Top 10 Best Retro Lamps In 2021

Retro Lamps

Retro lamps might sound a little fancy when you hear it. But actually, there are people from all over the world with a knack for vintage or retro style objects. Be it the ‘60s or ‘70s nostalgia or just a stylistic choice, people like retro lamps a lot. They prefer these lamps by their bed, on their tables, or anywhere they wish to add a retro feel. There are so many retro and vintage lamps in the market that you might feel confused about which one will have the endurance as well as the looks. That’s why we have made a comprehensive list of the top 10 retro lamps in the market. Let’s check it out.

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Best Retro Lamps Review

10. Hunter Bronze Accent Retro Table Lamps 

10. Hunter Bronze Accent Retro Table Lamps - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B07KXYRVF9″]

This retro-style lamp from Franklin Iron Works can blend in anywhere ranging from your living room, nightstand to even your office. It’s a set of two lamps, each using a maximum of 60W bulbs.The lamps are mainly made of metal, with wood accents and bronze finish. This elegant set of vintage lamps is an eye-catcher with its unique shades and overall retro build.

  • Comes with a Type-2A USB port and an on-off switch
  • Has an 8-foot long power cord

9. Zermurd Industrial Table Lamp 

9. Zermurd Industrial Table Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B081564TK4″]

 This industrial retro lamp from Vansware is simple and classic in looks, but it works in many ways. Though its exclusively a table lamp, you can place it in the nightstand, your living room or your office.The crafted opal glass shade with a durable metal base brings you value for the money you spent.

  • Gradually dimmable from 0-100% using the rotary switch
  • Includes a free 7W 2700K LED Edison Bulb
  • Contains a 2-prong AC outlet and two USB ports to charge your phones and such

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8. Rivet Dome-Shaped Retro Lamp 

8. Rivet Dome-Shaped Retro Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B07J6F35TH”]

This 2-light retro lamp from Rivet gives the perfect amount of light serving your reading and other needs. You can easily turn the bulbs on and off with pull chains.The dome-shaped metal shade with its matte black finish adds a dimension to its surroundings.

  • Takes less than fifteen minutes to assemble
  • Includes two LED bulbs

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7. Asoko Vintage Desk Lamp 

7. Asoko Vintage Desk Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B07G7XRTJ6″]

 Want a peaceful, magnolia-blooming light in the nighttime? Then you should check out this retro lamp from Asoko. This crafted lamp has a certain charm to it that you can’t resist. With its vintage floral design and premium quality glass shade, this lamp is elegant in every aspect. The metal holder and wooden base hold the lamp perfectly.

  • Includes a dimmer in the power cord
  • Comes in an excellent packaging

6. Seaside Village Industrial Table Lamp 

6. Seaside Village Industrial Table Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B07KPDFWVF”]

 This lamp from Seaside Village attracts your visitor’s attention with its gorgeous look and soothing light. This industrial table lamp is also a heavy-duty one, so be sure about using it for years to come. This industrial table lamp features a sturdy metal body and base with clear glass shade. Its retro look goes perfectly with the room.

  • Includes a 2700K 6W LED bulb
  • Comes with a rotary switch on the base for dimming the light
  • Includes two USB charging ports
  • Quick, hassle-free installation

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5. Deeplite Retro Lamp (Set of two) 

5. Deeplite Retro Lamp (Set of two) - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B074W4MVN2″]

This table lamp doesn’t take up that much space. Yet, it gives off enough light for reading, working, or any kind of necessity of yours. Its minimalist retro outlook is charming without any doubt. The double-layered linen shade, solid wooden base, and metal stand sum up why its durability is unquestionable.

  • Includes two 3000K 7W warm LED bulbs
  • 90 days money back/replacement warranty
  • Quick, easy installation

4. Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp 

4. Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B016XWX1HC”]

 Tomon’s swing arm lamp is so unique you can instantly recognize it upon seeing. It perfectly goes with nightstands, tables, offices – you name it.The body is made from chemical-free solid wood. It comes in five different colors, the soft green one being the most popular. This retro lamp takes minimal space while giving off sufficient light.

  • The height and angel are 360o adjustable via three joints
  • Includes a 3300K 4W bulb

3. Seaside Village Vintage Desk Lamp 

3. Seaside Village Vintage Desk Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B074WVLDTP”]

 The most heavy-duty lamp on our list might be this industrial vintage from Seaside Village. With its luminous gloomy rays, you can hop on a journey back to the 1900s.The steampunk rustic outlook suits this retro lamp. The lamp is made of wrought iron with a solid base, which makes it invincible against any damage.

  • Includes a dimming switch
  • Compatible with any E26 dimmable LED bulb

2. Lifeholder Retro Lamp 

2. Lifeholder Retro Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B07K79WKWJ”]

 This simple retro lamp from Lifeholder looks great in any scenario with its eye-pleasing glow. You can work, read and do a lot of other things around its soothing light and use the power outlets if you need it.The pull chain is conveniently designed to turn off the lights without getting up easily. The smooth iron texture base along with the linen shade adds to the whole retro feel of the lamp.

  • Includes a power outlet and two USB ports on the base
  • Universal light socket
  • 24-month service warranty
  • Comes with an E26 warm white bulb
  • Easy installation

1. Lifeholder Cylinder Lamp 

1. Lifeholder Cylinder Lamp - Retro Lamps

[amazon box=”B072X9PXTK”]

 Back-to-back two lamps from Lifeholder shows us how reliable they can be when it comes to premium quality products. It can fit anywhere, such as your bedroom, living room, office, or study. Its vintage wooden base and cylindrical shade with linen fabric make for a simple yet elegant looking retro lamp.

  • 90 days money back and two years replacement warranty
  • Eco-friendly power consumption
  • Easy to install

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These are our top picks for best available vintage retro lamps. Now you just have to go through the list to choose yours!

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