Best Parker Pens Review In 2022

Best Parker Pens Review In 2022

Parker pen has been a top pen brand in the world since it established itself more than 130 years ago. It is already experienced to be a top brand for creating the best quality pen for the market. Here are some of the best Parker pens you should consider buying right now.

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Best Parker Pens Review

10. Vector 

10. Vector - Parker Pens

[amazon box=”B002FMQ8V6″]

 If you’re looking for a Parker Pen within twenty dollars, Vector can be perfect for you. You surely wouldn’t be getting a magic wand from Parker at this price, but this works pretty well. It is a slim and lightweight plastic body fountain pen. The chrome of the clip bears the symbol of the Parker arrow.

  • Quite affordable.
  • Molded plastic cap and barrel along with a contrasting steel rim.
  • Uses Converter nib or Cartridge for a refill.

9. Parker Galaxy 

9. Parker Galaxy  - Parker Pens

[amazon box=”B016IOJIEU”]

 If you are looking for a stylish yet inexpensive pen, Galaxy is a great choice. It looks sophisticated and smart with its slim design. The Galaxy pen is more like Jotter in performance. It has been made with steel and gold trimming. This Ballpen consists of blue ink that delivers clear and neat handwriting.

  • Comes with a fine nib and blue color ink.
  • Dteel body with Golden trim.
  • Uses a Push mechanism to write.

8. Parker Jotter 3 Colours – 1 Black + 1 Blue + 1 Red Ballpoint Pen

parker jotter three color ballpoint pens

[amazon box=”B00BUVMXDU”]

If you buy this parker jotter pen set you will get 3 different color pens from Parker brand. It combines of Red, Blue and Black ballpoint pens together in a box. In each parker pen provides with stainless steel sleek which enable user to experience a premium writing quality.

  • Its brand:
  • Its color: Black
  • Its material: Stainless steel
  • Its ink color: Blue
  • Its point type: Fine

7. Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen Collection, Medium Point, Black Ink, 4 Count

Parker Jotter original ballpoint pens

[amazon box=”B07J5FHBPH”]

This pen model from Parker offers a wide range of glossy color that offers a clean line of the iconic Parker jotter design. Its another special feature also provide a satisfying click to user as well. Especially it also offers ultra-resistant scratch free plastic body.

  • Its brand: Parker
  • Its color: Green, Yellow, Blue Magenta
  • Its material: Plastic
  • Its ink color: Assorted retro
  • Its point type: Medium

6. Parker 51 Fountain Pen | Burgundy Barrel with Chrome Trim | Fine Nib with Black Ink Cartridge | Gift Box

Parker 51 fountain pen in case

[amazon box=”B08LDM83SN”]

Parker 51 is an upgraded pen from Parker brand, It is popular that ranked as the world most wanted pen model that launched in 1941. Its whole pen body features with a unique hooded stainless steel nib which help deliver a reliable writing experience ever.

  • Its brand: Parker
  • Its color: Burgundy
  • Its material: Stainless steel
  • Its ink color: Black
  • Its point type: Fine

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5. Urban Parker Pen 

5. Urban Parker Pen - Parker Pens

[amazon box=”B01LZ0UV5N”]

It has a very distinguished and sleek design that goes with the brand’s name, easily fits in your corporate life and performs well. The torpedo-shaped pen becomes the widest in the barrel’s tip where it meets with the cap. It is slightly heavy towards the back. This works in favor of the people who have larger hands.

  • It comes in 16 different colors.
  • You can use both gel pen and ball pen refills for the pen.
  • Balances perfectly in larger hands.

4. Sonnet 

4. Sonnet - Parker Pens

[amazon box=”B015N3QTJO”]

 Parker stands for high-quality engineering, classic style along with elegance. If this definition is what represents Parker, then Sonnet is a pure reflection of Parker’s work. The nib is made out of platinum or gold plates mixed with rhodium. It comes with two types of nibs: medium and fine.

  • It has rare chiseled finishes that have engraved designs to get along with any style.
  • Balance and weight have been minimized for comfortable writing.
  • All the pens undergo hand checking before reaching the market.

3. Classic 

3. Classic - Parker Pens

[amazon box=”B07DFPRRLJ”]

 Made in 1967, the Classic Parker still holds the icon for perfection. It is great for personal use, as a gift or in daily corporate life. It comes with a simple and classic Parker clip. Your writing will look quite clean and aesthetic with this pen too.

  • Covered with a steel body.
  • It is great for clean and smooth handwriting.

2. Duofold 

2. Duofold  - Parker Pens

[amazon box=”B01BM3TDOW”]

 If you are a pen collector, we would recommend collecting this 1921’s living fossil from Parker. Along with its regular designs, there are three editions of Duofold that were released during the 125th Anniversary of Parker, and this is one of them. You can find both rollerball and ballpoint version of this pen. Every inch of it describes the elegance of the heritage of Parker. It has been assembled by hands and comes in a luxurious gift box.

  • Hard body made of resin and palladium.
  • Holds the tradition of craftsmanship that has been there since 1921.

1. Jotter

1. Jotter - Parker Pens

[amazon box=”B0017D5WXY”]

Jotter is the most popular yet one of the most affordable parker pens in the World. It is a practical pen that can last long and looks professional. It has ‘P’, the symbol of Parker, embedded on its stainless steel cover. You would love the smooth grip and retractable pen. And it looks no less classy or sophisticated than any other Parker Pen.

  • Highly shined and contain a traditional arrowhead clip.
  • The click during the twist is quite satisfying.
  • It has optimal ink flow and lasts long.

Parker pen has become a reliable brand to buyers. It helps offer the ability to cater to all writing styles from users. That’s why Parker pen is still the top brand of all among its competitors in the market.

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