Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Lumbar Support In 2021

Office work can be a real pain in the back. Speaking, most of the people who do office work sitting on a desk for a long time often face various muscle strains and other back problems. To ease this problem, we have the lumbar support for office chairs. These are generally cushions or pillows that support your back and give you ample comfort.

But even if you are all set to go buy new lumbar support, do you know what kind of support you want to buy? Do you know the requirements? If so, the list will help you enhance your knowledge. If not, even better, you can learn all about decent lumbar supports for office chairs from this top ten list!

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Best Office Chairs for Lumbar Support Review

10. Go Lumbar Support’s Breathable Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion 

[amazon box=”B00W9J718Y”]

 If you have a relatively hotter body temperature, this can be a decent fit for you. At first look, it might seem like an oddly shaped uncomfortable product, but once you start using it, the mesh-system and ergonomic design will make sure you don’t regret buying it, ever. This lumbar support consists of silicon, polypropylene and an elastic rubber garnering.

  • Very lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Nature-friendly product
  • Has a mesh design that is breathable so you’ll find it comfortable in no time

9. AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt 

[amazon box=”B01L9OCCPG”]

This one has a lumbar pad that is removable and customizable to the user’s comfort. It isn’t your usual lumbar support for office chairs, it’s more like a belt that can be used as a back brace. It comes with a lumbar pad that is cushioned and comfortable.


  • You can customize the position of your lumbar support
  • Quite inexpensive, a good choice for office chairs too.

8. Aylio Memory Foam Lumbar & Full Back Support Cushion 

[amazon box=”B017ACNWV4″]

 This is one multi-purpose lumbar support since it can be used in office chairs, home chairs, and cars. The product is relatively bigger, covering your spine and providing comfort to most of your back parts. An ‘U’ shaped lumbar support that has a base of 3’ inch thickness.


  • Thick base helps remove pressure on the back
  • Easy stain removal and sanitization system
  • A super comfortable lumbar support for office chairs

7. Cush Comfort Lumbar Cushion 

[amazon box=”B01N068GIX”]

 It doesn’t slip, it doesn’t hurt nature, all it does is provide pure comfort to you. This is an instant action for back and shoulder pain and considering the specifications, quite affordable. A unique design called ‘double crescent’ is used here with a total 360-degree mold to ensure it doesn’t slip.

  • This is a nemesis to back pain, immediately releases the pain upon applying
  • Designed in a manner that it will not slip, can be used in cars too
  • Full guarantee provided

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6. The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll by OPTP 

[amazon box=”B000H48WYA”]

 Robin McKenzie, a famous person in the field of orthopedic medical invented a special method of therapy, and it’s applied here. The unique roll shape makes it easy and comfortable for users to use and carry. Standard density foam is being used here with a 100% removal cover of polyester.

  • Has a built-in strap for portable measures
  • Removal cover is easy to clean and dry
  • A very healthy design for people with back pain problems

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5. Everlasting Comfort Cushion

[amazon box=”B01IJNJAZ0″]

 Slipping remains a number one problem when it comes to lumbar support for office chairs and other places, and this one just about solves the problem. The dual strapping, alongside the comfortable mesh, makes it up for the relatively higher cost. It has a hypoallergenic 3D mesh cover that is removable.

  • The backrest section provides robust stability and comfort
  • Has dual strapping so that it doesn’t slip

4. Fellowes Professional Series 

[amazon box=”B000WTO52I”]

 The design is unique and highly comfortable. This is professional lumbar support with memory foam zones and a 3-strap system for not sliding and slipping.The strapped lumbar support is a three-way one with memory foam.

  • A total of 4 zones of memory foam for comfort
  • The ‘tri-attachment system’ is helpful for tacking wiggling
  • 2-tier support system

3. Zaraki Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion 

[amazon box=”B01HXSYG6A”]

 Not one for the aesthetic fans, but at such a cheap rate you will never get a better deal than this one. It is compact, portable and very compatible. Maybe not the most beautiful lumbar support for office chairs, but it does provide comfort to a great extent.

  • Multi-purpose lumbar support can be used in cars and wheelchairs too
  • Adjustable strap included stopping sliding
  • Soft, comfortable and very cheap.

2. Lovehome Memory Foam Lumbar Support 

[amazon box=”B00D5J7SL2″]

 This is one very confident company. So confident that they have a 60-day return back policy! The product is quite affordable and provides excellent service. It comes with a 3D mesh cover that is removable and washable.

  • Very affordable high-quality lumbar support for office chair
  • Provides a lot more ventilation because of the mesh
  • Has a hassle-free return policy of 60 days

1. Castle Bulwark Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow 

[amazon box=”B0719QP29Y”]

Simply the best out there. No competition. This has everything, from 3D mesh covers to unique and comfortable shapes to long durability to orthopedic excellence- this is an all-in-one package. Provided in black and gray colors, it has low and full-back options too.

  • The backrest has a very comfortable wave shape
  • The memory foam used here is of high density (70D)
  • Highly durable and comes with a washable and removable cover
  • A bit expensive but you don’t get premium stuff for free, right?

If you work in an office, chances are that you need to sit five days a week on the same chair, maybe seven hours a day. For a time this long, you need to be careful to choose your sitting companion. We wish you all the best in the search!

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