Best Power Strip Review In 2022

Best Power Strip Review In 2022

Are you concerned about where to charge your countless gadgets and devices? For this reason, you are probably here to protect yourself from Power Strip over the multiple wires lying down on the floor and ensure complete safety for your devices as well. Today, power strips have become a necessity, and to help you purchase an appropriate one we have reviewed the best power strips at hand.

Best Power Strip Review

10. GE Switched 

GE Switched Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B0080Z7974″]

Get rid of all those messy tangled wires spreading around your house with this GE. If you are willing to create a centralized hub to plug in all your smart devices at once, GE can be a great buy. This features 6 grounded AC outlets and a 2feet high-duty power chord that ensure connectivity from distance. The elegant white touch complements any decoration. The functionality of this power strip is more convenient with the reset switch and mountable keyhole slots.

  • Affordable
  • Easy controls
  • Heavy-duty

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9. SUPERDANNY USB Surge Protector

SUPERDANNY USB Surge Protector Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07GZNHVT4″]

An advanced, well-designed with a surge protector is something anyone would look for to keep their devices alive. SUPERDANNY  incorporates a smart identification technology to charge your devices faster. This has two mounting holes at the back to keep your desks free and organized. It comes with 3 smart USB ports and 5 outlets. This is highly protected from overload, short-circuit, lightning, or high temperature.

  • Compact
  • Mountable
  • Extra safety protection.


POWERIVER Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B083LLM6QJ”]

If you are tired of detangling the typical that keep floating on your floors, POWERIVER  presents you with a unique 90-degree turntable plug that lets you rotate the plug while being mounted on the wall. This has a compact design with versatile usages. It has 3USB charging ports, 6 AC outlets, and a 3-Level Surge Protector for better safety.

  • Travel-friendly
  • Versatile.


TESSAN Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07ZRDGF6Y”]

 Don’t worry if you are lacking wall outlets to plug-in your additional devices as TESSAN  brings you a widely spaced flat head plug to easily adjust in hard-to-fit places. TESSAN  has one of the thoughtful built that is suitable for big plugs and can easily fit in any tiny corner of your room.

  • USB charging hub
  • Reliable overload protection.

6. One Beat Desktop

One Beat Desktop Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07HCVFH82″]

One Beat Desktop lets you turn a wall socket into a multi-purpose by charging 7 different devices, 4 USB ports, and 3 AC outlets. it features smart charging technology to quickly charge your devices. The design is flexible enough to adjust in tight places.

  • Portable
  • Multi-protection.

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5. Anker USB

5. Anker USB Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07D25RSWX”]

 Extension cords all around your house can increase the probability of short-circuits or fire hazards. Anker USB  is a premium power strip that allows multiple devices to charge in a limited space. Anker USB  comes with a fire-retardant casing and other required protective features to keep you and your devices all safe.

  • High-speed charging
  • Portable.

4. GE 6

GE 6 Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B00DOMYL24″]

 GE 6  features an extra-long cord to achieve the optimal reach of your favorite devices. This protects devices from over-heating and is suitable for homes, offices, or workspace. The quality of the GE 6  is extraordinary. It has a flat plug which enables to place furniture or other similar items close to the wall.

  • Installed safeguards
  • Mountable.


POWRUI 6 Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07CCGBB7M”]

 Dealing with several household appliances, smart devices, and electronic accessories is now convenient with POWRUI 6. This is a three-sided strip that features 6 AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports. It has good surge immunity to keep you and your devices protected. The design of this is wide enough with 2.1 inches long space in between for ease of use. It incorporates a smart night light with touch sensors to adjust according to your needs.

  • Quick setup
  • Space saver.

2. Bototek

Bototek Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07MVZZV3G”]

 If you are super annoyed with your devices that take way too long to get charged up, Bototek is here to save you. Smart IQ technology allows maximum charging speed. Bototek has 10 outlets and 4 USB charging ports. The advanced circuit design of this strip protects from the unexpected flow of voltages.

  • Excellent performance
  • Affordable.

1. Belkin 12-Outlet

Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip | Power Strip

[amazon box=”B000J2EN4S”]

 Belkin 12-Outlet  claims to be premium protection for your electronic devices, home appliances, laptops, and smartphones. This is spacious to avoid the clashing of huge adapters. This is constructed of heavy-duty materials that make it capable of handling high joule surge. The strip comes with an 8-foot extension power strip and has an intelligent circuit design to supply adequate power to your devices.

  • Space-saving
  • Durable
  • Premium protection.

This wraps up our review on some of the best power strips that can connect all your devices as well as protect them from surges and spikes. Get the one that best suits your need and décor.

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