Yale 1624 Letter Opener

Martin Yale 1624 Letter Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B0006HUO08″]

This is a powered cutter. It makes opening letters a piece of cake as it is extremely fast and low effort. It is perfect for both offices and at home use. The product weighs in at 4 ounces and the longest edge measures around 5 inches but even so the item is still compact and will fit into any drawers.

  • It is an automatic device that uses 2AA batteries. It is extremely safe the blades are concealed. And lastly, it is lightweight and easy to use.

5. Paul Revere Nickel Plated Envelope Opener

Paul Revere Nickel Plated Envelope Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B083NQJW7C”]

This number here is extremely elegant and classy, it is a perfect pick for anyone who loves being in style and staying posh. This product is shaped like a beautiful tiny sword. It has a glossy nickel plating and silver hue that gives it a majestic look. It weighs about 3 ounces and has a length of 9 cm.

  • This product is slim and compact thus easy to store, has a blunt surface making it safe to use. It makes extremely clean cuts and is also very durable.

4. Cosmos Retractable Utility Knife (12-Pack)

Cosmos Retractable Utility Knife (12-Pack) | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B0785HQG1T”]

Not only are these bizarrely cute to look at but this product is very efficient and you even get 12 pieces for 6 dollars! That is a crazy good deal. These have an innovative design consisting of a little box and a sharp blade on the inside. The blade is retractable with a small button that you have to push to get the blade out and back in. The blade is quite sharp.

  • Comes with 12 different pieces in different colors. It is easy to use and portable and also greatly affordable and lightweight and cut.

3. Natico Curve Letter Opener

Natico Curve Letter Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B0044CUB22″]

This is probably the most aesthetic one on the list so far. The product is an L-shaped stick with a cutting edge on one side. The tool has a length of around 8.5 inches with the cutting edge measuring about 6 inches and it weighs about 3.5 ounces.

  • It is super elegant and easy to use. It is also very long-lasting and worth the money as it is almost rust free.

2. Universal UNV31803 Letter Openers

Universal UNV31803 Letter Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B00BT2JE00″]

This product is offered in 2 packs each containing 3 pieces. It has a card-like appearance and gripping surface thus making it comfortable to hold. It is made out of very high-quality plastic which gives it a smooth surface. The blades are made out of steel making them strong and durable.

  • This product is safe from children as the blade is hidden and it is easy to use, economical and gives your 6 pieces.

1. Walking Dead Official Katana Envelope Opener

Walking Dead Official Katana Envelope Opener | Letter Openers

[amazon box=”B01N99EUL7″]

This is for collectors surely and people who have a love for samurai. The item is completely shaped and formed like a tiny katana sword. This Letter Openers is a little replica of the Katana sword used by Michonne in the Walking Dead series and also by the legendary Samurai. The length of the sword is 7.5 inches with the blade being 5 inches. The blade is blunt but cuts paper perfectly. The blade has a polished finish too.

  • The sword comes with a leather and genuine ray skin handle and a mini stand. It has high-quality scabbard. It has a certificate of authenticity and is made by Master Cutlery.

These are the best 10 letter openers available right now. We hope this list had helped you narrow down which one would work best for you. Pick the one you like the most and you’re all set.

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