Restaurant Pagers: What Are They And How Do They Help You?

Restaurant Pagers

Restaurant Pagers: What Are They And How Do They Help You?

Everyone knows what a pager is. It’s a short-distance communication device to alert you in case you’re needed for something. Communication is done through coded messages, usually displayed as numbers relating to a specific task. You can even find pagers that allow you to send voice messages to the device at the end. Pagers can be used for two-way communication, although some only allow you to send messages. You might be asking, How does this help you in the restaurant business? Let’s find out.

How Far Can Restaurant Pagers reach?

When you’re in a restaurant, it can get hard to communicate with all the people around. They make so much noise that it gets hard to communicate verbally. Lucky for you, pagers exist to help you communicate better without any issues. 

Depending on the size of a restaurant, you need a pager that can cover a certain range because your employees will be running around working. A normal pager will allow you more than enough range to cover the whole restaurant.

 At a range of 805 meters, the standard pager will easily get the job done. You might even say that this much range isn’t even needed for a restaurant. 

Best Pager Style

Pagers come in different types so you can see which one is better for you. Let’s take a look at what kinds of pagers exist through the following:

  • Plain beepers which only send alerts, in case you’re needed to help with a certain task.
  • Voice pagers which allow you to record and send voice messages.
  • Alphanumeric pagers which can only be used to receive coded messages through numbers.
  • Two-way alphanumeric pagers which can be used to send and receive messages.

In terms of a restaurant, you need something that can help you communicate thoroughly to meet the customer’s orders. A two-way alphanumeric pager would probably be the best for a restaurant business. This would help employees communicate better so that they can satisfy customers. 

If any emergencies arise, then a two-way system would allow more people to be aware of the problem so that it can be quickly dealt with. The second best option would be voice pagers, as verbal communication would still be helpful, even if it’s one way. 

How It Works

Obviously, a pager is used to send messages, but how does it do this when it’s not connected to any specific network? It does this through specific radio signals which can be accessed by a single pager or multiple pagers receiving the same signal. 

A transmitter sends messages. It emits a radio signal, and pagers will receive messages as long as they’re connected to the same signal. Once a message has been received, You will get a notification via a beep or a vibration to alert you. For a restaurant, a transmitter with low power will be enough to cover the whole area. 

Reach Distance

The reach distance of a pager usually depends on the transmitter’s power. A high-power transmitter can provide enough power to cover an entire country on a wide network. Obviously, you don’t need such a wide range to cover a restaurant, but it never hurts to learn more about how far the reach can spread. 

A standard transmitter with a high frequency of 300 MHz to 30 GHz can provide enough power to cover a large area going up to 2 miles. If you’re working in a restaurant, you only need to cover a small distance which is why anything with a low to high frequency will suffice. It isn’t difficult finding the right transmitter when even low frequency covers enough distance.

What If My Paging System Stops Working?

Technology going haywire isn’t anything new, and it’s especially true with pagers. Let’s take a look at why a pager may not respond to a message.

  • The most common problem for a pager not working may be because of a problem with the battery. Take out the battery, put it back in and turn it back on. If you see an icon flashing on the pager screen, then it is running properly.
  • A pager will work as long as the pager id matches the system I’d of the pager you are using. It might be because of a misplaced connection if it doesn’t work.
  • A broken transmitter may be another reason why your pager isn’t working properly. If you don’t have a working transmitter, then you can’t send messages to any pagers. Ensure the transmitter is running and your pager is matched according to the system id.

Who Uses Your Paging System Other Than The Restaurant?

There have been reports of others breaking into a certain pager network when they’re not supposed to. You can prevent this from happening as long as you make sure that your paging system is FCC operating licensed. 

If you don’t have one with a license, then your pager security will be compromised. When you have competitive businesses around you using a pager system, then your signal might cause interference with their network. They might complain against you, and the FCC will either tell you to stop using your pagers or fine you. This is why the FCC certification is necessary, as it saves you from taking up additional costs in the form of fines.

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Now that you know how a pager system works, you can get one installed for your restaurant. If you make sure it’s FCC-licensed, you’ll be in the safe zone. Take a look at what kind of options you have and if the service you buy is respected enough, then go for it. It might be just what you need to improve the workings of your restaurant. 

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