Best Orthopedic Chairs In 2021

Orthopedic Chairs

Orthopedic chairs are the ones that help release the stress in your back and spinal areas. These are specially designed chairs that provide comfort and make sure your back and lower back remains healthy. It is a necessary tool for people who are recovering from the neck, spine, or back injuries. When in a vulnerable condition, usual chairs may not come handy to rest your muscles well, but orthopedic chairs can. However, you need to be careful while going for something as important as orthopedic chairs. You have to first identify the cause behind buying them, as to what part of the body needs rest, and buy the chair according to that preference. You don’t have to worry about that, though. We have done the task for you, we have enlisted the best possible chairs, go and grab them!

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Best Orthopedic Chairs Review

16. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

[amazon box=”B07BDFW1Y7″]

SIHOO’s ergonomic chair features an adjustable head restraint. It will help the user’s neck to lean with comfort. This office chair comes only in color black. It comes with a 3D adjustable armrest. So, you can use this ergonomic chair for different office applications. It also comes equipped with a comfortable and breathable mesh backrest and seat cushion. And it also has good durability thanks to its aluminum base. The SIHOO offers a whole year of warranty for its ergonomic chair. 

  • Features silent castors
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Comes equipped with a free-to-rotate 3D handrail
  • Features skin-friendly, breathable mesh chair

15. Raynor Gaming Chair: Energy Competition Series

Raynor Gaming Chair: Energy Competition Series

[amazon box=”B07MGK593W”]

Raynor Gaming’s Energy Competition Series features a dual-layer patented outlast cooling technology. Thanks to this technology, the gaming chair will absorb, store, and release heat to provide the users with optimal thermal comfort. This particular product comes only in the black color. Weighing at 68.6 pounds, the gaming chair features a 145-degree back angle adjustment. Its other features include a swivel tit mechanism with tilt lock feature and tilt tension. Raynor Gaming has also added the option for the users to detach the lumbar cushion. It exceeds rather than meets the BIFMA standards.

  • Features dual-layer outlast cooling technology.
  • Back angle adjustment of 145 degrees
  • Steel back frame
  • Equipped with adjustable armrests and lumbar support

14. Eurotech Seating Elevate

Eurotech Seating Elevate

[amazon box=”B086WNRX4K”]

Eurotech Seating’s plastic Elevate features a simplified design. This design helps it to provide users with superior comfort. With its designer mesh and adjustable lumbar seat, the Elevate will deliver its users their money’s worth. The Elevate weighs 43 pounds and can support weights up to 250 pounds. The users can create the highest performance level and comfort with Elevate’s features, such as adjustable seat slide and tilt lock control. Eurotech Seating offers this product in black color. 

  • Maximum supported weight: 250 pounds
  • Adjustable lumbar 
  • Tilt lock control
  • Designer mesh back
  • Excellent design and durability
  • Offers ergonomic efficiency
  • Weighs at 43 pounds

13. Genggu Ergonomic Task Chair

Genggu Ergonomic Task Chair

[amazon box=”B08GKPNCRZ”]

Genggu’s Ergonomic Task Chair offers superior lumbar support to its users. Thanks to its weight balance mechanism, the ergonomic task chair can provide its users with excellent ergonomic efficiency. This task chair comes equipped with height-adjustable armrests that can add up to the user’s comfort level. The ergonomic task chair works best on hardwood floors and carpets. You can also adjust the chair’s height and tilt to find out the correct setting for yourself. It sports a maximum seat height of 22.24 inches (floor to seat).

  • Equipped with tilt lock
  • Features an adjustable swivel
  • Features an adjustable seat 
  • Height adjustable armrest

12. GUOCAO Computer Chair

GUOCAO Computer Chair

[amazon box=”B08LKGJY1L”]

GUOCAO has used a high-strength nylon frame to produce this unit. As a result, it has a strong bearing capacity. The computer chair comes equipped with leather cushions. So, the user will have a soft and comfortable seating experience and will be able to work comfortably for a long time. This ergonomically designed chair features a high load-bearing five jaw design. The chair has a load capacity of 150 kilograms. GUOCAO offers this chair in the color grey. 

  • Features exquisite detail and versatility
  • Weighs at 12 kg
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Offers multiple applications
  • Comfortable armrest design

11. Steelcase Amia Adjustable Chair

Steelcase Amia Adjustable Chair

[amazon box=”B00GHB3NWS”]

Steelcase fits their product with the latest live lumbar technology. Thanks to this technology, the user can move in any way they want in the chair. And yet, this adjustable chair will continue to provide support to the lower back of its users. It comes with many additional comfort features, such as adjustable seat depth, four-way adjustable arms, and many more. The Amia Adjustable Chair comes in Rouge color with a black finish. The adjustable chair has a load capacity of 300 pounds. 

  • Recyclable up to 97%
  • Advantage Gold certified from Scientific Certification Systems. 
  • Weighs at 54.5 pounds

10. Humanscale Freedom Task Chair 

10. Humanscale Freedom Task Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B07WG3CVVZ”]

We begin the list with a very comfortable Orthopedic chair. This is a specially made chair that will enable you to move freely, not hampering or straining your muscles at the back. A shiny black ergonomic shape makes up to the relatively higher price.

  • Doesn’t have a headrest, armrest might not be flexible enough
  • Very comfortable and healthy ergonomic shape

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9. Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion 

Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B00MN95ONE”]

This isn’t a chair. This is what we can call an extension that we add to a regular chair and turn it into an orthopedic chair. This is a cheap and easy DIY option for you to make an orthopedic chair for yourself. Coming with a total of 3 colors, this can act as a cushion too.

  • The risk of falling is much lesser with this one that with the ball chairs.
  • Can be a decent alternative seat for the kids
  • Works as a bridge between general chairs and ball chairs

8. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair 

8. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair 

[amazon box=”B006FFR3J0″]

This is a chair with a ball. Now if we were talking about something as such in the 20th century, people would have a good laugh. But in this era, ball chairs are deemed as a damn good option as an orthopedic chair. A comfortable setting once you get used to it, this one is made of rubber.

  • A good alternative for people who have back and spinal pain
  • Can relieve soreness and back pain once you get used to sitting here
  • You need to inflate the ball from time to time for better performance.

7. Brenton Studio Radley Task Chair

7. Brenton Studio Radley Task Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B01FT0XEWG”]

Goes easy on your back, goes easy on your spine, gives you a comfortable experience. For a relatively cheaper price, what more to expect? This chair is made from breathable mesh fabric and very soft cushion.

  • Decent lumbar support with a waterfall seat cushion
  • No levers, no tension- you get all kinds of motion
  • Tilt-option that is lockable and adjustable

6. Trideer Exercise Ball Chair

6. Trideer Exercise Ball Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B074TB8KDS”]

Most of us get scared of two things when we see a ball chair. One, the inflated ball might burst, and two- you might slide out of the chair if you try to sit. While sliding depends on the user’s abilities, this one is sure not to burst! This one comes with a total of seven colors and two sizes.

  • It has a stability ring to make sure the ball doesn’t slide away.
  • Highly durable and burst-proof

5. ZENSTYLE Ergonomic Office Orthopedic Chair 

5. ZENSTYLE Ergonomic Office Orthopedic Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B07TYDTWQ5″]

This is a kneeling chair. It doesn’t look like the usual comfortable office chairs, but trust me on this, there’s no end to comfort in this one too, mostly if you have back pains. It comes with an exceptionally thick padded cushion that is super comfortable.

  • Very strong and sturdy structure
  • X-shaped structure with adjustable movements
  • Very easy to assemble

4. Viva Luno – Sitting Ball Chair

4. Viva Luno - Sitting Ball Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B077SQN2XD”]

Remember the TV series Bojack Horseman was a character, Diane used to work at a place where there was no chair but balls? Well, this is a reality now, and with ball chairs as good as this, why shift back to normal ones? It comes with over 20 different colors.

  • The wide variety of slip-covers make sure it fits in almost everywhere.
  • Very good for gym and office activities

3. Haworth Zody Chair 

3. Haworth Zody Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B004UBUCL2″]

If you’re looking for maximum comfort at a relatively lower price than the exclusive ones, this can be your pick. An award-winner itself, the chair has different mechanisms to ensure comfort for its user. It has an asymmetric support system with headrest and armrest systems provided.

  • A pelvic pad that helps ensure the right alignment of the spine
  • Has a three-point tilt mechanism for adjustable tilt
  • Excessively adjustable, the arms may slide easily and not stay in place.

2. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair 

2. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B00EUU5GFK”]

A classic brand-cushioned chair with body pillows that are ergo-layered, this brings us to the old cushion-based executive chairs. Having said so, it is comfortable and good for your neck and spine. This one is made from leathers that are environment friendly and high class. The lumbar support and pelvis tilt adds to its advantage.

  • Has soft pillows for comfort and support
  • Uses the tilt-technology for ensuring the body posture’s perfections
  • Very adjustable comes with a one-year warranty.

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair 

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair - Orthopedic Chairs

[amazon box=”B01DGM7ZKQ”]

Imagine your orthopedic chairs having a human-like spine. Imagine a chair so comfortable you often forget if you’re lying on a bed or a chair. When you finish, go through this model. Your imagination has come true. The covering is done like human skin to ensure proper air circulation, while the exoskeleton at the back ensures the body posture remains accurate.

  • 95% recyclable, made from renewable energy
  • Provides a 12-year warranty
  • Helps minimize spine compression and reduce the loss of fluid from discs
  • A bit too expensive for people who prefer economical executive chairs

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This was our list of the ten best orthopedic chairs of 2021. I hope we were of help! Thank you for reading our article.

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