Top 10 Best Mini Calculators In 2021

Why do you need to calculate using your brains when you can carry a calculator in your pockets? Mini calculators can perform error-free simple calculations that can ease your everyday mathematical struggles. These mini calculators are great for school, office, and home use. Most mini calculator fits perfect on hands to get a good grip. Moreover, despite the small structure, mini calculators have a large display to read the numbers clearly and comfortably. No more squinting your eyes now!

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best mini calculators available in the market today. Some are rated as a lifetime investment while others work fantastic. Find out the mini calculator that best suits your need.

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Best Mini Calculators Review

10. Sharp EL233SB Standard Function Calculator

Sharp EL233SB Standard Function Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B0006HV4TS”]

 Looking for a simple calculator to carry at school or office? Sharp EL233SB is an awesome mini starter calculator to ace your easy math calculations. Get your hand on this if you need a durable, not-so-fancy calculator.

Though it’s a mini calculator, it has a pretty large display of 8 digits. The plastic keys are durable enough to last for years. It fits perfectly in any bag as the size is compact.

  • Long-lasting
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy read.

9. Casio SL-100L Compact Calculator

Casio SL-100L Compact Calculator | Mini Calculators

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Mini Calculators often die due to dust, dirt, or briefcase and pocket lint. Casio SL-100L is an amazing folding calculator that makes it easy to carry anywhere and protect keys. The calculator features four basic operations including square and roots.

The calculator operates using solar power but has a lithium battery as backup for low light conditions. The buttons are precise and the display is huge that pops out the digits.

  • Sturdy
  • Simple
  • Lightweight

8. EooCoo Basic Standard Calculator EC02CL-PN

EooCoo Basic Standard Calculator EC02CL-PN | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B08HLWSPVC”]

A beautiful pinkish Mini Calculators that works perfectly for schools, homes, and offices. This handheld calculator also has a large display which is a bonus for elderly people.

The design is attractive mostly due to the candy colors. It can display 12 digits and perform simple calculations. The calculator is constructed of ABS material which claims to last for 3 or more years.

  • Large LCD
  • Easy to use
  • Power-saving

7. Victor Desk Calculators

Victor Desk Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B01M7YH516″]

Are you into beautiful, aesthetically pleasant things? If so, this Victor desk calculator might impress you with its sleek design. The most liked feature of this calculator is the check and correct function which lets to scroll through previous entries.

Moreover, the quality of these calculators is pleasing. The buttons aren’t wobbly or sticky at all and are large enough. It has a perfect display panel and is solar-powered.

  • Great looks
  • Functional
  • Sturdy

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6. Casio SL-300SV Calculators

Casio SL-300SV Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B000UUQTKA”]

So small that can easily fit into a shirt pocket. Casio SL-300SV is an all-time favorite mini calculator to ace exams. The calculators are comfortable using and solve simple mathematics.

The calculator comes with an attached vinyl hard-backed cover that protects the keypad from getting too dirty. Furthermore, the display is crystal-clear and possesses 8 pretty good-sized digits.

  • Dual-powered
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic shutdown

5. Victor 900 Handheld Mini Calculators

Victor 900 Handheld Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B0006ZIJ7K”]

 Victor 900 is an environmentally friendly Mini Calculators that is made of 50% recycled plastics. Get a chance to save the environment by purchasing this perfect little calculator.

This little calculator fits any pocket. It is solar-powered and has a hard-shell cover to protect the keys. Also, an antibacterial protects prevent from discoloration.

  • Environmental-friendly
  • Easy-to-read
  • Compact

4. Casio SL-300VC Standard Function Mini Calculators

Casio SL-300VC Standard Function Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B003825ODA”]

A pink miniature version Casio Mini Calculators that looks different from other typical calculators. It has a backspace key, profit percentage, and a large 8-digit display.

Casio SL-300VC is a super cute, basic hand-held calculator. The buttons are made of soft plastic that makes no noise. All in all, it works fantastic and weighs only a few pounds.

  • Works well
  • Affordable
  • Solar-powered.

3. Sharp Electronics Twin Powered Mini Calculators

Sharp Electronics Twin Powered Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B00005T407″]

 Another excellent, handy little Mini Calculators with simple functionalities. It comes with a plastic flip cover that seems welcoming. Sharp Electronics is dual powered by both solar and battery.

A top-notch calculator with buttons made of quality rubber. It has a good viewing screen to get a clear look at numbers. The flip cover works great and snaps into place.

  • Twin-powered
  • LCD
  • Extra protection

2. Casio MS-80B Desktop Mini Calculators

Casio MS-80B Desktop Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B003822IRA”]

Save up your desk space with these long-lasting Casio MS-80B Desktop Mini Calculators. Furthermore, this mini calculator can fit your hands and works excellent using versatile functionalities. It includes exchange function, memory keys, percent, and square root options.

The keys are quite comfortable which gives an amazing typing experience. The calculator looks classy and outperforms many high-end calculators.

  • Dual power
  • Auto power-off
  • Comfortable

1. Casio HS-8VA Mini CalculatorsCasio HS-8VA Calculator | Mini Calculators

[amazon box=”B001GXM68Y”]

For people looking for simple, inexpensive Mini Calculators, this classical Casio HS-8VA Calculator wouldn’t disappoint you. A more than perfect calculator for versatile jobs.

Casio HS-8VA is one hell of a calculator with no batteries. Moreover, it’s solar-powered! The buttons are easy to push and the large LCD gives a clearer look at the numbers.

  • Affordable
  • Big display
  • Super compact.

This wraps up our review on the best mini calculator. Hope you have chosen the one for you!

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