Best Roller Whiteboards Review In 2022

Best Roller Whiteboards Review In 2022

Whiteboards come in different shapes and sizes. Now, they come in handy for workplaces too. Huge wall-mounted whiteboards are not feasible in this case. Roller whiteboards on the other hand are the perfect fit. These whiteboards have an additional feature- rolling wheels beneath to make them mobile. We have researched and found the best roller whiteboards currently available in the market. Let’s check them out!

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Best Roller Whiteboards Review

10. KAMELLEO Reversible

KAMELLEO Reversible | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B081TFS2FS”]

Claimed as the perfect sized whiteboard, this roller style has one of the best construction, resulting in durability. The dimension of this board is 46 inches by 32 inches. It’s a heavier duty but very lightweight. It has a double-sided feature with a flip and lock system. The construction of this board is praiseworthy. It’s made from high-quality materials. The wheels can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

  • Comes with accessories
  • Flip and lock feature

9.Luxor Aluminum Roller Whiteboards

Luxor Aluminum | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B004R1Z78S”]

This roller whiteboard is one of the most affordable options on the market. The one-inch frame of this whiteboard is made of aluminum. The painted steel surface is great for resisting stains and ghosting. The surface is also magnetic, so you can stick up papers or pins. The board is about 72 inches by 40 inches. It has four casters for mobility and two locking brakes.

  • Aluminum frame
  • Four caster wheels
  • Perfect for dry-erase markers

8. OUSL Desktop Roller Whiteboards

OUSL Desktop Whiteboard | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B07MRJDGTC”]

This double-sided roller whiteboard can be used as both a wall-mount and a free-standing board. Both sides of this whiteboard are magnetic. The surface is anti-scratch and very smooth. The board is also adjustable. You can expand it, mount it or just let it stand. The corners are rounded as well.

  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Anti-scratch surface

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7.VIZ-PRO Magnetic Roller Whiteboards

VIZ-PRO Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B00U5BK3MO”]

 This best-seller whiteboard comes in many different sizes and is easily portable. The surface of the whiteboard is very smooth and durable. The height is easily adjustable. The lockable wheels make the whiteboard much more manageable. The classic black frame design makes it look elegant. It can be maneuvered easily.

  • Adjustable height
  • Versatile
  • Lockable wheels

6. SWANCROWN Magnetic Whiteboard

SWANCROWN Magnetic Whiteboard | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B07XLH2THV”]

If you are looking for an ideal roller whiteboard for the kids, this one is the best choice! In terms of writing and wiping, this roller whiteboard has excellent performance. It goes well with dry-erase markers. The whole build is extremely sturdy. The tripod pipe is made of steel and has rubber feet. The height can be adjustable. It’s also very lightweight; hence, very easy to carry.

  • User friendly
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to carry

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5. Stand Up Desk Store Divider

Stand Up Desk Store Divider | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B07SSCKKV3″]

This roller whiteboard is built to last. It has one of the best resilience. The magnetic whiteboard has a full-height panel. The frame is made from steel, thus making it durable. It has two inches locking casters, which make it easier to move. The dry erase whiteboard has a painted metal surface.

  • Resists scratching or ghosting
  • Versatile design
  • Resilient

4. Thornton’s MagneticRoller Whiteboards

Thornton’s Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B07DQR2N7P”]

These fully mobile and easy Roller Whiteboards are favorite to many. This one is great for any place; office or classrooms. The roller wheels are very efficient and easy to move around. The board can be rotated fully to 360 degrees. The silver-finished aluminum frame blends really well with the environment. The installation is also hassle-free.

  • Easy installation
  • Good quality rollers

3. Safco Roller Whiteboards

Safco Mobile Whiteboard | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B009YUXUU4″]

 These moderate size whiteboards are one of the best newcomers in the market. It has many impressive features that make it stand out. This roller whiteboard can be considered a collaboration tool. It combines a double-sided magnetic dry erase board. It has hooks for easel pads. This one also has four swivel wheels for mobility. The writing is very smooth on both sides.

  • Exceptional stability
  • Swivel wheels used as rollers

2. Best Rite 669RG-HH Platinum Roller Whiteboards

Best Rite 669RG-HH Platinum Mobile Whiteboard | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B001PMGAOM”]

These double-sided Roller Whiteboards have a unique surface and is affordable. Definitely one of the best roller whiteboards in the market. This one has twice the functional space of a typical wall-mounted board. The board is available in a variety of surface combinations. For instance, it comes in porcelain steel magnetic surface, Dura-Rite HPL dry erase marker board. Also, the base of the whiteboard is wide and stable.

  • Wide writing area
  • Double-sided
  • Comes with full-length accessory tray

1. AmazonBasics Dry Erase Roller Whiteboards

AmazonBasics Dry Erase Board | Roller Whiteboards

[amazon box=”B07K65F46M”]

Amazon’s own roller whiteboards are truly the best ones in the market currently. It has all the desired features of a good roller whiteboard. This dry erase whiteboard is great for not just presenting, but also for teaching, advertising, drawing, and so on. The base is made of steel, giving it stability. The drawing surface is made from melamine, which is great for dry-erase. You can wipe it very easily without any risk of staining or ghosting. This one also has five lockable casters for mobility and secure placement.

  • Versatile
  • Smooth and durable writing surface
  • Strong steel base

Roller whiteboards are necessary for their versatility. They are especially great for workspaces as well as in small classrooms. If you’re looking for a perfect one for your use, this list can assist you.

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