Women Entrepreneur In India

women entrepreneur in India

We all once lived in a society that was built in discrimination and racism towards our differences from one another. Still, this kind of hatred lives in our society. Some are just avoidance and bullying of words and some are violent and extreme brutalities. You actually thought these sorts of the act were all in the past, buried and people have become more excepting of one another right? Well, you are tremendously wrong. People don’t change easily. All sorts of discrimination still exist, such as discrimination against race, skin tone, ethnicity, gender, and equality.

The most focused type of discrimination that we all actually believe to have vanished because society seems leaning more to it in a positive light is women’s rights. But, guess what, they proved us hugely wrong once again. Women’s rights and gender equalities still require a whole lot of support and understandings of it. Although several people around the globe have been well taught of such equality, some stereotypical minds still have yet to agree nor accept. People generally saw women as only housewives and must only know how to cook and clean nonetheless. Plus, women weren’t even allowed any proper learning or education. They were in charge of cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids while the husband is the breadwinner.

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 Women Entrepreneur In India

 Women Entrepreneur In India

A brief history of feminism in India

Brief history of feminism in India

Indian women were no exception to this kind of treatment as well. Apparently, women in India, supposedly had it worse. They couldn’t attend school, classes nor courses. Not supposed to learn to read nor write. They weren’t treating with respect to the same level of knowledge and intelligence. They generally frowned and looked down upon. In addition to that, we’re supposed to treat their men with uttermost respect but not vice versa.

But everything changed, at first in the mid-19th century, when the European colonists there in India spoke up against the evil workings of the society against women. Then, the second phase came in 1915 when India got their independence. And the last phase was with the help of our beloved leader very popular in history to be Gandhi. Thanks to him, the independent women’s organizations began to surface. With those organizations, Indian women had the right to work and not just be plain-obeying-housewives any longer. They had the rights to learn, become whatever they wanted to become and live a life just like any other human being, with rights and equality.

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Women Entrepreneur in India

Women Entrepreneurs in India

Ever since then, there was a rapid increase in the total numbers of women entrepreneurs in India. The movement of women being independent and having the ability to obtain intellect and skills have transformed these Indian women into self-believing and young achievers, hence, an entrepreneur.

A great example of the very first female entrepreneur in India was a woman named, “Kalpana Saroj”. She started working at a garment factory while just 16 years of age, because of her family’s financial difficulties. Experiences she gained there had led her to take out a government loan and she finally starts up her every own successful tailoring business. Following that, she soon opens up a furniture store. Later on, she got herself into the film industry and started her own company called “KS Film Production”. Succeeded in that field once again with several films of a huge hit, Kalpana didn’t stop there. She moved on into another field, real estate and guess what, it was a humongous success yet again. She won an award (Padmastree) in 2013 and became a big inspiration towards the women of India.

Towards every end, women entrepreneurs in India have risen drastically all thanks to several movements that have occurred in order to help women gain their rights. Women deserve to be treated more than just lower-level individuals but rather as equals.

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