Best POS Cash Registers Review In 2022

Best POS Cash Registers Review In 2022

POS cash registers are a must with any modern-day store or service center. It makes the transactions safe and easy to manage. There are many POS cash registers on the market, but you need to choose the correct one for you. After reading this article, you can easily figure out which one to purchase. So, let’s check them out!

Best POS Cash Registers Review

10. Nobly POS Cash Register

Nobly POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B082KCTGXC”]

This is Nobly’s POS cash register that can provide you with a complete set of hardware. It’s very easy to learn. This POS cash register comes with no installation or training fee. Even a new operator will learn how to use it in a few minutes. It comes with a display, embedded cash drawer, 12V magnetic plug, thermal printer, and power supply.



  • Open-source operating system.
  • Comes with online support.

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9. Gowe POS Cash Register

Gowe POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B00JUTR6IQ”]

 This is Gowe’s top of the line POS cash registers. It’s an all-in-one design. It even makes a low noise, so it creates a better environment in the store. This register has a metal stand and you can customize your CPU while buying.

  • Comes with a 15” LCD touch screen.

8. Telpo POS Cash Register

Telpo POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B08KCT532D”]

 This is Telpo’s dual-screen 5th generation POS cash registers. This is a simple and fashionable design. It has a 15.6” main display that has a resolution of 1920*1080 and a 10” sub-display that has a resolution of 1024*600. The system has four USB ports and one micro USB port, one audio jack, and one power key that supports WiFi/Bluetooth/Ethernet connection. It runs on Android 7.0 Quad-Core 1.6GHz 2GB DDR.

  • It has BIS intelligent hardware TPS680.

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7. ZHONGJI POS Cash Registers

ZHONGJI POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B08F9ML877″]

This is ZHONGJI’s all-in-one POS cash registers. Over 80,000 businesses use this POS cash register all around the world. From big chain stores to small ones, ZHONGJI caters to all types of businesses. This product comes with a double full flat screen. Each of these screens is 11.6 inches. It has a 58mm thermal receipt printer and also comes with a 101 POS keyboard, and you will also get a 405A stainless steel cash drawer. And MSJ POS software will be installed that is specifically for the retail shops.

  • High-quality software.
  • Double screen.
  • Compatible with scanners, card readers, checkout scale, etc.

6. ZHONGJI 2022 Smart POS Cash Registers

ZHONGJI 2021 Smart POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B089N4R8DW”]

This is ZHONGJI’s 2022 edition smart POS cash registers. You can choose different combos while buying this product depending on what you need. You will get functions like billing, order, discount, checkout, and others. This product is not monthly paid, so when you buy it once then it will run for a lifetime. The second screen can be very useful for advertising or showing discount information. The main screen is 15 inches and the second one is 11.6 inches. It runs on Intel Celeron J1900.

  • Provides fast touch response on the screen.

5. Royal Tablet POS Cash Register

Royal Tablet POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B07549RR7B”]

 If you are looking for a tablet-based POS system then be sure to check this one out. This might be just what you need. This system comes with a 10-inch display. It only needs 15 minutes to set up the whole system. It also comes with numerous template images, can customize the names as you like on those images. You can do department, user, or price lookups with it, can connect WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connection to it.

  • Comes with 1000 pre-loaded customizable templates.

4. Datio POS Cash Register

Datio POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B01BTE2LSE”]

 This is Datio’s point of sale base station. It’s a subscription-based system. This system is perfect for any quick-serve store like restaurants, salons, etc. It has a drawer, printer, scanner, and card reader included, except for the iPad. The whole dimension of this register is 16 x 13.5 x 12 inches. Moreover, it weighs about 8.16 pounds.

  • It has a subscription method.
  • Comes with other readers and a drawer.

3. OKPOS Cash Register

OKPOS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B07R1YPXGB”]

 If you are interested in POS Cash Registers for a dry-cleaning store, then this is for you. It has a 15-inch touch screen and it runs on windows 7. You need to have a merchant account to run this software. It has a cash drawer, receipt printer, and a card swipe reader too.

  • Intel i5 performance.
  • Comes with Epson thermal printer.

2. ZHONGJI Restaurant and Bar POS cash register

ZHONGJI Restaurant and Bar POS cash register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B08DTHBHZ9″]

 This is ZHONGJI’s another premium quality POS cash register. It’s specially built for restaurants and bars. It also has two screens and they provide free lifetime after-sales service.

  • Comes with 20 rolls of thermal paper for printing.

1. NCR Silver POS Cash Register

NCR Silver POS Cash Register | POS Cash Registers

[amazon box=”B00AY57V5I”]

 This is NCR Silver’s POS Cash Registers system that is used for the iPad or iPhone. It can provide high-level security and it comes with a card reader, swivel stand, drawer, and a countertop printer.

  • It has end to end encryption for a credit card.

The only way you can choose the perfect POS Cash Registers for your business is to check what you will need and if you want extra features or not. Some are subscription-based and some offer lifetime free post-purchase service. So, pick wisely and best of luck on your business!

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