Starting a Cleaning Business | Highly Cost Effective

Starting a Cleaning Business

There are many forms of business one can operate. However, starting a cleaning business will always be lucrative. For instance, there is always some dirt lying around the house and there are people who dislike cleaning chores. So, if you plan it properly, starting a cleaning business can be quite cost-effective and successful.

Starting a Cleaning Business

Here are a few tips on how you can start one on your own:

Spending By Yourself

Spending By Yourself cleaning business

There are laws in place if you want to conduct a business legally. Firstly, you need to register the business and explore business insurance. Secondly, you have to buy the important cleaning equipment. The proper cleaning equipment are cleaners, rags, scrub brushes, etc.

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Picking Out the Right Clientele

Picking Out the Right Clientele - cleaning business

There are two types of cleaning: residential and commercial. For the first type, you have to clean homes and it is easy to get into this business. The commercial cleaning sector is usually hard to break into. There are huge janitorial companies that have taken up the lion’s share of the market.

These organizations clean office buildings with ease and are highly efficient in doing so. In order to clean and serve many clients, you need a lot of equipment and labor hours. Most importantly, to compete at that level, you need to have a very big budget. So, it is better to attract residential cleaning clients instead.



Starting a cleaning business can be cost-effective if you do it yourself. When you eliminate the cost of hiring an extra body to clean, you will have more money for the business. So, you will have the luxury of scheduling the cleaning job around your actual, full-time job. This also gives you the chance to provide quality service and build a reputation for yourself.

Creating A Simple Uniform

Creating A Simple Uniform

The exciting part of starting a cleaning business is making uniforms. Initially, you can design a straightforward logo to go with a simple uniform. The uniform can be color-coordinated so that it stays clean for a long period of time. Clients prefer that you show consistency with your uniform.

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Word Of Mouth Marketing

cleaning business

Word of mouth is the oldest marketing tool and it is still effective. So, when you start your cleaning business, you need to use it to your advantage. Starting a cleaning business with family and friends as the first set of customers makes the job easier. When you clean a friend’s home, ask them to refer you to other people they are acquainted with.

Since customer satisfaction is so important in every business, you can offer a discount to your friend. They are more likely to refer you to their contacts after receiving a discount.

Customizing the Client Experience

Customizing the Client Experience - cleaning business

Starting a cleaning business is not all about making a profit for yourself. When you perform the job correctly, it makes the customer’s life easier in the process. Only the customer knows how he/she will be satisfied. So, you need to ask them what they expect during the cleaning process.

Some customers want the cleaner to be extra careful while vacuuming the couch. The reason for that is, pet hair sticks to the couch and is hard to clean. So, if you take the effort to clean it properly, it greatly satisfies the customer. Additionally, it builds a bond between the customer and your business.

Set Up The Brand

The activities mentioned above are important for becoming a trusted brand. Now, you will have to get the company values on paper for starting a cleaning business. Most importantly, it communicates with the customers regarding what they should expect from your company. Additionally, it is an opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition.

Company Name and Logo

The company name is more important than it appears. You need to figure out the business values before you select the company name. It is a smart choice to play off the company values when you come up with a name. You can even get creative during the naming process and the end result can be a catchy name.

Up next is the company logo. If you hire a designer to do it, you will have a very professional looking logo. It is imperative to add the logo to your quotes, invoices, and receipts. These are small things to remember when you are starting a cleaning business.

Technical Information

Technical Information - cleaning business

Starting a cleaning business is incomplete without having a website or social media account. You can maximize this chance to promote the business by claiming the social media handles for the company name. It is common for every business to have an account on Instagram, Twitter, etc. There needs to be a professional communication medium for you to interact with the customers.

This step is necessary for starting a cleaning business so that you can keep a track of the business communications. In order to do it all, you simply need to create an email address with the business name. You can expect your first batch of clients to make an appointment through a phone call.

Utilize Free Tools

Utilize Free Tools-cleaning business

Government websites provide a helping hand with resources to new business owners. Every business has a limited amount of clients at the start. So, it is easy for the business owner to keep a track of the clientele with a piece of paper. There are some free software for you to use as well to maintain the schedule with your clients.

When the business grows, you will have to devote all of your time to it. There are paid software that you may use to check the list of clients, jobs, and invoice. It is a time-saving process. However, you can use those paid software even during the growth phase of your business.

There is a lot to learn from industry experts when you are starting a cleaning business. Some of the experts have their own blogs where they cover their success stories. These blogs can help you when you get confused at any phase of the business.

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To conclude, it is quite possible to start your own cleaning business on a tight budget. So, if you are good at it, there is no need to hesitate and start off right away.

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