Manual Vs Electric Tape Dispenser

Manual Vs Electric Tape Dispenser

Manual Vs Electric Tape Dispenser

One of the best ways to secure any sort of packaging is through tape. These are tight and have a very good grip as they need it to stick to different kinds of surfaces. Different kinds of tape come with their own uses, including what kind of material they can hold together.

 You have tapes that can hold together things with great weight but the most common form is the plastic one. You can put these in a tape dispenser so that you can easily pull off a piece anytime you need it. Which dispenser do you go for, though? Is it manual or automatic? That’s what we’re here to find out. 

Which One Is Better?

Tape dispensers come in various types. You can find stationary dispensers usually kept on a table, and there are even handheld dispensers out there.

Most manual dispensers in the market are stationary dispensers. You can find these in almost any school supply store, and they come cheap. There are holders on which you can place the roll of tape. Take the edge of the tape and stick it to the metal edge which is used to tear off a piece of tape. You don’t have to reload it, as the other end of the tape will be stuck on the metal. 

Electric Tape Dispensers work similarly to manual ones, although there is a slight difference. You don’t have to measure how much tape you need to cut, as the dispenser does it for you. They help reduce waste by cutting more accurate lengths of tape. 

Manual Tape Dispenser

A manual Tape Dispenser is a pull-and-tear tape dispenser where you have to tear off the length you need. These are table tops and are fairly small, so you can carry them anywhere. 


  • Blade for cutting of the length
  • Tape holder to keep it in place
  • Lever or handle to roll out the tape (depends on the model)
  • Manual loading system


  • Costs are lower than running an electric Tape Dispenser
  • Can be used anywhere anytime, without the need for electricity or power
  • High mobility makes it suitable for locations where the tape dispenser needs to be moved around
  • Does not require any training to operate the dispenser


  • Less accurate measurements of tape
  • Manual loading may make it slow to tear off and use
  • Less durable than electric Tape Dispensers as they are made from plastic usually

How It Works 

Load the tape onto the holder and pull it against the wet brush so that the edge comes off. Pull it against the blade built into the dispenser and watch the tape come clean off.

Electric Tape Dispenser

Electric Tape Dispensers are similar to manual ones as they are also table tops, although some high-tech ones can also be found, but they’re hard to move around. These require less effort to operate as they do everything for you.


  • Keypad to put in the length of the tape to be cut
  • Automatic tape dispenser
  • Fast dispensing off tape after a piece has been cut off
  • Usually made from metal to improve durability


  • Makes packaging and shipping time efficient due to the increased operating speed
  • Does not require any special training to operate
  • Cuts and measures the tape for you
  • Reduces risk of you cutting your fingers on the dispenser blade


  • Cost of electricity makes it expensive to operate
  • Cannot run without access to a power supply

How It Works

Load a roll of tape into the holder. Then input the length of the tape you need to be cut through the keypad system. After the appropriate length has been dispensed, pull it out to use.

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How Does An Electric Water Activated Tape Dispenser Improve Productivity?

If you’re looking to speed up the process of packaging, then electric tape dispensers are definitely the way to go. These are used in factories mainly due to their high-speed operation. Electric Tape Dispensers are handy as they lessen the movement made by a worker when sealing a package. They reduce the effort workers need because fewer movements mean they retain more energy.

 Work safely is also another issue that is reduced by electric dispensers. Employees moving at speeds are more prone to injury. Injuries mean a loss in productivity because workers aren’t able to perform as well as they used to. They can now package faster without the risk of any injury. This is why most manufacturers employ WAT tape dispensers, as they are the superior packaging choice.

How To Choose The Right Packaging Tape Dispenser?

When it comes to packaging, the faster it is, the better. You might have a lot of orders, and if you’re a large manufacturer who needs to ship many packages, you might benefit more from the help of an electric tape dispenser. This way, you can handle large orders and send them on their way with the help of fast packaging. 

On the other hand, if you don’t get as many orders or operate a small manufacturing business, you should go for a manual dispenser. Speed is not an issue, so you can take your time here. You don’t need a fast dispensing tape machine, so there is no use splurging your money on an expensive Tape Dispenser.

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Knowing more about tape dispensers will make your decision easier. In the end, it all depends on your needs. A manual Tape Dispenser is suitable for an office environment, while an electric one is for a factory. Some may prefer one or the other, but what about you? Think things through and get the Dispenser you need right now. 


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