Top 10 Best Slip Resistant Shoes For Women In 2021

Slip Resistant Shoes For Women

A shoe must provide comfort and security. Getting the right shoe for the job is very important. Different shoes are suitable for different working conditions. Some are suited for construction, others the fields, and still others for slippery surfaces. Women who work in a wet environment need shoes that will protect them from falling. Highlighted below are the top 10 slip-resistant shoes for women.

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Best Slip Resistant Shoes For Women Review

10. Sketchers Women Sure Track Trickle Slip-Resistant Shoes

Sketchers Women Sure Track Trickle Slip-Resistant Shoes

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These shoes are from the Sketchers work collections. The company is known to manufacture very high-quality shoes, and this brand is no different. Apart from being slip-resistant, they are also very durable and exceed market expectations.

For more comfort, the shoes have a tongue and a collar. The shoes are wearable with jeans and pants. However, you can also wear them with working attire. The shoe comes with appropriate sizes for women.

  • They are very comfortable
  • Come with padded tongue
  • Available in suitable women sizes

9. New Balance Women WID626v2 Work Training Shoes

New Balance Women WID626v2 Work Training Shoes

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The 626v2 is a suitable shoe, especially for those who work for long hours on their feet. The shoes have a cushioning foam, upper leather support, and a phantom lining. The shoe has a very rugged design, and the material used to make it is very durable.

The shoes have an advanced design that offers more traction, thus providing more stability. The footwear has breathable holes to protect your feet from the effect of sweating. This means that your feet are less likely to sweat.

  • Suitable for people who work for long hours
  • Have breathable holes
  • Very comfortable

8. Avia Women’s Avi- Union Ii Food Service Shoes

Avia Women's Avi- Union Ii Food Service Shoes

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The design of Avia Women’s shoes is suitable for women who work in the food industry. As such, the shoes cannot skid even on slippery and wet floors. They are also very durable, which makes them one of the top choices for women.

One of the features that make the shoe durable is Scotchguard technology, which is water-resistant. Therefore the shoe will not wear off due to exposure to water. Avia Women’s shoe is also stain resistant.

  • Very suitable for women working in the food industry
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Has a very soft feel at the heel which increases its comfort

7. Sketchers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip-Resistant Shoe

Sketchers for Work Women's Eldred Slip-Resistant Shoe

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Sketchers has been in the shoe manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, which is a testament to the high-quality shoes they manufacture. The company came to prominence due to its memory foam inner sole, which provides a high level of comfort.

The good news is that the Eldred shoes also have the memory foam inner sole so you can be sure they are very comfortable. Apart from the inner sole, the shoe offers optimum comfort. They are very hardy shoes and are well suited for high traffic and rough environments. Their anti-slip capability is also top-notch.

  • Have comfortable inner soles
  • They fit very well
  • Have well designed anti-slip soles

6. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Clog Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Clog Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

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One of the very first things you will notice with these shoes is their attractive color pattern. The Croc’s Neria II do not have laces and are therefore very easy to wear and remove. When wearing the shoe, you do not have to worry about slipping or skidding.

When wearing the shoe, it is unlikely that you will fall on wet surfaces. The shoe is also very comfortable and fits quite well. They have an extra space at the heel, which not only adds comfort but allows for air circulation.

  • They are easy to wear since they do not have laces
  • Very comfortable since they have an extra space at the heels
  • Have a perfect anti-slip design

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5. Sketchers for Work Women’s Squad SR Shoes

Sketchers for Work Women's Squad SR Shoes

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When you look at this shoe, you immediately realize that it is of very high quality. The shoe is exceptionally posh and also very comfortable. One of the best features of the shoe is its stylish appearance. You can wear the shoe with a wide range of clothes.

This gives you the flexibility to wear it even on outings. The squad SR shoes are also very hardy, and you can wear them to work. They are anti-slip and also very durable. To enhance comfort, the shoe has underfoot padding.

  • Has a mesh fabric design which makes it light and offers breathability
  • Very stylish
  • It is durable and comfortable

4. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Vital Sneaker

Dr. Scholl's Women's Vital Sneaker

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If you are a conscious buyer, there are three things that you consider before purchasing an item, especially a shoe. They are affordability, comfort, and safety. Well, if you are this type of buyer, then Dr. Scholl’s ticks all the above boxes.

Furthermore, the shoes have a very sporty appearance. The shoe does not have laces, and they are therefore effortless to wear and remove. They are anti-slip and are therefore suitable to be worn on slippery surfaces.

  • Safe, comfortable and affordable
  • Have a unique sporty appearance
  • Comfortable and are also slip-resistant

3. Avia Women’s Focus Food Service Shoe

Avia Women's Focus Food Service Shoe

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Here is another women’s shoe that is an excellent choice for women working in the food industry. One of the significant factors that you should consider while buying a shoe, especially in the food industry, is comfort due to the long-standing hours.

Avia women’s shoes offer excellent support. The shoe is light, which means that you will not tire. It is also slip-resistant, which means that you do not have to worry about falling while working on slippery surfaces. They come in different sizes and fit perfectly.

  • They are lightweight
  • Have very high levels of traction on the sole
  • Available in different sizes which fit very well

2. SafeTstep Slip-Resistant Women’s Buckle Gretchen Clog

SafeTstep Slip-Resistant Women's Buckle Gretchen Clog

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The safeTstep is a unique brand since the company has over fifty different designs of anti-slip shoes. One of the most significant advantages of this shoe is that you can get a design that fits any occasion. You can buy which you can walk into an office and fit right in.

On the same breadth, you can find one which is comfortably suitable for long hours on your feet. The best part, though, is that they are all anti-slip and, therefore, ideal for wet, slippery surfaces. They are also very comfortable and have a hallmark-the buckle. This feature sets them apart.

  • Have a unique buckle design
  • Are very comfortable
  • Have over fifty designs

1. SR MAX Rialto Women’s Black Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker

SR MAX Rialto Women's Black Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker

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You might be a sports enthusiast, and a little wetness is not enough to deter you from enjoying the outdoors. Well, if you are this type of person, then the SR MAX is the best sneaker for you. It is anti-slip, which means it offers perfect traction even on wet terrain. It is also lightweight and very comfortable.

  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Very comfortable
  • Offers perfect tractions

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Anti-slip shoes for women are essential. They offer comfort and, most importantly, are safe to we f on slippery surfaces. There are very many brands in the market to choose from, and it might get a little bit confusing. However, we believe that the above guide will help you to make the right purchasing decision.

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