Top 10 Best Mechanical Pencil In 2021

Mechanical Pencil

Writing is the most important category in both the academic and working atmosphere. Therefore, the first step to success is to find the perfect tool to use along the way. This is the main purpose of this article. We have selected the ten best mechanical pencils for you to choose from.

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Best Mechanical Pencil Review

10. Rilakkuma Mechanical Pencil 

Rilakkuma Mechanical Pencil 

[amazon box=”B086GSLFPJ”]

The Rilakkuma pencil is a Japanese product. It has a ball pencil point of 0.5 mm which is the standard size that makes it easy for you to find the pencil core when it ran out.

  • Come with a package
  • Has Rilakkuma pattern for Rilakkuma lovers
  • Finished assembling
  • Perfect gift for children

9. Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil

Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil

[amazon box=”B086K3X6TB”]

This is a perfect comfortable pencil to use every day. The more you write, the more comfortable it gets. With this pencil, you can write for many hours without realizing it.

  • Has a gun metallic body
  • Has 0.5 mm
  • A package of a pencil and 2 lead
  • Perfect gift for your friends, coworkers

8. GlobalDeal 2 Pcs 0.5mm Cute Plastic Mechanical Pencil 

GlobalDeal 2 Pcs 0.5mm Cute Plastic Mechanical Pencil 

[amazon box=”B07HH1PXRM”]

The pencils itself is already easy enough to write with its smooth and round structure. The pattern design on the pencil is cute and fun with dots, Eiffel Tower, and stripes. It has a package of two pencils.

  • Suitable for drawing, writing, or art sketching.
  • Lead Size: 0.5mm/0.02″ (Approx.)

7. PILOT G2 Mechanical Pencils

PILOT G2 Mechanical Pencils

[amazon box=”B00260V9MA”]

This is a simple design mechanic pencil yet it has the grip rubber that guarantees the comfort of writing in a longer period as well. This pencil comes with the other one in a package. It is the product of a PILOT, a well known written instrument produced company.

  • 0.7mm HB lead
  • Has eraser at its tail

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6. L&H Mechanical Pencils

L&H Mechanical Pencils

[amazon box=”B07X2KSZYC”]

The pencil is silver which means it will never get old. It has the full silver effect for the silver color lovers. It comes as a package of two pencils, two erasers, and two cases of pencil lead.

  • The pencil holder in the ballpoint area is slim so that you can write or draw neatly.
  • It has a 0.5 ballpoint measure.
  • Has eraser at the end

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5. EXCELFU Mechanical Pencil Set

EXCELFU Mechanical Pencil Set

[amazon box=”B07GWLC7X4″]

A set of one cute pencil case, six pencils, two colorful erasers, and twelve cases of pencil lead.

  • High quality pencil bag with Totoro design
  • Pencil holder is designed with a metallic clip and lead sleeve and eraser at the top.
  • The lead point is in the size of 0.5 mm.

4. Rotring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

Rotring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

[amazon box=”B00AZWNS84″]

The black and red combination of the pencil holder makes the pencil look sleek. Despite the look, this pencil is really practical to use as it has 0.5 mm lead which we can easily find the refillable lead. Its shape makes it very comfortable to hold.

  • “Twist and Click” mechanism retracts the entire lead and sleeve.
  • Metal body that is not too heavy, applicable to write and draw freely
  • Hexagonal shape prevents sliding on tilted tables.

3. Faber-Castell Mechanical pencil

Faber-Castell Mechanical pencil

[amazon box=”B07RV9K4BC”]

The fully considered design of the pencil will make it last in a long time. It is the type of pencil that will not waste your investment. It is black and has the unique sleek design that you make you look professional in holding it.

  • Removable cap
  • Has 0.7 lead size
  • Eraser at its end

2. PromoStadium Mechanical Pencil 

PromoStadium Mechanical Pencil 

[amazon box=”B07TRPD54Q”]

This is the perfect choice if you have your own company and you want to invest in using your own brand of equipment including pencils. You do not have to worry about the design at all. All you need to do is sending your brand sample to the company. They will do the best at their job sending you back the design. The prize is affordable and the design is incredible.

  • Standard shaft shape
  • Pointy lead sleeve which makes the letter or the drawing look effortless.
  • Comes with eraser at its end

1. Mont Blanc 165-Meisterstuck Classique Gold Mechanical Pencil

Mont Blanc 165-Meisterstuck Classique Gold Mechanical Pencil

[amazon box=”B0018NVBLK”]

This is the perfect option for Mont Blanc fans. As luxury as the name sound, this pencil has the shaft that is made of black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem. Plus, it comes with an elegant pencil case that ensures the wellness of the pencil.

  • Has 0.5mm lead
  • Easy to hold
  • Feature the three gold-plated rings of Mont Blanc design

Mechanical pencil is the perfect type of pencil of the selection choice for every pencil user considering its longevity and its smoothness feature. All you have to do is adding extra leads inside the reservoir, you can use the pencil for as long as you want. Therefore, we find it important to select the ten best mechanical pencils for you to look upon if you wanted to replace your old one. We have distinguished the type, the feature, and prize accordingly so you can easily find one as your favorite. We hope you like our article.

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