Best Mobile Whiteboard Review In 2022

Best Mobile Whiteboard Review In 2022

Gone are those days when the role of a board was confined to a classroom. The invention of the whiteboard in a very short time extended the usage of a board to another level. Now, almost all stripes of offices, stores, and even households have a whiteboard for brainstorming, putting up notices, or jotting down daily routines.

Adding mobility to this material definitely makes it handier and more useful. This addition literally raises the demand for whiteboards to a whole new height. If you too are interested to get your hands on a mobile whiteboard any time soon, then wait no longer and check out our handpicked list to make up your mind.

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Best Mobile Whiteboard Review

10. VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Mobile Whiteboard

VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Mobile Whiteboard | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B07F73YKLZ”]

Designed especially for teachers; this board features a smooth writing surface that’s easy to dry wipe.  Built of an aluminum frame with a silver finish and ABS plastic corner; it’s sturdy enough to be used outdoors and comes in 10 different sizes to choose from.

  • Can be mounted both ways (vertically or horizontally).
  • Magnetic writing surface.
  • Comes with a pen tray and fixing kits.

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9. Safco Rectangle Dual-Sided Mobile Board

Safco Rectangle Dual-Sided Mobile Board | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B0002LD0E0″]

 If you are looking for a mobile whiteboard to hang on notices easily and quickly, this is the one to go for. Featuring an 18″ diameter base, this board has ample space with a molded black frame for additional stability and easy mobility.

  • UV inhibitors give protection against the sun.
  • Dual-sided design for high visibility.
  • Durable magnetic surface.

8. VIZ PRO ECO Best Outdoor Mobile Whiteboard

VIZ PRO ECO Best Outdoor Mobile Whiteboard | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B01M99A5C2″]

Here’s another VIZ-PRO Whiteboard in our list that’s made especially for people who are always on the go. The premium aluminum frame with a magnetic lacquered surface makes this mobile whiteboard incredibly durable and travel-friendly. The design of this one is pretty unique too.

  • Five freely movable casters.
  • Height adjusting knob.
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories.

7. WEYOUNG Dry Mobile Erase Board

WEYOUNG Dry Mobile Erase Board | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B08162XZHT”]

 If you want your whiteboard to be slightly bigger in size but still want it to be portable enough to carry around, this one from WEYOUNG is the way to go. Featuring a simple design, this board has a tripod structure. Made with layered baking materials; it ensures a smooth and clear base after each stroke.

  • Adjustable height to use in different set-ups.
  • Detachable holder tray.
  • Detachable legs for easy transportation.

6. MerLerner Magnetic Adjustable Whiteboard

MerLerner Magnetic Adjustable Whiteboard | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B082149BS4″]

 Here’s an all-around board that can be widely used literally everywhere. It has a three-layered anti-scratch base coating surface that dries out in no time. The 360-degree rotating design also makes it easier to place.

  • Adjustable aluminum knob.
  • Flip reversible design.
  • Backed by 100% satisfaction warranty.

5. Superior Quality Mobile Dry Erase Whiteboard

Superior Quality Mobile Dry Erase Whiteboard | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B0182P3042″]

 If ample storage is the first thing you look for in a whiteboard, make sure to check out this model. This board has twice more space than regular whiteboards. Its compact yet elegant design made with premium iron makes it a perfect option for presentation or lesson plans.

  • Two locking wheels.
  • Sheet metal base.
  • Hassle free assembly.

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4.  OUSL Foldable Mobile White Erase Board

OUSL Foldable Mobile White Erase Board | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B07MRJDGTC”]


If you are planning on homeschooling your kid, this whiteboard will surely suit your fancy.  Compact yet durable structure of this board will allow you to place it on the floor easily. It also features a baby-proof design to ensure kids’ safety.

  • Round wrapped-corners.
  • Scratch-resistant surface.
  • Adjustable locking hinges.

3. Maxtec Mobile Dry Erase Board

Maxtec Mobile Dry Erase Board | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B078NV4N26″]

 If you have a budget to splurge, going for this free-handing mobile board would be a smart move for you. Aluminum frame coating on top of low-density fiberboard contributes to the sturdiness of this board, but it’s the sleek and portable design that stands out for it.

  • Built-in plastic hooks.
  • Universal caster wheels.
  • Reinforced and rounded base.

2. SWANCROWN Magnetic Whiteboard

SWANCROWN Magnetic Whiteboard | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B07XLH2THV”]

 When it comes to the market of mobile whiteboards for children and educational purposes, the brand Swancrown rules the market.  It has steel tripod pipe construction on top of the rubber feet base. Framed with colorful coating; this board is not only interesting to look at, but the durable factor is also pretty strong.

  • Tripod setting with adjustable height.
  • Flipkart hooks for easy hanging.
  • Comes with a pen, marker, and magnet set.


1. CREATIVE SPACE Double Sided Mobile Whiteboard

CREATIVE SPACE Double Sided Mobile Whiteboard | Mobile Whiteboard

[amazon box=”B07GSF11XX”]

 This Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard from the brand Creative Space is our top pick as it has all the features you want your whiteboard to have.  It has a futuristic design that will make your work a lot easier. You will also be able to use it in the long run as it has a built-to-last construction.

  • Triple-locking system.
  • Rotatable double-sided design.
  • Comes with a bundle of accessories.

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We’ve prepared this article especially for the readers who are lately thinking to spend on a mobile whiteboard. We’ve conducted thorough research on the available options of the current market and handpicked the top 10 that we’ve put above. Each and every model on our list is chosen for its unique quality. So, whichever you pick, you would never go wrong.

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