Making A Facebook Business Page | Simple and Effective

Making A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is well-known as a platform that connects people from all around the world. Having access to such a huge audience has given businesses the opportunity to expand their social media marketing. Using Facebook, even small businesses can now connect with their customers and boost the sales of their products and services. How exactly do they do it? While there is no exact blueprint for you to follow when making your Facebook page, you can certainly try out a few tricks and tips.

Making A Facebook Business Page

Here are a few pro tips to make you a pro marketer of your business on Facebook:

1. Start By Filling Out Your Info

Start By Filling Out Your Info - Making A Facebook Business Page

Firstly, open up the account. Be sure to select the page option instead of the profile option. They are different things. Pages come with unique tools and options for you to skillfully strategize your business. Add your cover and profile photos too. Make them completely related to your business. The profile photo can be the logo of your company while the cover photo can be your deals and promotion.

Visuals are key to getting your customers attracted and scrolling down. If you have the budget, try hiring a graphic designer to make unique photos that will make customers stick to your page.

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2. Earn the Very Responsive Badge

Earn the Very Responsive Badge

Be responsive to your direct messages. Facebook knows when you are replying to your customers and clients and keep track of how fast you reply to them. Once you keep responding to messages quickly for a week, Facebook awards you with the ‘Very Responsive to Messages” badge.

This badge will be showcased below your cover photo so people will have a positive view of your page. Get people who can reply to messages and comments for your page as a Social Media Manager and see your page flourish.

3. Add Milestones

This is another Facebook business page feature. Every social media business page owners love this one. This one showcases your achievements on your page. For instance, if you won any awards or hosted any major product launches. These will be shown to all and your page visitors will get to see them. This will surely create a positive impression on your potential customers.

4. Pick Quality Over Quantity

A question business page owners ask often at what intervals should they post. It does not matter at all how many posts a day you upload if your post lacks quality. If your post is good, people will react to it. They will start mentioning their friends on the comments, gradually leading to more reach for your page. So always take some time before launching a post. Quality always matters when it comes to social media marketing.

5. Update at Suitable Times

Update at Suitable Times - Making A Facebook Business Page

You must post according to the location you are doing your business in. You need to cater to the particular people you want to serve. So you have to post your content on specific timings to ensure that it reaches the right audience. If your target consists of people who may be working individuals, they are not going to come across your post while they are at work.

So, weekends can be a great time for garnering higher engagement. If you cater to the younger generation, pick night hours since they stay on their phones till late at night.

6. Post Content That Is Visually Appealing

Post Content That Is Visually Appealing - Making A Facebook Business Page

The importance of graphics and visuals cannot be stressed more. Add links or pictures that have the capability to stop the users from scrolling and looking at your content. If you have promotions to discuss, write the points in a photo and make it visually appealing. People will be bound to stop at your post and give a look at the photo. If they are potential customers, they will surely click ‘Read more’ to see the description.

This is why compelling ideas and content are important. People would not bother with you if you cannot make them interested. Catching eyes is a tough job even for Marketing Heads of companies, but once you get the hang of it, you will know what to post.

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7. Use The Correct Formats

Facebook is quite brutal when it comes to ruining image quality if you do not go with the perfect resolution of photos. You need to get the sizes right. There are different sizes for different options. Make sure you know which size and formats you need for what purpose.

8. Customizing The Page

Customizing The Page

Facebook gives you the option to customize your page however you want. You can use the ‘Tabs’ feature to categorize the different things you want to showcase. Make the content short and readable so that people don’t go away seeing the size. The tabs will show the offers of your business and showcase what you are currently selling. People will appreciate the fact that you include the prices and promotion and you will certainly get one or two ratings.

9. Create the Perfect Team

You need a team to run your business page. Admins, moderators, and managers are crucial to make sure your business runs like it is supposed to. If they each do their assigned jobs perfectly, you are sure to reach your targets. Make sure the people you hire are competent and can handle the pressure. Social media marketing is not easy so being a slouch is not at all acceptable.

10. Use the Audience Insight Feature

Use the Audience Insight Feature - Making A Facebook Business Page

Facebook’s ad manager allows you to get insights on your targeted audience, and the ones that have somehow interacted with your page sometime in the past. With this, you can analyze what type of customers you are actually attracting and you will be able to implement this further into the future. Learning how your customers behave can give you a prediction of the customers you can be associated with in the future.

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Finally, following these tips should help you gain outreach and engagement on your Facebook Business Page in no time at all. Feel free to be creative with your approaches and find the ones that best appeal to your target audience on your Facebook Business Page.

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