Best Trailer Storage Review In 2022

Best Trailer Storage Review In 2022

Trailer storage is a constant concern for a lot of people. Trailers are useful for transporting bulky items such as goods and supplies, furniture, and many others. People also live temporarily or permanently in RVs and mobile homes, which are variants of trailers. Whether it’s a residential one or not, the space inside a trailer is limited. So, utilizing every inch of your trailer while keeping it free for flexible movements can be challenging. To make this challenging task more comfortable for you, we’ve listed down some trailer storage solutions for you. These toolboxes and accessories will free up your trailer/RV, providing storage for all your stuff. So, let’s look at the items on our list one by one.

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Best Trailer Storage Review

10. Arksen Aluminum Utility Tool Box 

Arksen Aluminum Utility Tool Box- Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B07Z38T6XD”]

This 49-inch heavy-duty toolbox from Arksen is perfect for use in trailers, RVs, or trucks for storing valuable goods and materials. It’s completely safe and secure to meet all your trailer storage needs.

The diamond plate on top of the aluminum body makes it quite invincible against any obstacle or accident. The polished finish of this black beauty guarantees durability with years of service.

  • Two side handles for convenient portability
  • Includes a quality lock with two keys for ensuring the security
  • Overhanging door lid prevents water from getting inside, thus adding protection against any weather condition

9. Pit Posse Multi-Use Storage Cabinet Holder 

Pit Posse Multi-Use Storage Cabinet Holder - Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B004SPJJSW”]

To keep your trailer/RV neat and organized, you should use this multiuse storage cabinet holder from Pit Posse. It is ideal for storing cleaning supplies, oilcans, jugs, aerosol, spray bottles, or any type of tanks.

The durable aluminum is rust-free and guaranteed never to bend or crook. It’s been designed to keep everything inside it steady and secure while driving.

  • Five-year warranty
  • Keeps hazardous liquids out of the reach of children and pets
  • Easy mount/installation

8. BirdRock Home Wire Basket for Storage 

BirdRock Home Wire Basket for Storage - Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B07WCQMTS5″]

When in need of some space, just hang it! BirdRock Home’s wire basket is a real value-for-money when it comes to convenient trailer storage. It works great for storing fruits and vegetables, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, etc.

 This steel-made basket is designed to be used separately or stacked as per your comfort. It is durable yet lightweight.

  • Comes with two drill holes for adding basket storage on walls
  • Easy to carry and mount

7. Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box 

Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box - Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B07SN3NHMX”]

Yaheetech’s aluminum toolbox gives you the flexibility and convenience of using at your home, RV, trailer, garage, or truck. This heavy-duty toolbox stores all sorts of tools and accessories with complete security.

 This trailer storage box is made of durable aluminum. The advanced seal ring design keeps the box clean and protects everything inside it from rainwater, moisture, and other factors.

  • Quite lightweight compared to other aluminum toolboxes
  • Corrosion-free and water-resistant

6. Class A Customs Water Holding Tank T-4600 

Class A Customs Water Holding Tank T-4600 - Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B007MSLP7A”]

This water tank is perfect for storing water in the trailer, RV, food trucks, and other vehicles. You can save clean water for yourself or store emergency water for unwanted situations on the road.

The tank is made of medium density polyethylene (MDPE) resin. It’s stabilized with UV-8. This water tank is BPA-free and won’t do any harm with any toxic ingredient.

  • Non-pressurized, needs venting
  • 46-gallon capacity
  • NSF and FDA approve this tank

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5. Pit Posse Storage Cabinet & Work Station 

Pit Posse Storage Cabinet & Work Station -Trailer Storage  

[amazon box=”B07VB7K92S”]

 The extra space you always wanted for your RV and trailer storage is here! This storage cabinet from Pit Posse can store everything ranging from car accessories, garage supplies to kitchen supply and household stuff.

This trailer storage cabinet is of sturdy rust-resistant aluminum. It also includes a 14×24 inch flip out work tray for keeping your coffee mug or laptop. The tray has a locking pin to keep it upright when it’s not being used.

  • Includes a spring-loaded holder for power towel
  • Easy installation. Just drill holes and mount.

4. Pit Posse Trailer Tongue Storage Box 

Pit Posse Trailer Tongue Storage Box - Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B018F40ZX4″]

Yet another product from Pit Posse – a tongue storage box this time. This lightweight box is easy to mount and carry in your trailer/RV.

The aluminum build with diamond plate construction and welded seams is what makes this trailer storage box extraordinary. The diamond

  • The deep hinge allows you to open the lid wide open and access easily.
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty

3. Amoiu Ottoman Stool 

Amoiu Ottoman Stool - Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B079BQ1T84″]

This is the perfect space-saving piece of furniture that also serves you as trailer storage. The leather top can be used for sitting, resting your feet, or as a small coffee table. On the other hand, the space underneath the top is spacious enough to store clothes, books, or anything you want!

The top is of faux leather, which gives you great value-for-money. The thick sponge padding gives you the comfort you need. This ottoman stool is made of MDF, which is moisture-free and hard to deform.

  • You can fold and unfold in seconds.
  • Ample room inside for convenient storage

2. Buyers Products All-Purpose Chest 

Buyers Products All-Purpose Chest - Trailer Storage

[amazon box=”B004HL7UJ2″]

 Whatever you put inside, it is perfectly safe and secure with its quality build and secure locking system.

 This surprisingly lightweight trailer storage chest is of polyethylene, which is also dent-proof and rust-proof.

  • Use featured zinc-plated hasp and hinge in combination with lock or padlock for added security
  • Comes in various sizes

1. Dee Zee DZ91717P Triangle Trailer Storage Box 

Dee Zee DZ91717P Triangle Trailer Storage Box - Trailer Storage  

[amazon box=”B001OCTKEA”]

This trailer tongue box form Dee Zee’s is famous across the world to be carried in RVs, mobile homes, and of course, trailers. The box protects the items inside from water, moisture, or anything harmful. You can also rely on its durability for years to come.

This trailer storage triangular box comes from a poly plastic frame that prevents warping and bending. Its robust build makes it perfect as a trailer tongue box.

  • You can ensure security with lockable hasp latch.
  • The double-wall lid ensures added support.

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These are the best solutions you can grab to solve your trailer storage problems and needs. You just have to go through the list again. Then you’ll be able to make a shortlist of the items you need to buy. So, may your trailer storage be efficient for you.

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