Top 10 Best Paper Clips In 2021

Paper clips are the most important stationery not only for students or teachers but for office workers as well. If you want to hold a set of papers together without bending or piercing, then a paper clip can be your go-to option. We have picked out the ones that will give your files a fancy look, as these come with different features. So, check out our reviews of the top ten paper clips that you can buy.

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Best Paper Clips Review

10. VINACO Multicolored 

VINACO Multicolored | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B07XB3RPSM”]

Looking for multipurpose stationery that comes in multiple colors? Here you go! You can use these for school, office documents, DIYs, bookmarks, business card holders, envelope clips, and anything you can attach!

This premium quality metal paper clip is coated with vinyl for corrosion resistance, also smooth surfaces prevent snags or marks on papers. These clips lie in a plastic container with 6 separated compartments.


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9. Coideal Store

Coideal Store | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B0773L3SBV”]

Do you want to add some fun or beauty to your file? Then bring this cool paper clip without giving it a second thought. The happy faces on the clips will give your document a nice and cute look. You can also get this for your kids. So, it’s multipurpose!

These clips come in high-quality steel with good elasticity. The way the clips open up and clamp down on your documents easily is quite relaxing to watch. You will adore the fact that the binder clips come in vibrant colors and are designed for the fashion diva, aka, your documents.

  • 48 pack colored.
  • High-quality steel.
  • Open easily and clamp down tightly.

8. Umikk 

Umikk | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B07RPMMH6L”]

Looking for economically designed paper clips for official use? Then this pick is for you. These mixed-sized babies will keep your envelopes, papers, and files organized.

The box contains mainly silver pieces. Each of the Umikk is coated with vinyl, and also has an even surface. You will adore the fact that these are hard to break and also rust-resistant.

  • Rust-resistant and durable.
  • Easy to store.
  • Economical design.

7. VINACO Striped 

VINACO Striped | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B07M64YT6F”]

This VINACO striped stationery can be used in so many ways. You can use them for your official work and kids can use them for their school projects. The best part is that this clip can hold the thick paper.

This striped multicolor clip box comes with 300 medium 1.1″ and 150 pieces large 2″ pieces. These clips are made of premium quality metal and also vinyl coated for corrosion resistance. Moreover, its smooth surfaces prevent snags or marks on papers.

  • Rustproof and durable.
  • Convenient storage.
  • Premium quality metal.

6. BATTOP Store 

BATTOP Store | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B081YGV5Z6″]

Looking for high-quality steel material paper clips? These are galvanized which can protect them from getting rusty and give them a silver color for a sleek professional appearance.

The package has different sizes of clips including 28mm, 33mm, 50mm constituting a total of 700pcs. They can be used for marking files of different types and sizes. These clips are corrosion and rust-resistant as they are coated with vinyl.

  • Rust-resistant and durable.
  • Vinyl coated.
  • Resists corrosion.

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5. Fantastic Office Supplier 

Fantastic Office Supplier | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B08Y2MKZMV”]

 If you are looking for a reusable and durable paper clip, then this is it. These Fantastic Office Suppliers come with classic multicolor designs with solid colors. Their steel wire and plastic material body make them durable and reusable.

This 250pcs package has 180pcs 1.1inch clips, 60pcs 2inch clips, and 10pcs 3.9inch clips. The colorful pieces of stationery are made of high-quality steel wire and plastic, which make the clips durable and reusable.

  • Solid color plastic surfaces.
  • Steel wire material.
  • Smooth surfaces prevent snags.

4. Sopito 

Sopito | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B08P3F3K2D”]

Do you need iron-coated high-quality paper? Then pick this one. These clips are durable and rustproof, also iron coating makes them more long-lasting. You will get this 510pcs package at a reasonable price, which makes it more economical.

This colored coated set consists of 300pcs 1.1inch, 160pcs 1.3inch and 50pcs 2.0 inches. Also, these paper clips are stored in one transparent plastic box with 6 separated compartments.

  • Premium material.
  • Economical design.
  • Multipurpose application.


SUMAJU | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B075FH9QD5″]

This package has a 500pcs multicolored clip. You will receive it in small, medium, and large sizes. So, you can use them according to your needs. We keep this one in our top ten reviews for its multipurpose features. So, bring on this amazing tool!

These paper clips are featured with metal construction with a vinyl-coated finish so that they can prevent rust. This package has 4 different colors that come in 3 sizes.

  • 4 different colors.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Vinyl coated.

2. Daily Needs 

Daily Needs | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B07DY49JG4″]

This clip box has 650 pieces that come in small, medium, and large sizes. So, you can use them according to your size preference. You don’t have to worry about mixing all the color and size, as this comes with a container that has a divider.

These clips are made with steel material, which makes them more durable and also lasts for a long time. These paper clips come inside a durable plastic reusable container for easy storage and organization. This container has compartments that keep your paper organized by size.

  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • 3 different sizes.
  • Metal construction.

1. Tupalizy 

Tupalizy | Paper Clips

[amazon box=”B07TVML8QH”]

Looking for multicolored and striped paper clips to give your boring papers a fancy look? Then bring on this super amazing tool. These clips are rust-resistant and durable.

This package includes 50pcs medium 1.1’’ / 28mm; 25pcs large 2’’ / 50mm paper clips, so a total of 75 pieces. These are premium quality metal with vinyl-coated clips that come with multicolor and striped designs. The container of these clips has two compartments, so there will not be any mess.

  • Easy to attach and remove.
  •  Great for scrapbooking.
  • Smooth surface.

Here you have our top ten paper clips that you can get your hands on right now. Choose them as per your needs and organize your files!

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