Best Sharpie Markers Review In 2022

Best Sharpie Markers Review In 2022

Over the years, Sharpie has gained widespread popularity due to its high-quality markers at a reasonable price tag. They’re so popular and commonly found that many people switch the term “permanent marker” for Sharpie! With that being said, there are some products from Sharpie that are in households, classrooms, and office staples, while some are in every artist’s kit.

After some nitpicky judgments and evaluation, we have prepared this list of the crème de la crème of Sharpie permanent markers – the best products they have that was an instant hit and continue to be.

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Best Sharpie Markers Review

10. Fine Point Permanent Markers in Black

Fine Point Permanent Markers in Black | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B00006IFHD”]

This fine-point permanent mark boasts a rich, pigmented ink that can glide on like butter on most surfaces including plastic and metal. One pack comes with 12 pieces and the ink lasts quite a while, so if you’re using a pack alone, rest assured, you won’t need to buy fine tip markers for a long time. The ink dries down relatively fast and is resistant to fading and water.


9. Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers in Black

Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers in Black | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B00006IFI3″]

If the fine tip marker suggested just before this isn’t sufficient and you need a marker with an even thinner tip, this is the one to go for. Despite the ultra-fine point, the paint pen has an excellent gliding flow and will show up on almost any surface effortlessly. The narrow tip offers much more control over your strokes and lines.

  • 0.2 mm narrow, precise tip
  • Pack includes 12 markers
  • Not for use on clothes

8. S-Note Creative Chisel Tip Markers

S-Note Creative Chisel Tip Markers | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B08698MJWT”]

Similar to its name, the S-Note Creative Marker has a unique point to it where you can use it as a highlighter. Taking note, highlighting, underlining, drawing, and much more made it easier. Easily change between broad and precise lines by using the 2-in-1 chisel tip. One pack contains 24 assorted color markers with bleed-resistant ink.

  • Doubles as a highlighter
  • No-bleed ink
  • Almost odorless

7.Brush Tip Permanent Markers

Brush Tip Permanent Markers | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B006W0FRVY”]

Brush tip markers aren’t the easiest to perfect an art piece. Striking the right balance between the consistency of ink and color payoff can be tricky, but Sharpie achieves the perfect place with their Brush Tip permanent markers. Bold strokes, fine lines, and shading; all from one tip. Plus, the ink is permanent on almost every other surface.

  • Thin to thick lines in one stroke
  • Great for calligraphy
  • Seven colorful and one black shade

6. Ultimate Collection Fine and Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers

Ultimate Collection Fine and Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B0717B6VVB”]

Let your imagination run wild and create some stunning works with this 72-piece set. This pack can be considered the ultimate artist’s choice given the wide range of color options this provides on two different tips: fine and ultra-fine. All the markers contain vivid, bright ink that dries down remarkably fast, completely water and fade-proof.

  • Pack contains 61 original colors, 5 neon, and 6 metallic markers
  • Fade and waterproof
  • AP certified

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5. Twin Tip Fine & Ultra-Fine Points Permanent Markers

Twin Tip Fine & Ultra-Fine Points Permanent Markers | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B00L3Y27N0″]

Presenting, Sharpie’s awesome black marker ink formula but in a practical two tip packaging. The best part about these markers is that you get the best of both worlds. While both the tips are rather thin, a true artist understands the huge difference between a fine and an ultra-fine tip. The latter is needed when doing calligraphy or hand lettering, whereas the first can be used for anything from school to office work.

  • Comes in 10 colors
  • Quick-drying ink
  • Words great on CDs and DVDs

4. Twin Tip Bullet & Fine Point Permanent Markers – Assorted Pack

Twin Tip Bullet & Fine Point Permanent Markers – Assorted Pack | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B087D1GF4V”]

If an all-black set isn’t cutting it for you and you need colors, the Sharpie Twin-Tip marker incorporates the versatility of a bullet tip with a fiber, ultra-thin tip made to deliver the best lines and color on most surfaces. Although the tips are rather fine, they can withstand an impressive amount of pressure and regular use.

  • Ultra-fine fiber tip
  • Quick-drying smudge-proof ink
  • Water and fade resistant

3. 30173PP Fine Point Assorted Colors Permanent Markers

30173PP Fine Point Assorted Colors Permanent Markers | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B000BITFCA”]

This set is like the most basic you can get from Sharpie. In a packet of three, there is one black, one red, and one blue marker. Granted there’s not much of a color choice here, but the ink is incredibly pigmented on a wide range of surfaces. The comfortable grip ensures you have improved control over your lines and pressure.

  • Resists fades and water
  • AP certified
  • Line size – 0.7 mm

2. Quick-Drying Permanent Marker

Quick-Drying Permanent Marker | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B074ZPLRTP”]

Let’s take a break from the chisel and fine tips and appreciate the only “wide” tip marker on today’s list. This product was made to cover surfaces with rich, bright ink that is waterproof and fade resistant. Use this on surfaces like plastic, stone, metal, leather, and a few more. It also does splendid on oily and wet surfaces.

  • Works on oily and wet surfaces
  • Sturdy chisel tip made to withstand pressure
  • 5/8’’ wide tips

1. Fine Tip Metallic Permanent Markers

Fine Tip Metallic Permanent Markers | Sharpie Markers

[amazon box=”B07DPLQJVN”]

Everyone knows that metallic shades are simply more fun! Sharpie uses newly formulated ink for these markers that make the colors so vibrant and smooth. The set contains six permanent markers, one of every shade –ruby, sapphire, emerald, silver, gold, and bronze. Our personal favorite is metallic gold.

  • Shows on both light and dark surfaces
  • Durable fine tips
  • No shaking needed

Sharpie makes permanent markers and they do it extremely well. While you most likely won’t regret buying your stationery supplies from them regardless of what you get, these permanent sharpie markers deserve a place in Sharpie’s Hall of Fame!

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