What Are The Roles of Entrepreneur?

Things are never as plain, simple and easy as it ever seems. That’s why people say that ‘you will spend your entire life on this earth learning’. Every single day, you hear something new and see or experience something spectacular. Therefore, you absorb those intrigue little details every day, without even knowing most of the times. But, you should be aware that the most common form of learning or acquiring knowledge is generally through school educational systems.

Same thing goes on in the business realm. Generally speaking, starting fresh as an entrepreneur or business owner, isn’t that easy. There are several things you need to know to fully prepare yourselves for the title “Entrepreneur”. Obviously, there are several thousand or even millions of books based on “How to become a successful entrepreneur” or whatnot. Frankly speaking, the roles of an entrepreneur would be a lot clearer and described more accurately or thoroughly here.

This article is not only based on books but it’s also linked with the actual observations of what roles do entrepreneurs really do, painted into words.

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Roles of Entrepreneur

Roles of Entrepreneur - Roles of Entrepreneur


  • Leader/Decision-maker

Leader/Decision-maker - Roles of Entrepreneur

Being of a brand new startup business and your own boss means, you have the obligation to navigate and guide people. Your staffs under you need a great leader. Apparently we all know that leadership skills are acquired through experiences and take years to master. You would need to know how to lead people, communicate effectively, have mutual respect, resolve conflicts and especially set a great example for your own team.

All the decisions are made by you as well, so you have a very broad understanding. Must be knowledgeable in the business field Must keep up with the economy/trend/market and must be open-minded. In a sense that, you are humble enough to hear your team opinions out for different ideas that each has and you then decide which is best for all. Those all the fundamentals of a leader and decision-maker.

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  • Goal setter and director

Goal setter and director - Roles of Entrepreneur

While starting up, as an entrepreneur, you probably have had some form of visions or goals you are planning to achieve. That’s why we have established the importance of leadership skills. Because with the correct approach to leadership and guidance, you and your team would be able to walk on the same path together, towards the enlighten goal set up at the end. Effectively achieving what’s best for your business by setting realistic visionaries and having goal congruence.

  • Staff in all departments

Staff in all departments - Roles of Entrepreneur

First of all, it’s a freshly open business. You as an entrepreneur of a small business supposedly wouldn’t want to hire much stuff yet. Therefore, one must learn the functions and roles of all the different departments in a company and be able to manage it all, single-handedly. Such as, Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting, Marketing, Customer service, Sales and even be your own cashier or receptionist. This is why, you as an entrepreneur, is a staff in all departments.

Once your business starts growing and making a profit and you’ve fully understood the roles of each department. Then you might want to consider training and hiring staff to do those jobs.

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Lastly, the entrepreneur’s roles speak for themselves when it comes to the level of difficulty and intensity. Despite all that, you should really consider starting up your own company actually. Because this article has already helped you a lot. Besides, the greater the risk, the higher the rewards.

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