Best White Permanent Markers Review In 2022

Best White Permanent Markers Review In 2022

Not all White Permanent Markers are created equal! The age-old standard of black mark-making on white paper can be termed as a prehistoric system that has been with mankind ever since pen and ink were discovered. Maybe it’s the over-familiarity, maybe it’s the aesthetics, but the result in a tonal reversal, when there is white marking on black paper, is unique and compelling.

However, finding a white marker that shows up on a dark canvas isn’t the easiest job in the art world. At least not for the newbies. That’s where we come in!

We were prompted to do a little digging after realizing how easily many white markers fade into the background. After a ton of tests and failed results, we found our winners for the top 10 white permanent markers.

Keep reading to know about the actual color payoff.

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Best White Permanent Markers Review

10. Elmer’s 7332 Painters Opaque Paint Marker

Elmer's 7332 Painters Opaque Paint Marker | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B000BRFDVS”]

Who says you have to go into a dedicated art store to buy some amazing art supplies? Elmer’s paint markers are easy to use and affordable, plus the payoff on these is incredible! The vibrant acrylic ink is ideal for use on a rock, wood, clay, fabric, plastic, glass, and more. We really enjoy the beautiful yet noticeable sheen on the paint after it has dried.

  • Shimmering opaque sheen
  • Shake and push nib
  • Acid-free

9. Uni Posca Extra Fine Marker in White

Uni Posca Extra Fine Marker in White | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B001B2OKHU”]

Japanese brand Posca has gained much attention and affection from users over the years owing to their quality markers that seldom disappoint with usability and color payoff. The paint is water-soluble and blends nicely so you can let the artistic juices flow.

  • Works on more than 50 surfaces
  • Lightfast and blend-able colors
  • 0.7 mm tip

8. AKARUED 8 Pack Acrylic White Paint Marker

AKARUED 8 Pack Acrylic White Paint Marker | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B086XCN9CR”]

If you want a big pack for a large project, or simply want to store them for future purposes, this is the one! For a reasonable price tag, you’ll be getting eight acrylic white permanent markers that won’t budge or smudge once it’s dry. Featuring a 2-3 mm precision tip, this pen offers much more control over how the marker moves along the page/canvas. The formula has, is, and safe for kids.

  • 2-3 mm medium tip
  • No toluene or xylene
  • Non-toxic

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7. SAKURA – 46580 Solidified Paint Solid Marker

SAKURA - 46580 Solidified Paint Solid Marker | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B007RH8Z42″]

A truly heavy-duty white permanent marker, the Sakura – 4650 is the one for tougher jobs. It marks through grease, oil, mud, rust, and snow both inside and outside. Feel free to use the markers on canvas, fabric, wood, plastic, iron and steel, cardboard, rubber, concrete, glass, and fiberglass.

  • Drying time – 5 to 7 minutes
  • Working temperature: -10 degree C – 200 degrees C
  • Odorless

6. Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker

Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B00E1NY42C”]

When talking about colorful markers, one must absolutely not forget about the brand “Sharpie” and how their products set new standards in the art industry. With an extra-fine point, this marker is ideal for creating small details and getting into those nooks where your thick-nibbed marker wasn’t doing much of a wonder.

  • Fade and smear-proof
  • Water-resistant
  • 0.3 mm extra fine tip

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5. Flymax 6 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Marker

Flymax 6 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Marker | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B07P6HXKCJ”]

Pair the 0.7 mm extra-fine tips with its rich, thick white color payoff and we will say you have a true winner there! This particular set can be gotten for six in a pack, ideal for those who complete big projects every now and then. Versatility is one of the biggest things to consider and this marker can be used on anything starting from a wood to a fabric canvas.

  • Conform to ASTM D-4236 & EN71-3 standards
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe, no leak ink

4. Sakura 42180 Blister Card Pentouch Metallic Ink Marker in Extra White

Sakura 42180 Blister Card Pentouch Metallic Ink Marker in Extra White | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B0013JTI00″]

Japanese brand Sakura’s 42180 Extra White Permanent White Marker has got to be one of our most favorite ones. The color is rich with no signs of streakiness and can be used on many different canvases. Additionally, the formula is low odor and xylene-free, resistant to water, and fade resistant. You will be able to use this on a variety of surfaces.

  • Fade-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • 0.7 mm tip

3. Sanford 37206 Sharpie Poster-Paint Markers

Sanford 37206 Sharpie Poster-Paint Markers | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B01CPWYO3E”]

Not all markers are good for detailing and intricate artwork; some are made to cover the ground as well. The Sharpie 37206 is a chunky looking white permanent marker that’s a hit with its users for labeling and marking jars around the house, but it does a decent job on paper as well.

  • Quick-dry formula
  • Doesn’t fade or smear easily
  • Works best on glass

2. Miaosun 8 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic Paint Pens

Miaosun 8 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic Paint Pens | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B07VJ2YVSQ”]

A pack of Miaosun acrylic paint pens contains six extra fine tip white paint pens and two in black. Highly pigmented ink dries down very fast while delivering an opaque, durable, and glossy finish on both dark and light surfaces. The white pen works across many different types of surfaces but the company does inform that it won’t perform well on fabric.

  • 0.7 mm tip
  • Conform to ASTM D-4236 & EN71-3
  • Pump action

1. Pentel Permanent Marker in White

Pentel Permanent Marker in White | White Permanent Markers

[amazon box=”B001E681S2″]

With Pentel permanent markers, you can write on almost any nonporous surface, so it’s great for arts and crafts. The opaque ink dries down quickly, leaving behind a glossy sheen. Comfortably do some serious detailing on your work, thanks to the fine tip.

  • Three spare nibs included
  • Quick-drying
  • Snap-fit cap

Whether it’s for arts and crafts or simple around-the-house needs, a good white permanent marker is a necessity. You cannot go wrong with our choices as we don’t believe in streakiness and chunkiness.

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