Best Office Time Clocks Review In 2022

Best Office Time Clocks Review In 2022

A time clock for the office can save you both time and bucks. Who doesn’t want to keep a track of employees’ time and let employees get a better insight into their work hours? An office time clock can keep precise records as well as eliminate manual errors and a few of them can discourage buddy punching. Finding the best time clock to scheduling employees can be troublesome and confusing with so many rivals around. To lend you a hand, we have listed some of the best office time clocks.

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Best Office Time Clocks Review

10. Allied Time USA Digital Time Clock

Allied Time USA Digital Time Clock | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B00YYSUFH2″]

A charming multipurpose time clock that caters to all your office needs easier, quicker, and better. This digital time clock can keep track of the employees along with a personalized message and exact time and date.

The excellent quality of this digital time clock makes it long-lasting. It’s extremely easy to set up and can be programmed by any individual. It comes with a simple stamp where there are 13 preset messages to print on documents.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick installation
  • Easy alignment.

9. Acroprint 125NR4 Print Time Clock

Acroprint 125NR4 Print Time Clock | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B0016027R2″]

In this world of digitalization, this is a manual clock to keep you in the race. Acroprint displays month, date, hour (1-12), minutes even in a harsh environment.

The size of this time clock is compatible with any kind of business. It has solid construction and can be applied to versatile jobs including job costing, attendance record, and other office applications.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Large view
  • Well-built.

8. NGTeco Time Clocks for Employees

NGTeco Time Clocks for Employees | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B083KBF7RL”]

Are you an owner of a small business and need to maintain a disciplined employee record? This NGTeco time clock is marvelous in eliminating the need for hand-written documents. It can automatically calculate total working periods at the end of a period.

The office time clock has large storage to keep a record of 100 fingerprints and up to 10,000 employee information. It can be placed on a table without the need for a drill.

  • No software needed
  • Automatic calculation
  • Power-off protection.

7. TotalPass P400 Employee Time Clock

TotalPass P400 Employee Time Clock | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B07H9FTK7F”]

Finding a perfect payroll assistant for your office? TotalPass P400 time clock has an intuitive user interface that let keep employees clock in and out. What you will love about this time clock is the perfect accuracy of every punch.

The time clock works for 25-250 employees and is equipped with several advanced features including email alerts and benefits tracking. It helps to directly export employee hours to payroll.

  • Connects Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Flexible
  • Efficient

6. Nile Products Calculating Time Clock

Nile Products Calculating Time Clock | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B07RLY9CBD”]

Ensure employee visibility with this calculating time clock! This can easily display how long employees have worked and calculate their total working hours.

It’s super easy to set up and saves up a lot of time by adding up the work hours. Not a very fancy clock, but adheres to all your requirements. It features a tamper-proof security lock.

  • Simple program
  • Precise
  • Automatic feed.

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5. Pyramid Time Systems, Model 3500

Pyramid Time Systems, Model 3500 | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B00006IBFR”]

Pyramid time system is not just designed to track employee time but can stamp documents, display time, and print essentials. If you are looking for a multipurpose time clock, this model comes with everything to start employee time tracking.

The Pyramid time system has built-in tamper-proof security to avoid thefts. Its ink can be swiftly replaced and claims to last long. Time cards are readily available.

  • One-year warranty
  • Easy time-set
  • Affordable.

4. uAttend Cloud-Connected Touchscreen Time Clock

uAttend Cloud-Connected Touchscreen Time Clock | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B084DFT7W6″]

Worried that the time clock won’t connect without Internet? We have covered you listing this uAttend time clock. It provides accurate timing information using real-time technology.

It comes with a biometric fingerprint reader that keeps employees responsible for their timing. Also, the time clock features shift templates to assign work systematically.

  • Unlimited storage
  • PIN punching
  • Accurate

3. uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle

uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B0793HHMLM”]

No more extra card costs! uPunch time clock brings you a versatile bundle to manage all your employees swiftly. You can also connect to free cloud software to store all relevant information.

With uPunch, data can be entered manually along with an advanced cloud-based system if required. We loved the user-friendly punching and clean print.

  • No error
  • Precise
  • All-included

2. NGTeco Store Time Clocks

NGTeco Store Time Clocks | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B083K9GZ1C”]

 For people who are looking for a simple office time clock to manage up to 50 employees, the NGTeco time clock can be your assistant. With no hidden fees, this is an amazing clock to set out.

Most users prefer the time clock because of its simplicity. It doesn’t need any software and has a great capacity. It also incorporates smart clock technology to change date and time automatically.

  • Easy installation
  • No data tempering

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1. uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle

uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle | Office Time Clocks

[amazon box=”B0793KC846″]

Presenting you with the most affordable time clock in the market; uPunch Starter Time Clock. The clock can precisely note down unlimited employee records with 6 punches per day.

The time clock bundle comes with a time clock, 100-time cards, two keys, and one ink ribbon. It lets users easily notice employees’ liability, marking it in red.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Flexible
  • Eliminate errors

Time is the most valuable thing someone can spend on but these office time clocks are only the affordable ones with a handful of benefits. Hope you will find the right office time clock for you!

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