Best Mini Projectors Review In 2022

Best Mini Projectors Review In 2022

The long wires, connection cables, and a big device- that’s what you have to deal with when you are using an ordinary projector. Bur thanks to advancements in technology, projectors now come in mini and portable versions. Yes, you can take them on your tours, excursions, and watch movies anywhere. Some of them have an in-built battery too! So, you even don’t have to look for sockets and use them anywhere. Moreover, some of them can even fit in palms smoothly. Don’t be fooled by their size, they can render high-quality display too. However, since there are so many mini projectors in the market, you might be confused as to which one to get. So, here’s a list of the top 10 best mini projectors available online.

Best Mini Projectors Review

8. Kodak Mini Projector 

Kodak Mini Projector 

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Kodak is a renowned brand for building high standard electronic products that are specially linked to photographs. This device is no different as it offers a big screen to your home and brightens up your day! It is the smallest DLP Ultra Mini Projector; at least, that is what Kodak claims. This small device easily fits in the palms or your back pockets. You can use HDMI, micro SD, and USB cable to watch whatever you desire to.

  • Offers high-quality brightness, picture quality, and color accuracy
  • The smallest projector among all those available online.
  • Multiple connection options


7. Optoma ML750 Mini Projector 

Optoma ML750 Mini Projector 

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If you are looking for a device that has great quality, comes at an affordable price, and fits in your hand, then Optoma is for you. This might be among the few light-weighted projectors you’ll find online, but it also has incredible power and brightness. This is a great device for someone who loves to film his surroundings and watch them at a wide angle. It comes with High Definition Ready Technology which makes watching videos fun. As it uses LED as a light source, you don’t have to worry about changing the lamp.

  • A palm-sized device that has great picture focus and clarity
  • No worry about replacing the lamp as it uses LED
  • It can give as much as 1000 lumens.

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6. Viewsonic mini projector 

Viewsonic mini projector 

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This projector has a built-in stand that can be moved upwards or downwards for your own comfort. It can be kept anywhere in your room and will still give a high-quality picture. It has speakers that are built in, which assures that you don’t depend on other devices for audio, also includes an internal memory of 16 GB. So, it removes the hustle of connecting an external memory card every single time.

  • Compact, easily portable, and small enough for placing anywhere inside the room.
  • The internal memory of 16 GB
  • The battery can last up to six hours.

5. LG Minibeam Projector 

LG Minibeam Projector 

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If you’re nostalgic about the older designs and hesitate to settle down with the newer ones, then you get the LG mini beam projector. It looks similar to the older ones but has got rid of wires, cables, and heavy instruments. The device is quite stylish. It uses wireless connectivity with 1280X720 HD video quality, also can stream audio with Bluetooth. Its battery can provide a runtime of two or more hours.

  • HD display with a wireless connection.
  • Built-in battery with over two hours of backup.
  • Brightness up to 550 Lumens.

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4. DR. J Mini Projector 

DR. J Mini Projector 

[amazon box=”B07174LM85″]

The major complaint we see with mini projectors is its blurry and dull screen. Many projectors give dim light even in the dark. But Dr. J mini projector offers 1080p resolution along with high brightness and crystal clarity. It imitates your regular TV screen and assures better visual quality. The controls are placed on the upper side of the projector. It also has USB, VGA, and HDMI ports along with SD card slot. You can enjoy a non-stop display up to 40,000 hours without changing the LED.

  • Supports 1080P resolution.
  • Can project in a distance from 1.5m to 5 meters.
  • 3-years money-back guarantee

3. Anker Nebula Mini Projector 

Anker Nebula Mini Projector 

[amazon box=”B076Q3GBJK”]

We all have seen sci-fi movies where the protagonist throws a tablet-shaped projector and a crystal clear display shows up. Anker brings such a great futuristic projector! It is highly compact, lightweight, and can transform any place into your personal home theatre. It comes with 1000 ANSI lumen. You can easily combine it with speakers and forget about your TV.

  • 360-degree speakers
  • Comes with crystal clarity and contrast
  • Uses Android 7.1

2. Topvision Projector 

Topvision Projector 

[amazon box=”B07H2TPZGV”]

 You can easily transform your home into a home theater with this mini projector. It can be connected with HDMI cables, laptop or even your smartphone. With 2400-lux brightness, you can enjoy a great view 3 meters away from your screen. The bright lamp can last for 50,000 hours and might not even need to be changed. The keystone supports distortion-free images and the aluminum exterior keeps the device cool.

  • Brightness up to 2400 lux
  • A lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • 2 years warranty.

 1. Vankyo Leisure Mini Projector 

 Vankyo Leisure Mini Projector 

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It might have the looks of the past projectors, but this deserves to stand above all the others on the list dye to all the features it comes with. The built-in color engine turns the colors more vibrant than ever before. It uses the latest technologies, delivering better brightness along with a noise-free projection. So, you can enjoy your show without any interruption.

  • Great focus and balance with a keystone.
  • Variety of connection options.
  • The package includes a bag and a tripod.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of going to a Cineplex or depending on your old bulky projectors for presentations or to watch a movie again. These mini projectors are all you need!

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