Top 10 Best Office Partitions In 2021

Office Partitions

Concentration is perhaps one of the most essential things an employee needs while at work. If you are not attentive enough, your work will most definitely not be done perfectly, resulting in a downgrade of productivity. So, to enhance concentration at workplace, office partitions are needed so that no distraction can drive anyone away from work.

Now, when looking for a decent office partition, you need to keep a few things in mind. The endurance, noise reduction ability, design, and price are factors that should be taken into account. Most importantly, you have to figure out if the partition suits your office space or not. Considering all of these factors, we present the top 10 office partitions below:

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Best Office Partitions Review

10. Ultimate Office Acoustic Partition 

10. Ultimate Office Acoustic Partition 

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 To begin the list, we have a small but effective office partition that has a particular set of skills. It can reduce sound, has a strong interior, and is quite suitable for office spaces.The polycarbonate panels do two things: it manages to hide the visuals and it lets light pass through.

  • Very easy and flexible set up
  • Sound reduction
  • Quite attractive as a partition

9. HON Verse Office Partition Panel 

9. HON Verse Office Partition Panel 

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 This is as simple as it gets. But don’t get fooled by the simplicity; it is just as good as most other decent office partitions out there. It comes with a lot of fabric colors like grey and black. The integral trim is a specialty here.

  • The leveling glides here can be helpful to set it on uneven grounds
  • A full-metal structural panel frame for strength
  • Pretty decent when it comes to sound-absorbing

8. ReFocus Acoustic Room Partitions

8. ReFocus Acoustic Room Partitions

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 This is one super-flexible and compact room partition. Be it a small office space or a home office, this fits in anywhere. The design and aesthetics are great too. The partition is eco-friendly since it is made from recyclable materials. Besides, it comes in Sandstone, gray, midnight blue, tea green and many other colors.

  • Expandable zipper
  • Comes with 3 panels
  • Reduces the noise level up to 85%

7. Owfeel Frosted Desk Divider Office Partition 

7. Owfeel Frosted Desk Divider Office Partition 

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 It may seem like a small one at first look, but forget the size because this one can withstand noise and scratches while managing to look all sleek and smart. It has a rectangular shape with three different sizes.

  • Gives the employees proper privacy
  • Made from high-quality acrylic materials
  • Can resist sound and scratches to some extent

6. NBF Signature Series At Work 61″ W x 53″ H Room Divider 

6. NBF Signature Series At Work 61" W x 53" H Room Divider 

[amazon box=”B075VDXZSM”]

 A fresh design with cutting-edge texture and a refreshing style- this is a very fashionable pick for you! The furniture has an aluminum base form with a nickel finish.


  • Ensures stability through the half-feet large base
  • Elegant and refreshing design
  • Doesn’t come assembled

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5. Oriental Furniture Shoji Screen 

5. Oriental Furniture Shoji Screen 

[amazon box=”B003Q98W7U”]

This is a screen with traditional, classy Japanese design that brings a cosmopolitan vibe to your office! The core materials are high-end, making it a durable product.

  • Hinged panels made from durable materials
  • Durable build
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Relatively less expensive

4. Stand Steady ZipPanels Office Partition 

4. Stand Steady ZipPanels Office Partition 

[amazon box=”B07NQJTCZQ”]

If you have only a single office space and you need to redecorate it, it might get problematic. Making sure all the employees as well as the boss get their private space can actually be difficult. To make this difficult task easy, you need this.

Made from recycled materials, this one comes in grey and three other colors.

  • Reduces noise up to 85%
  • Ensures privacy
  • Easy installation

3. RYB Freestanding Office Wall Divider 

3. RYB Freestanding Office Wall Divider 

[amazon box=”B076HL9QG2″]

This is a curtain that works well as a wall divider. It’s pretty durable, strong, and the best part is that it is portable! You can choose from a wide variety of colors including the beige cream.

  • Polyester and soft fabric
  • Very durable & machine washable
  • Reduces noise to some extent

2. VERSARE MP10 Economical Portable Accordian Partition 

2. VERSARE MP10 Economical Portable Accordian Partition 

[amazon box=”B0074PINU8″]

 Partitions are very essential to ensure privacy in an office space, but one of the basic problems of such furniture is that they are not portable most of the time. But this one is. Good enough to put this in the top three? Well, it offers much more.

 A very special design here is the fiberglass panel that is acoustic and noise-resistant.

  • The canvas panels can rotate 360 degrees
  • It is fire-resistant, has a class-A fire rating
  • You can arrange it in any shape you want

1. VaRoom Acoustic Partition, Sound Absorbing Desk Divider

1. VaRoom Acoustic Partition, Sound Absorbing Desk Divider

[amazon box=”B07DXGDXX9″]

 Are you looking for an office partition that reduces sound and has stylish visuals? If so, this is the one for you. A flexible partition that is both compact and durable; this has every reason to top our list! The office partition is very lightweight and made from very sustainable polyester fiber.

  • Reduces sound to 80%
  • Very flexible and easy to set
  • The partition is 100% recyclable
  • Formidable endurance
  • It can do visual reduction as well, considering the width and length.

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this was our list for the best ten office partitions available on the market now. Don’t forget to check and recheck your requirements and size of office space before going for one!

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