Top 10 Best Mini Printers In 2021

This is the era of smartphones, and so it is quite easy to take high-resolution photos anytime. It’s ridiculous that we still have to pay cash to keep them with us physically and thus can’t cherish them for a lifetime. Fortunately, mini printers have been around to help those people who desire to hold every moment of life. Check out our top 10 mini printer reviews!

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Best Mini Printers Review

10. Canon IVY Mini Printers

Canon IVY | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B07C66CKQ9″]

This portable Mini Printers are small enough to fit in your pocket so that you can take it anywhere. Just connect your phone to the Canon ivy mini photo printer app via Bluetooth and print photos with a peel and stick back!

This super portable mini printer prints 2 inches x 3 inches photos with peel and stick backing. The resolution of this printer is 314 x 400 dots per inch. Also, this can print from both Bluetooth and social media.

  • Recommended operating temperature: 59-89.6°F.
  • Environment humidity: 40-50% relative humidity.
  • Super compatibility.

9. Heflashor Mini Printers

Heflashor | Mini Printers

[amazon box=B08QRFCCR5″”]

Do you want to remember the best times of your life by feeling their warmth in your hands printed directly from your phone? This smart photo printer can print photos, labels, stickers, messages, and QR Codes.

This portable mini printer has a very small and lightweight body, with a palm-size design so that you can take it anywhere.

  • Humanized design and lightweight.
  • Remote and data printing.
  • Imported print head.

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8. Zink KODAK Wireless 

Zink KODAK Wireless | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B08C72V1LB”]

Are you a travel freak? Do you travel like a rabbit exploring the world and wish to collect the times when your fellow mates wet their pants? You can take high-quality, full-colored, and finely detailed prints and never bother again about rips, tears, moisture, and smudges.

The best part about this printer is its Zink innovation feature, so you don’t have to pay extra money for ink cartridges, ribbons, or toners.


7. HP Sprocket 

HP Sprocket | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B07GG3MDPB”]

 You can easily print your favorite adventures on 2×3″ sticky-backed photo paper with this blush pink phone-sized photo printer that’s designed to easily slip into your pocket, purse, or backpack.

The HP Sprocket is featured with personalized LED light, which shows you whose photo is printing. It stays connected when not in use so it’s ready to print the moment you are, without draining your battery.

  • Connects to multiple devices
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty.
  • Rechargeable battery.

6. Lifeprint 

Lifeprint | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B07CDGMK5T”]

Do you want to share your instant captured moment with your dearest one? All of Lifeprint’s Mini Printers are connected with their worldwide network.

The Lifeprint photo Mini Printers are featured with a photo editing suite that is free for editing or customizing any photo with many filters.

  • Small and portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great compatibility.

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5. Zink KODAK Smile Mini Printers

Zink KODAK Smile | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B07NX2C3YR”]

Are you tired of sending selfies to your computer so that you can print them out? The ZINK technology requires no film, toner, or refill ink cartridges.

This Mini Printers design includes a durable case in a variety of cool color combinations. The battery recharges in 2 hours and delivers up to 40 prints per charge.

  • Built-in battery.
  • Micro USB charging adapter.
  • Trendy pop-open design.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini Printers

Fujifilm Instax | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B08FCZHDD9″]

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Printers contains a motion sensor, so while you are taking a picture, you can zoom in or zoom out from the best and worst shots. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link app is featured with two different modes – one is Print Mode, and the other one is Fun Mode.

Party lovers will be able to connect 5 phones with the Fun Mode feature and the party print mode and thus print up collage pictures.

  • Bluetooth capability.
  • Print photos from videos.
  • Quick printing speed.

3. KiiPix Mini Printers

KiiPix | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B07B7PQGBF”]

Are you a retro-style photo lover? Then check this mini printer out! This printer clicks credit-card size pictures which are perfect for wallets as well.

These Mini Printers are perfect for retro-style photos. Instantly scan retro-style photos from your phone’s screen without batteries or cords.

  • No instant camera is needed.
  • Photo scanner.
  • No batteries or cords required.

2. Polaroid Originals Mini Printers

Polaroid Originals | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B08FRNCCDS”]

Are you a vagabond who loves to capture memories? This mini printer can turn any screenshots or photos into high-quality self-adhesive prints.

This printer features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is small enough to take along anywhere. You just have to connect this super cool Polaroid Hi·Print mobile application, then customize or edit.


1.​​ Zink Polaroid WiFi Mini Printers

Zink Polaroid WiFi | Mini Printers

[amazon box=”B07SQBBYZ2″]

Enjoy perfectly colored pictures that come to your hand super-fast as easily as possible. The gadget is the size of your palm and can be called part classic and part contemporary.

Mini Printers deliver gorgeous 3.5”x4.25” photos with the iconic Polaroid border. You can take full-color pictures and 1080p video with its 20-Megapixel camera which has a speaker and microphone.

  • 20-MP camera built-in.
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Zink technology.

Check these babies out and try to find out which one suits you best. Don’t just go for a cute-looking one, as you will need to look at several other factors. Go ahead and turn your moments into memories!

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