What Is a Good Business to Start: Our Top 5 Picks

What Is a Good Business to Start

Today, unlike 10 years ago, starting a new business is no longer a challenge, but the real deal is to find what is a good business to start. Successful entrepreneurs get ideas for their own business by realizing that they can do better while working for someone else. So, they start out as trainees or employees for other businesses, and gradually develop the experience and skills needed to set out on their own.

Their determination and energy become the keys to open the hidden doors to success, as they become their own boss. Here is a list of ideas to consider for newbies with the right set of skills but without a lot of experience in running a business or any significant capital:

What Is a Good Business to Start: Our Top 5 Picks

1 Small Gift Store

Small Gift Store | Good Business to Start

If you love making customized items or have a fascination in arts and crafts, you will love creative independence you can enjoy from having your own little gift store which can be either physical or online. A hint of passion simply in how you pack even a purchased product or adding thoughtful personal touches based on the occasion for the gift will pave the way for a thriving business.

It saves your clients the pain and trouble to think up, order and tastefully packs something amidst work, family and other competing priorities. No matter how much they care for the person they want to give the present to.

The prospects for such a venture are too many to count: wedding, family occasions, colleagues in special events or celebrations at the workplace. We all have recurring opportunities to show our gratitude and appreciation with a gift. Becoming the person to help out in making the decision about what to buy and packing it for us can be really rewarding as you see the happy faces and also a good source of profit.

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2. Errand Service

Errand Service | Good Business to Start

Due to the similar problems mentioned above, people really can and are ready to pay for some help in the different errand services like picking up groceries or dry cleaning. If you enjoy driving around or spending your day outside roaming to different places, why not earn from it by helping people out in their errands while doing so? Senior citizens, especially, have trouble doing their errands and can be a great segment to serve for these services. So check out your neighborhood to start looking for customers.

3. Grooming Services

Grooming Services | Good Business to Start

If you are trained in cosmetology, what is a good business to start would be hairdressing, doing makeup or providing other personal grooming services such as nail art, etc. To prepare your clients for events and occasions or simply for some self-pampering to wind down amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can have a wide client base from teenagers to elderly men and women, who cannot afford or do not want to spend a lot of money in expensive salons.

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4. Personal Training Services

Personal Training Services

A lot of people care about their health but do not have the motivation to go to the gym or don’t know what exercises to do. If you are more on the fitness side and find yourself a physically fit person who loves working out, you can use this option as your full-time business. You can even start this as a side business since many people will do this before or after work, thus syncing with your schedule even if you have another job.

Personal training is going to be around for a very long time, with more people becoming conscious about health and fitness. So it’s definitely a good way forward when you are looking for what is a good business to start. The overhead costs are very low as you don’t necessarily need your own gym to become a personal trainer, rather getting certified as a personal trainer makes you good to go.

Besides the profits, the experience itself is very uplifting: watching somebody who is probably not very fit to take steps in moving towards a healthier life and gradually getting closer to their goals.

5. Housekeeping and/or Meal Prepping Services

Housekeeping and/or Meal Prepping Services

In the fast-paced world where you have to juggle between work, children and social life, people do not have enough time to organize their homes or cook a cozy healthy meal for themselves and their loved ones. They hate the weeks of piled up laundry, the mess on their floors with toys and clothes, the dust gathering on the windowsills, the bedsheets that haven’t been changed in weeks… the list goes on.

If you love organizing things at home and making your surroundings nice and tidy, then you can earn profit from doing it for people who’d love to come back to a nice, comfortable house after a long day. You can charge based on hours, tasks or per day of service.

Alternatively, or in addition to the above, you might want to cook meals for them and earn from that too. Most people don’t want to eat out every single day or order outside food. There is a big market out there if you are willing to do the cooking. Which you can then put somewhere in their home, fridge, or pantry so your clients have a cozy healthy meal for themselves and loved ones when they are home.

Once a client base is built up, you will find it difficult to lose clients. If you have been in the food industry, it will definitely be a bonus as you are already pretty experienced in cooking and creating meals. But there are really no barriers to entry in this business so long as you are a decent cook and not a college kid who only knows how to cook ramen noodles.

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To conclude, the above is by no means our exhaustive list. But just the best selections to kickstart your brainstorming for ideas on what is a good business to start. In line with the above, you can also think of developing business plans for photography, vehicle washing or detailing service, tutoring and anything else that aligns with your experience or passion. All you need is love for the trade.

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